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Author: Arabella (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Hermione, Queen of Witches, Book Three  Chapter: Chapter Two
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The Secret Diary of Hermione Granger

~Year Three~

Based on "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"

by J.K. Rowling

Disclaimer: Itís all JKRís, of course. I lay claim to nothing but the personality of Gwen, who is a little miffed about that and says I have nothing to do with it.



September 2



Iím in a bad mood.

And why is that?

Well, Ron said something mean. But it isnít important.

Arenít you going to tell me?

Well, if you must know, itís Divination class. All my other classes were perfect- I donít know how I ever managed before without a Time-Turner- I had a very fulfilling day. I love Arithmancy, Ancient Runes is really fascinating, Muggle Studies is an awakening for me, and the third year levels of my other classes are shaping up to be excellent so far.

Except Divination with Professor Trelawney, who looks like an insect and says I have no aura.

No... aura.

Yes. She had us reading tea-leaves, using the symbol guides in our textbooks to interpret what we saw. At first that sounded reasonable, so I really tried to find symbols and translate their meanings. But in the back of my mind I felt irritated somehow- Professor Trelawneyís voice was all floaty, like she was trying to hypnotize us, and there was all this incense smoke. Suddenly I realized that what I was actually doing wasnít Divination. It was making a guess about the future, based on a bunch of soggy brown stuff in the bottom of a cup. As soon as I looked at it that way, I couldnít bring myself to take it seriously.

Thatís when Professor Trelawney picked up Harryís cup, and started reading the symbols. Ron hadnít been able to see anything, but somehow she saw a falcon, and told Harry that means he has a mortal enemy. "But everyone knows that," I heard myself say. She stared at me. "Well, they do," I said. "Everybody knows about Harry and You-Know-Who."

Gwen, Iíve never contradicted a teacher before- not like that. My tone of voice was... well, it was sort of back-talky. I heard myself, but I didnít really believe it. Neither did Harry and Ron- they were both looking at me like they didnít recognize me. But I knew I was right, Gwen. Trelawney wasnít making a prediction, she was stating a given. We learned all about givens in Arithmancy today- theyíre the obvious part of the equation. Professor Trelawney was only stating the obvious.

But she kept on with all her drama. She screamed- Neville broke a cup- and said sheíd seen the omen of death in Harryís tea leaves. Sheíd seen the Grim. Everybody was horrified. Except for me. I walked around behind her, looked in the cup, and said, "I donít think it looks like a Grim." She glared at me and told me that she "perceives very little aura around me," and that I have no "receptiveness to the resonances of the future." Thatís not trueóI do too! I can feel things if I want. I just donít see death omens in a bunch of wet spices, so pardon me. I donít care. I donít like her. Professor McGonagall doesnít either- she said that Trelawney predicts the death of a student every single year and none of them ever die, so I donít know why Ron was giving me such a hard time at lunch.

What did he say?

Well, we were fighting about the Grim. Harry thinks he saw one the night he ran away from the Dursleys, and Ronís all worried about him- he thinks Trelawneyís Ďpredictioní is the truth. I think it was just a stray dog. Goodness, thatís all a Grim is, anyway- a big, black dog. If thatís the omen of death, I should be dead a hundred times. Who hasnít seen a big, black dog? But Ron was all tied up in knots about it- I suppose itís a very serious sign in the wizarding world- and when I called Divination a lot of wooly guesswork, he burst out, "Professor Trelawney said you didnít have the right aura! You just donít like being bad at something for a change!"

Weíre not speaking. Iím not bad at anything.


Weíre just sitting up here in Gryffindor, side by side, ignoring each other and trying to concentrate on our homework. I have to stop writing, Iíve got so much to do. But I canít think straight when things are like this. It didnít help that Crookshanks was down here a second agoó he was just walking around, but Ron gave me a Look. I didnít want to get into it with him, so I just took my cat upstairs and handed him over to Ginny for a minute. She understands. She knows how Ron gets. I wish heíd apologize, though, because there are other things to worry about- like Hagrid.

What happened to Hagrid?

