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Author: Arabella (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Ron Rants, Year Four  Chapter: Chapter One
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Ron Rants

A purely supplemental fanfiction

Which corresponds to HQoW, Year Four

By Arabella

Which is based entirely on " Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

By JK Rowling

Disclaimer: Hers, not mine.

August 22

I can’t believe Ginny. What a little brat. Just because she knows I need that ticket, she’s being selfish – who’s she going to invite? Some random girl? She KNOWS I invited Hermione in June. That’s just so unfair. And Mum and Dad knew that I invited her, too - what’s their problem? How am I going to explain this? I know how she is, she’ll think I picked Harry over her. Which I did – but it’s not because - I mean, I HAVE to. It’s Harry, and it’s Quidditch, and it’s just a crime if he doesn’t get to see this, it really is. Bulgaria vs. Ireland – I mean, that’s KRUM. Krum. In person. Harry’ll appreciate it, whereas Hermione.... But still, this is just sour. I’m going to make Ginny miserable this year, I’ll get her back.

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August 23

Well that’s just great, ha ha ha, very funny. I don’t know if I like this whole thing with Ginny and Hermione getting to be such good friends. They’re teaming up, and that can’t be good. But I’m glad she got the ticket – I should have GUESSED it was her. That letter she sent, "I’ll bet I know who Ginny’s friend is, and if I’m right, she’s just a brilliant person – wonderful, really – and you probably won’t even miss me." Brilliant and wonderful? Right little modest miss she is. Ginny’s just gone to get her with Mum.

Harry’ll be here tomorrow. We’re going to go bust him out of that prison-house, whether the Muggles like it or not. Fred and George are coming. They’re bringing some Ton Tongue Toffees, (Mum didn’t find all the Wheezes. She’s good, but they’re better.) I hope that git Dudley eats one. I can’t wait to see this guy, and really meet these relatives of Harry’s I’ve been hearing complaints about for three years. We’ll see if Harry has it any worse than I do, having to deal with five brothers and hand-me-downs and no money and chores. At least when he’s at Hogwarts, Harry’s got everything. He’s only got to be miserable two months out of the year. I’ve got to put up with this crap every single day, and I don’t get the fun of being famous on the side.

I feel kind of bad saying all that. But I guess it’s been sort of building up awhile. Mostly I try not to think about it, because Harry’s my absolute best friend, and I wouldn’t take any of it away from him. I just sort of wish I had it. God, that’s stupid. Nobody better ever get this thing open.

Hermione’s here. Harry’s coming tomorrow. We’re going to the World Cup. Things don’t really get a lot better than this. All it would take to make things perfect would be to do some kind of Muting Charm on Percy. I don’t think we’ve learned anything like that yet, but I’m betting Hermione knows how to do one—not that she’d tell me if she did. I can just hear her. "Ron! We’re underage! We can’t do magic outside of Hogwarts!" She’s so easy to rile up. I think I’ll go ask her about it, just to see.


HQOW, Year Four


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