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Author: Rugi and Gwena (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Tough Guide to Harry Potter  Chapter: B
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Babies comprise one of the two ages of children. By deduction, we must assume that children of other ages do exist. Apparently there is a custom that children between the ages of three and eleven should be neither seen nor heard. The gender of the baby depends of the Potterians from whence they sprang. Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley/Potter do their level best to cure Female Characters, Lack thereof for the next generation. But they are not being aided by Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, who assiduously add little boys to the population. Severus Snapeís firstborn will be a daughter while Dracoís will be a son. After which they get to do what they want. See pregnancy, and relatives, long lost

Bathrooms in HPFH appear to be quite rare. There are, alarmingly, only two bathrooms in Hogwarts, and only one is used for bathing. Moaning Myrtleís bathroom exists only to allow female Potterians a place for solitary weeping. We admit that the atmosphere is certainly conducive to it. The prefectsí bathroom IS used for bathing. Among other things. Unattached mature tourists should not miss the bathroom, as it is an excellent opportunity for sex. We have been unable to ascertain where normal students go to bath. See rape, pregnancy, privacy, birth control, and Hermione Granger

Beds have not been produced in HPFH in several hundred years. They are constructed of old wood, possess a canopy and/or drapes, and will inevitably have distinctive sheets. It is regulation in HPFH that no bed shall have boring cotton white sheets. Silk sheets are much more common here than in our own world. We can only assume there is a magical way of producing them that can be afforded on a teacherís salary. We know that cleaning issues are solved by the prevalence of House Elves. See Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy

Beauxbatons has a wonderful supply of possible exchange/transfer students. They will have just the correct touch of continental charm and maybe even an alluring accent. Students from this school are not nearly as likely to have guilty pasts as those from Durmstrang, but they occasionally have painful ones.

Bill Weasley is either a confirmed bachelor, despite his amiable personality and dashing good looks, or is gay.

Birth Control is rather spotty among Potterians. Older tourists will be pleased to know that it is only an issue for the younger set. Perhaps it is assumed that adults are able to take care of themselves. It should be noted that this does not apply to the Weasleys, who apparently possess superhuman fertility. See pregnancy

Bloody Baron evidently has a soft spot in his heart for abused young women. You will only become acquainted with him if you have booked a tour with one or are one yourself.

Boggarts are the creatures to be most feared by tourists bearing shameful and/or traumatic pasts. You will meet them in a corridor. See Defense Against the Dark Arts

Boys make up the majority of the population in HPFH. See Female characters, lack thereof

Broomsticks are believed to come in a variety of models, but the observant tourist will be given cause for doubt. They appear to fall into two categories: the old temperamental variety that will throw their rider off in such a way that the riderís romantic interest can save them and the innovative variety that have just hit the market and cost a vault full of galleons. You will be gratified to know that your love interest purchases you one of the latter variety when your broom of the former kind breaks.

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