Oh, Draco Malfoy only ruined his first ever Care of Magical Creatures class. We have to share those classes with that horrid bunch of Slytherins all year long. First Malfoy made fun of the biting monster books, then he called Hagrid an oaf, and then he managed to get himself attacked by a hippogriff. Wish heíd gotten himself killed. Hagrid had us working with the hippogriffs- giant, eagle-headed horses with huge wings and sharp talons. Theyíre rather fearsome. Youíre never supposed to insult them- you have to bow, and if they bow back, then you can pet them and ride them.

Harry, very bravely, went first. He bowed to a hippogriff named Buckbeak, and Buckbeak bowed back, so Harry was able to ride him. Then Malfoy had a go of it, saying that anything Harry could do had to be pretty easy, so the hippogriffs mustnít be very difficult to work with after all. And then he said something very stupid to Buckbeak- "Youíre not dangerous, are you? Are you, you ugly brute?" That idiot insulted a hippogriff.

In a flash, Buckbeak had lashed out and sliced Malfoyís arm wide open. Malfoy fell down, bleeding, and started to holler that heíd been killed. Hagrid wrestled Buckbeak into a collar, picked up Malfoy, and ran off to the hospital wing. Pansy Parkinson ran after them- I think she actually fancies Malfoy. Disgusting thought. Anyway, Gwen, that was a really bad thing to happen in Hagridís first class, especially because Malfoy and his father both hate Hagrid, and I just know theyíll try and bring charges against him. But why didnít Malfoy listen? Hagrid told us flat out not to insult the hippogriffs- everybody else heard him- weíve got a whole class of Gryffindor witnesses, if the Slytherins wonít tell the truth.

Thatís why Iím so worried. I donít want Hagrid to be fired. The only thing Iíve said to Ron all day is "They wouldnít fire him, would they?" And the only thing heís said to me is, "Theyíd better not."

Oh, Gwen-- Harryís just noticed thereís a light on in Hagridís window, and Ron wants to go down and visit him. I guess they canít concentrate on their homework, either. I do want to check on Hagrid.... but Harryís not supposed to go wandering around at night because of Sirius Black, so I donít thinkó

"Iím allowed to walk across the grounds," Harry just said to me. I swear, I donít believe in Divination, but Gwen, sometimes we three can read each otherís minds. But I donít want to go with Ron, he never said he was sorry.

Although, he must be talking to me again! "Arenít you going to come, Hermione? Here, Iíll do that." Now heís helping me stack up all my books

They do seem to read your mind. Thatís something like a reasonable apology.

Yesó oh, Iím glad weíre not going to be mad with each otheróIím glad weíve got Hagrid to think about. I guess weíre going down to the cabin. Iíll tell you later how it goes. ĎBye.






September 3

Hi, Gwen.

Hagrid wasnít doing very well when we got down there, poor thing. He was very drunk, and fairly sure heíd be fired first thing this morning, (so far, though, he hasnít been.) Harry and Ron said theyíd be witnesses against Malfoy, and Hagrid nearly crushed them in a hug, while I took his tankard away and watched him stick his head in the water barrel to sober up. Heís so disappointed about his first lesson. Itís awful to see Hagrid upset. But he stopped being upset and got angry a moment later, once heíd drenched his head and realized what was happening. He took one look at the three of us, and towed us all right back up to the castle, lecturing Ron and me for letting Harry wander around at night. I told them.

Itís all Malfoyís fault. Drat Malfoy. He wasnít in any classes today; heís faking that his armís still ruined. As if Madam Pomfrey canít mend a babyish little cut like his in two seconds. Pansy Parkinson wonít shut up about it either- every meal all I hear from her over at the Slytherin table is that Hagrid is a "worthless fool" and that Malfoy is being "so brave." Itís enough to make me stop eating, it really is.

Iím not mad about Divination anymore, though, Gwen.

Good. What happened?

Oh, nothing. Itís just I donít have time to be worried about whether Iím any good at telling fortunes. Iíve got six other classesí homework ahead of me tonight, and Iíd better get started. See you.



September 6

Finally, a Saturday!

Difficult week, was it?

Not at all difficult, just very full. Iíve been looking forward to a free day so I can catch up on my studies and tell you all thatís happened.

