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Author: Arabella (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Ron Rants, Year Four  Chapter: Chapter Two
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Ron Rants

A purely supplemental fanfiction

Which corresponds to HQoW, Year Four

By Arabella

Which is based entirely on " Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

By JK Rowling

Disclaimer: Hers, not mine.

August 26

Just got back from the Cup! Wish it had been a longer match – I couldn’t believe how great it was, though. Krum took a Bludger in the face- did the best Wronski Feint I’ve ever seen in my life – nearly killed himself. Brilliant. Then he came right up in the Top Box and I was next to him! I was right, too – Harry definitely appreciated the whole thing. He was going crazy afterwards, talking about all the stuff he’s going to try this year on the Gryffindor team. Can’t wait to see him give it a go – it’d be great if Harry ever played for England, wouldn’t it? Maybe then we wouldn’t be so dismal. Not that Bulgaria’s all that great – only reason they got to the Cup was because of Krum.

Krum – still can’t believe I saw him right up close like that. Can’t believe all Hermione had to say was "He looks really grumpy." What’s she on about? He’s a genius! She just likes all those Lockhart types, doesn’t care about talent or brains – saw her looking at Pretty Boy Diggory, up on Stoatshead Hill. Anyway, the only people there who really mattered in the looks department were those veela. They’re bloody unreal. I mean, technically, sure, they’re birds or something, but who cares? Very nice.

Really disturbing, though, the rest of the trip. The Dark Mark, and everything. Wish anybody knew what to make of it – makes me a bit nervous, especially with Harry’s scar, and him talking about You-Know-Who, without saying You-Know-Who. Muggle-borns don’t appreciate how much weight that name carries. Muggle-borns. I’m getting a bit worried about all that. What the Death Eaters did to those Muggles at the match – that was sick. And Hermione - I swear to God, if Malfoy says that filthy thing to her one more time, I’m going to rip his stupid head off his twisted little neck. What does he think he’s doing? Right in front of Harry and me, every time – he must WANT us to flatten him. And the things his dad said to mine about the money right in front of the Minister – God, I hate that crap. Those Malfoys are on the same side with You-Know-Who, too. Makes my blood boil.

Glad I’m home, even if I would’ve liked a longer match. At least everybody’s okay – ‘cept Dad – he’ll have to be at work all the time after what happened. Bill was saying to me that I don’t understand it – I’m too young to know the fear the Dark Mark puts in people – but he remembers well enough, and he’s told me to keep an eye on Harry. Reckon I will.

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August 31

Okay, that’s IT. These robes are never TOUCHING me. I will NOT wear some laced up velvet number – Mum said I can just go naked – well, I’d rather. Harry’s got really nice ones, and mine are rubbish. Of course. As usual. It must be really nice to have all that money, and not have to be stuck with this CRAP. And Hermione, trying to see them – NO ONE is going to see them. That I had to see them is bad enough.

I can hear her and Ginny from all the way up here. They’re shrieking – I think that’s laughing – what the hell are they talking about down there? She tried to butt in on my packing, I’m going down there and seeing what’s up, it’s only fair.

Well la-dee-da for Ginny. Tried to slam the door on my hands, she did. "Get OUT, Ron, you were RUDE to her, weren’t you, so just GO AWAY." And then Hermione, "Just shut the door, Ginny, just SHUT the door, I’m already in my nightdress and he can just apologize tomorrow for being so mean."

Apologize? They’re both mad. Now they’re laughing again. I don’t get it at all.

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