First off, let me tell you how amazing this Time-Turner is. I flip the hourglass, and itís like time dissolves, and Iím flying backwards really, really fast- and then Iím an hour back in time! All I have to do is consult my chart to confirm that Iím off to the right class, and be sure Iíve got all the right books in my bag every morning so I donít make myself late. Itís easy! My bag is taking a beating, though. I canít seem to stuff everything into it, and one of the seams split open on Thursday, after Potions, (ugh, Potions, remind me to tell you,) so I asked Ron to hold my books so I could try and fix the tear.

Gwen, I think Ronís on to me. I made a little mistake going back to Arithmancy and ended up disappearing and reappearing too close together, but I reappeared at the bottom of the stairs when Iíd just been at the top- itís confusing. Anyway, Ron noticed. Heís already said several little things about my schedule, and asks me questions every day about how Iím getting to all my classes. And then, as he was holding my books, he saw that I was carrying about seven that I couldnít be using that day. Well, of course I was using them, but he didnít see how that was possible. I wish heíd quit asking about it- itís hard to ignore him.

Heíll get tired of asking after awhile. Hermione, Iím reminding you; what happened in your Potions class?

Nothing good. Malfoyís still babying his stupid arm, and so Snape made Ron and Harry prepare all his potion ingredients for him. All the time Malfoy was making nasty cracks about how his fatherís going to get Hagrid fired; I heard him saying it from three cauldrons away. And Pansy Parkinson, "How is it, Draco? Does it hurt much?" Sickening. Then Malfoy started going on about Sirius Blackó a Muggle woman sighted him nearby to Hogwarts, Gwen! And Malfoy was saying that if he were Harry, heíd be out looking for Black, he wouldnít be such a coward as to stay in school- heíd want revenge. I donít know what heís talking about. Black hasnít done anything to Harry... yet. Ron said heís probably just trying to make Harry do something stupid, and I agree. Itís so unfair that Snape wonít shut Malfoy up. If any of us Gryffindors were to taunt the Slytherins like that, weíd all be docked points.

Speaking of which, I lost five points.

What did you do?

Me? I never do anything. Snapeís just a foul, sour, bitter man, and he likes to pick on people. He was picking on Neville, because his potion was a total disaster- it was orange, but Shrinking Solutions are supposed to be acid green. I asked if I might be allowed to help Neville fix it, but Snape just told me to quit showing off. He told Neville that at the end of class, heíd feed some of the potion to Trevor the toad, no matter what color it turned out to be. Well what was I going to do, let Snape poison Nevilleís pet? I whispered instructions to him for the rest of the class period, and thankfully, nothing bad happened to Trevor. But Snape took five points because Iíd assisted without permission. Beastly, horrible teacher.

But oh, Gwen! Guess whoís not horrible- guess whoís wonderful- for the first time ever- our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher! What Professor Lupin did to the dementor on the train was only the beginning- he really knows what heís talking about- his class is everybodyís favorite already, and weíve only had it once! It was a real Defense Against the Dark Arts class, and I actually learned something. He brought in a real live boggart for us to tackle! A true practical lesson- I almost died of happiness. When I answered him correctly that a boggart is a shape-shifter that becomes the thing you fear most, Professor Lupin said he couldnít have put it any better himself, and he gave me five points, so Iíve come out even! I like him.

You like him?

I donít like him, like him. Honestly, Gwen, heís a teacher.

Well, itís happened before, hasnít it?

I am ignoring you, and changing the subject. Where was I? Oh yes, Professor Lupin, whom I think is a very good teacher, let everybody have a try at tackling the boggart. Everybody except Harry and me, that is. I was a little disappointed not to get to try it- but not too much. I donít know what I fear most, just like I didnít know what I thought Iíd see in the Mirror of Erised. I think it would really surprise me. Ron said that my boggart would probably be a piece of homework that got nine out of ten, but what does he know about my deepest fear? Would it be the Monster of Slytherin, from last year? Is it getting pulled out of Hogwarts by Mum and Dad? How could a boggart do that? I donít know. Anyway, watching everybody else fight it was really exciting!

Nevilleís was priceless, Gwen. Lupin asked him what he feared the most, and he said Professor Snape, which made us all laugh- even himself. Sure enough, when Lupin let out the boggart, it took the shape of Professor Snape, towering down over Neville like he always does in Potions. But Neville fought! The way to fight a boggart is with laughter- you change it into something funny- so Neville cried, "Riddikulus!" and Snape was suddenly wearing all Nevilleís grandmotherís clothes.

The whole class went mad with laughter. Iím sure you can imagine- it was so gratifying- Snape in a dress with a big red handbag! Oh, I still havenít recovered. The whole school knows about it, itís the best joke at Hogwarts in ten years, and Neville was so pleased when he managed to make the boggart disappear- Professor Lupin is very good, to use him as an example. Neville really needs that kind of encouragement.

Anyway, the boggart turned into all sorts of disgusting things- for Parvati it was a mummy, for Seamus it was a bansheeófor Ron it was a six foot tall spider. Gwen. I think it was one of those spiders like the ones they faced in the Forbidden Forest last year. It had enormous pincers and was covered in hair-- Iíll never tease him about spiders again-- I canít believe he didnít lose his mind surrounded by those things. For a second, even though it was really only a boggart, Ron froze up and I didnít know if heíd manage it. But then he whipped out his wand and yelled, "Riddikulus!" and he made all the spiderís legs fell offóoh, I was so proud of him! Iíll bet our class was the best one Lupin had- not one single Gryffindor backed down.

The legless spider sort of rolled over to Harry, and he was about to try fighting it, when Lupin jumped in front of him and stopped him. Iíll bet I know why. Iíll bet he was scared that Harryís boggart would be Lord Voldemort, and he didnít want the whole class to die of fright.

Hereís what I donít know, though- I donít know what Professor Lupinís greatest fear is. The boggart turned into a white globe when he stepped in front of it. Just a white globe- sort of shiny and silvery- hanging in the air. Lavender thinks it was a crystal ball, but sheís just all hung up on that Divination class. I thought it looked more like the moon, but it canít be that, because the moon isnít scary. Anyway, it doesnít matter. It was an incredible class. Weíre doing Red Caps next week, and Iím so excited! And speaking of Red Caps, Iíd betteró

Youíd better go and study. You see? I can read your mind, just like Harry and Ron. Tell Professor Trelawney youíve got a psychic diary, the next time youíre in Divination.

What, and have her make that our next lesson? "Class, today, weíre going to divine what Hermioneís written in her diary, using the very trustworthy system of dropping sticks on the floor. If the sticks fall facing the window, then sheís written something nice about her cat. If the sticks fall in a cross, then sheís written something nasty about you." Honestly.

Youíre too much. Go study.

Thanks, Gwen. See you soon.






September 13

Hi, Gwen! Iím very busy, but I had to tell you two things:

One: I almost walked in on myself yesterday!!! I was going back from Charms to Muggle Studies, and I forgot I was going to Muggle Studies, so I went to Charms again. I had my hand on the knob and I was about to turn it, when I caught sight of the back of my own head through the window in the door. At first I thought, "Whoís that? Sheís new." And then I thought, "Thatís me, you idiot!!" And I ran down the hall as fast as I could, to get to Muggle Studies. So close. But I ended up laughing about it later, with Crookshanks. Heís the only one I can really tell, besides you. I wish I could have told Ron and Harry. It was funny.

Two: The Gryffindor Quidditch team had a meeting tonight, and practice will begin in October!


I thought youíd approve! And now, I have to get back. I have an essay on The Magic of Electricity for Muggle Studies, a set of thirty-six Spelgebra Equations for Arithmancy and a Groundbreaking Charm to master by Monday, an Astronomy star chart and a History of Magic quiz to study for Wednesday, I need to go down to Greenhouse 3 to feed the Tentacula and study its teething process for Herbology, I have two hieroglyphic layouts to interpret for Ancient Runes on Tuesday, plus a Red-Cap Review for Defense Against the Dark Arts, an hour of practicing Transfiguring pill-boxes into pillows, and then eighteen stupid Tarot symbols to memorize for Divination.


But first, I need to go help Neville before he burns his face off with that Peeling Potion heís trying to work out. Oooh- I need to go NOW. ĎBye!



September 26

What am I supposed to do about this?

What? All your class work?

What? No- not that- Iím doing fine with that. I have it all set up. I have a color-coded chart, and Iím neck and neck with my assignments. I told you Iím fine. Donít worry about me. Itís Ginny.

What about her?

I found her sitting in the window of Gryffindor Tower a few minutes ago, watching the Quidditch practice, (well itís not really practice, but theyíre down there flying around,) and looking rather... wistful, like she wanted to go down to the field. I told her I was going to go for a minute, and she ought to come with me. But she wouldnít. She just gathered up Crookshanks, shook her head, and went upstairs.

She likes Harry! Why wonít she just come down to the Quidditch field? Heís never going to get to know her if she wonít talk to him. I want to drag her along and make her.

Donít be bossy. You go down to the field with Ron, and have a nice time. Let Ginny deal with things in her own way.

Ugh, fine. But Iíll tell you one thing, if I ever like anybody the way Ginny likes Harry, Iím not going to be so shy about it.

Weíll just see about that.

Yes, we will. Okay, see you later, Gwen, although not very soon. I have a ton of homework, and when I put all my assignments in my Prioritizer, to organize myself for the weekend, I put you in as well. Donít be mad, but.... it kept putting you as my last priority. I guess, technically, journaling isnít as crucial as passing the third form. Iím going to have to do my class-work before I can come and chat with you. Sorry.

Iíll be fine. Iíll miss you. Donít work too hardóoh, never mind. You will.

I wonít! Goodnight, Gwen.

Goodnight, Hermione.




October 4

Hi, Gwen!

Professor McGonagall is so incredible. Iíve been doing some extra research for Transfiguration, andó

Extra?! How is that humanly possible? Where are you finding time for extra?

Gwen, I have to do research on my own to really understand what Iím learning- whatís the point of going to school if Iím not truly going to come out educated? Anyway, in Transfiguration, weíve been studying the art of the Animagi, you know, people who can become animals? Self-willed animal Transfiguration. Becoming an Animagus is a huge accomplishment and itís very dangerous. There are only seven Animagi registered in Britain, because itís so difficult that you have to be licensed by the Ministry to do it. Professor McGonagall is one of the seven- sheís a tabby cat! Isnít that amazing? I remember that when I first came to Hogwarts, I read about Animagi and I wanted to be one. I still do. Someday, Iím going to register.

I wish it could work the other way Ďround, you know, so that animals could be human. Iíd love to see what Crookshanks would be like! Heíd probably want to have a few words with Ron, who keeps shoving him around! Honestly, if itís that important to him, why wonít he leave Scabbers upstairs instead of bringing him everywhere in his pocket all the time? Itís a pain. But he says "Well, why donít you leave that cat up in your room, then?" Gwen, Crookshanks is big. He needs space. Itís so frustrating.

Anyway, Iíve got to go.


No, I need a nap, my head feels heavy. Iím a bit tired, I think. Not from my classes or anything! Just from... from being awake.

Hmmm. Hermione, which is the day that you have the most classes?

Er, letís see.... Wednesday. I turn back twice at ten, once at eleven, then lunch, then a class at two, a two hour lab at three, turn back for another lab, dinner... and then Astronomy at midnight. I usually get to bed at one-thirty on Wednesdays. I used to be able to sleep in on Thursdays, but now I have Arithmancy at nine. Why?

So youíre awake five extra uncompensated hours on Wednesdays.


Normally a person would be awake for sixteen hours. You are awake for twenty one, and youíre still only sleeping for eight.

I.... I didnít really think of that.

Multiply that by five, and youíve got yourself about a twenty-four hour period thatís entirely un-slept for. Thatís like two extra class days, Hermione.

Wow. Thatís true.

And I donít imagine youíre getting enough to eat for that time, either.

Thatís all right, donít worry, Iím fine, I eat plenty and I get enough sleepóI always get at least six hoursó

Six?! Hermione, you have to think, pleaseó

Gwen, donít, donít, donít! Iím fine. I just need a nap, I promise. Iíll talk to you soon.


October 10

Lavender and Parvati are driving me mad.

Why? What are they doing?

They spend all their lunch hours up in Professor Trelawneyís classroom, learning how to be Ďtrue seersí, and when they come down, theyíre just insufferable. Theyíre always asking me if I want them to look over my homework, as if I need them to check my assignments! "Do you need help interpreting your auras, Hermione?" Please. They tell me if Iím having trouble Ďseeingí, theyíve been learning how to Ďunblock the Inner Eyeí and if Iíd just like to sit in a circle with them and Ďclear my mindí, theyíd be glad to Ďresonateí with me. Itís insulting.

Throw something at them.

I know. And theyíre at it again. I canít have a nice quiet evening in my room without them offering to read my tea-leaves with me, for practice. They wonít stop going on and on about that class, and itís so annoy--

Gwen! Oh no!!

What? Whatís wrong?

Is this what I do? When I offer to help people with their work and tell them they ought to study and practice? Do I do what Parvati and Lavender are doing? Tell me I donít.


I do. Oh, no.

Actually, no, Hermione. Listen. You can be a bit, er... aggressive about your schoolwork, but itís a different thing. Youíre extremely clever, and honestly want to be helpful to your classmatesó

So do they.

Iím not through. Listen. Youíre good at everything, my dear. Parvati and Lavender may be very brave, bright witches, but you excel far ahead of them in every other classó

Which probably makes me even worse.

No. LISTEN. The other girls have finally found something that they do well. When they offer to help you, itís partly because they need to believe theyíre better than you at something. Do you understand?

No. Yes. I donít know.

Well, itís a tricky subject. Trickier than Divination. Itís psychology. When you offer help, thatís all youíre offering. It doesnít come off as an insult because youíre confident about your understanding. Whereas when Parvati and Lavenderó

Lord it over me.

óyes, wellóitís not purely to help you. Itís one-upmanship. Is that clearer?



One question, though.

Of course.

If Iím not annoying, then why does Ron always call me a know-it-all?

Ah. Do you really want to know?

Yes, I really want to know.

Because he admires you and wants to pay you a compliment, but he doesnít know how.

I donít.... you ..... thatís not true.

Just think about it.




Díyou mind if I go... think awhile?

No. Goodnight, Hermione.




October 15

Gwen, you were wrong about Ron before- he hates me.

How is that?

Well he hates my cat. We were making our star charts for Wednesday, when Harry came back from Quidditch practice. We started telling him all about how the first Hogsmeade weekend will be on Halloweenó

Will it!

Yes, and you know that Harry canít go, and I think thatís all for the best, but Ron thinks Harry should ask Professor McGonagall for permission. So we were already at odds when Crookshanks hopped up on my lap with a big dead spider in his mouth, and ate it all up in front of Ron. Ron made a fuss about Scabbers being in his bag, and was revolted by the spider, and told me to keep the cat away. I put my arms around Crookshanks to hold him down. I didnít want to fight.

Suddenly Crookshanks pounced- I couldnít hold him! I wasnít prepared! He landed on Ronís bag and sunk his claws in, looking for Scabbers. Ron yelled, "OY! GET OFF YOU STUPID ANIMAL!" I yelled "Ron, donít hurt him!" but he started swinging his bag around in the air until finally he threw both my cat and his rat across the room. Scabbers ran under a bureau and Crookshanks ran after him but I gathered him up around the middle so Ron could pull Scabbers out by the tail. He dangled him in front of my face.

"Look at him! Heís skin and bone! You keep that cat away from him!"

"Crookshanks doesnít understand itís wrong! All cats chase rats, Ron!"

"Thereís something funny about that animal! He heard me say that Scabbers was in my bag!"

"Oh, what rubbish. Crookshanks could smell him, Ron, how else díyou thinkó"

"That catís got it in for Scabbers! And Scabbers was here first, and heís ill!"

And then he stalked upstairs.

What am I supposed to do, Gwen? I donít want to fight, but Crookshanks is a cat, and I canít do anything about his instincts. Now Ron wonít speak to me, and I havenít go enough sleep, and I just want to cry.

Go ahead and do, itís all right. Go to sleep, Hermione. Things will be better in the morning.

Oh, I donít have time to cry, and how can I sleep when Iíve still got a tablet to transcribe for Ancient Runes and two chapters to read and summarize about kappas, plus Snapeís a beast and heís given us about a thousand essay questions to answer! The Gryffindor third years are the only class that got this assignment for Potions, and itís all because of that thing with Neville and his grandmotherís clothesó

The boggart? Snape knows about it?

Yes, and he hates Professor Lupin more than ever. But I think, all things considered, that it was worth it to see Snape in a dress. Hah! Just thinking about it makes me feel better. I donít mind my homework. He can never wipe that image from my mind, no matter how many questions he assigns. You should have seen it.

I wish I had.

ĎNight, Gwen.



October 16


Well! Hello, then. Are you all right?


Really. Why so short?

Iím not talking to him. That is it. No more.

What went on?

Divination. And then he insulted me.

Oh dear. Well, what happened in Divination, then?

Trelawney. She Ďpredictedí in our first class that "the thing Lavender was dreading would happen on October the sixteenth." Thatís today. And today, Lavender got an owl from home that said her rabbit Binky had gotten killed by a fox. So now, everybody thinks Trelawney predicted something real. But itís utter rubbish. I asked lavender if she had dreaded Binky getting killed by a fox. She said, "I was obviously dreading him dying, wasnít I?" I asked her why, was Binky a very old rabbit? She sobbed no, that he was only a baby. So I said, "Then why would you dread him dying?" She glared at me.

"Well, look at it logically," I said to our class. "I mean, Binky didnít even die today, did he? Lavender just got the news today, and she canít have been dreading it, because itís come as a real shock." I knew it was sort of a mean thing to say, I mean, her rabbit did die and everything, but I couldnít stand hearing everybody chalk it up to a stupid prediction that was so obviously false! But Ron yelled out, "Donít mind Hermione, Lavender. She doesnít think other peopleís pets matter very much." I canít believe he stood up for her.

Was that the insult?

No, just the warm-up. He hardly spoke to me in Herbology, and not at all in Transfiguration, which is where it got nasty between us. After class, Harry asked Professor McGonagall for permission to go to Hogsmeade. Of course, being a reasonable person who cares about Harryís safety, Professor McGonagall said "No." She doesnít want him attacked by Sirius Black, but Ron and Harry donít understand.

Poor Harry. That is awful, though. He should be allowed to go.

Gwen, do not side with Ron.

Iím not trying to! Is that what Ron said?

Ron didnít say it like that. He said a lot of other things, though, just to make me angry, and we got in a really bad row- our worst one ever.

"McGonagallís a sour old bat!"

"Ron, donít!"

"Well she is, not letting Harry go with us when everyone else is, sheís a--"

"Sheís only looking out for him, sheís thinking about his safety--"

"Sheís a hag."

"Watch your mouth!"

"Iíll say what I like. Sheís a mean, twisted--"

"Stop it! Shut up!"

bloody torturer!"

"Sheís our Professor, Ron, donít call her names! She just doesnít want Harry getting killed and if you were using any sense, youíd see Iím right Ė"

"Thatís right, teacherís pet Ė"


"Like you care who gets killed around here, eh? Look at how your ugly cat treats Scabbers- look what you said to Lavender about her dead rabbit"

"That prediction was stupid and so are you if you donít know it!"

"Hereís what I know-- you donít have any feelings about anybodyís animals, and you donít want Harry having any fun, so what kind of lousy friend are you?"

I ran up here after that. I said, "Donít you ever talk to me again, Ron Weasley," and I ran up here. Harry called after me and I heard him tell Ron to cool it, but I donít care. Lousy friend? Fine. Thatís just what Iíll be. Thatís it.

For Harry, too?

For everybody except you and Crookshanks. And Ginny. She came in here and sat by me a minute, and told me she overheard us yelling down there. She wanted to know if I was all right. I told her "Iím sorry, I know Ronís your brother, but heís just awful." She said she knows. I donít have time for this nonsense. Iím going to ignore everything but school. Iím going to study and do my homework. Iím seven assignments and two hundred pages behind. I donít need this. Iím through.



October 25

Gwen, I feel so badly for Harry. All anybody talks about is what theyíre going to do in Hogsmeade, and itís killing him.

So youíre friends again?

With Harry. Heís going to be the only third year left behind, and I just canít stand it for him. I almost feel guilty going myself. I said Iíd stay here with him, but he said thatíd make him feel even worse. Iím glad he doesnít want me to stay, because I really, really want to go, but I had to offer.

Youíre a good friend.

Some people think so. Some people donít.

Havenít you talked to Ron at all?

Yes. "Pass the puffapod," in Herbology, and "Move, please," in line for Transfiguration, and "Donít you touch him!" when he went to shove Crookshanks yesterday. And he said, "Give me that," once, when I picked up his Defense Against the Dark Arts book on accident, instead of mine.

Thatís not what I mean. Have you been civil?

Yes. I tried. But he didnít make an effort, so it didnít work. He was trying to practice the Geoquatic Charm in the common room- thatís the one where you make water take on simple shapes. Iím very good at it. We have to be able to make a cube, and Ron kept making a globe, so I walked over and said, "Difficult, is it?" He didnít answer. I said, "Want my help?" He didnít answer. I said, "Fine, be that way," pointed my wand at his bowl, turned the water into a cube, let it splash down, and walked away. Then he answered me.

What did he say?

He muttered, "Know-it-all." And donít try telling me it was a compliment.

All right.

I donít know what to do! I donít want to fight anymore. I really donít. I know he didnít mean it, and I just want to forget about it, but he should say heís sorry, he really, really should! But if he doesnít, and he isnít, then who am I going to go Ďround Hogsmeade with? What fun will it be if I have to go with Parvati, or Neville, or Seamus and Dean? I mean, I guess it would be all right, but I want to go with Ron. Why does he have to be so horrid?

Why donít you try thinking about Harry?

What do you mean?

Heís already upset he canít go to Hogsmeade. Wonít it only be worse on him if his best friends are bickering?

But I donít want to be the one that apologizes, because I didnít do anything.

Donít apologize, then. Call a truce. Agree to disagree.

Fine. Fine. Iíll see what I can do. Why do I always have to be the one? Gwen, Iím tired.

Iím not surprised.

Iíve got to finish up the Spelgebra assignments for this section because weíre moving on to Charmetry tomorrow and I still have that nasty Potions essay on Fungal Solutions to do, and itís already eleven, and I have eight classes tomorrow plus a lab. How, how, how? Okay. Thanks, Gwen, Iíve got to go do this. ĎBye.






October 30

Iím going to Hogsmeade tomorrow! Itís going to be so much fun. Ron and I are going to go all over, and bring things back for Harry.

Then youíre speaking!

Yes. We called a truce, like you said. Itís not an apology, but the fighting was getting old, and anyway, Harryís problems are worse than ours. I wish he could come with usó even though I am glad heís going to be safe from Sirius Black. Weíre going to go to the Shrieking Shack (the most severely haunted residence in Britain!) Zonkoís joke shop, the sweet-shop, the Three Broomsticks, and everything. Oh, I canít wait. Ron says I have to try butterbeer, but it sounds odd. He says heís going to make me, though.

Itís good. Youíll like it.

Youíve had it?

Of course.

Well. Arenít you just smart.

Yes, as a matter of fact. But really, Hermione, Hogsmeade sounds lovely. Youíll come and tell me all about it when youíre back?

Yes, and Iíll even bring you with me in my robe! Weíre leaving right after breakfast tomorrow Ė but Iíve made a pact with myself that I can only go if I complete the rest of my Arithmancy chart- Iím charting three Charmetry graphs of elementary spells on a three-dimensional grid, and I have to show where the points meet in space. Itís hard. Plus I promised myself Iíd look up everything about Grindylows. Theyíre next in Defense Against the Dark Arts. And Harry wants me to go over Charms with him, if I have time.

Which you donít.

Oh, Gwen, I have to. Harryís not very happy. Maybe Charms will take his mind off of Hogsmeade.

Well go on, then, get started, finish your graphing, do what you have to do. Just donít miss the outing.

I wonít! See you tomorrow!

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