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Author: Miss Snuffles (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Passing Notes  Chapter: Chapter One
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A/N: This was just a random little plot bunny that got stuck in my head. Iím thinking of perhaps, if people like it, that I will write a little sequel to it. Naturally, I donít own the characters and think JK Rowlingís a wonderful woman to be letting us play with her "baby".



Itís the beginning of the fifth year, and Professor Binns can still present his class with a lecture that could rival even Professor Snapeís heaviest Sleeping Draught. Ron, out of his boredom and growing affections for Hermione, has decided to take on the age-old practice of passing notes to pass the time. After all, who wants to learn about another goblin rebellion?

Hi. Why are you still awake?

Ron! Youíre going to get in trouble for passing notes!

But Iíve got a legitimate reason!

And what would that be?

Um, what year did Gruic the Grotesque die?

1437, Professor Binns just said that! Maybe if you hadnít been passing me a note, you would have heard that.

Oh right. Well you just put it so much better, you know? Anyway, Iím sure you read all of this stuff during the summer, so why bother right now?

Thatís not a reason to not pay attention! Besides, Iím sure YOU didnít read over the summer. Honestly, you and Harry are unbelievable sometimes. We have our O.W.L.S coming up!

At the end of the year, Hermione! And besides youíll have worked out a nice and strict study schedule for us, so why should we trouble ourselves now?


Yeah, Mum says that all the time.


What? Hey, Harryís asleep. Heís drooling too. Too bad Colin isnít around to get a picture.

Oh, dear. Iíll have to lend Harry my notes. He wonít bother asking, will he?

Nope. So how was your summer?

I already told you and Harry. On the train, remember?

Well, I was just wondering if there was anything you left out. We kept getting interrupted and everything.

No. We REALLY shouldnít be passing notes.


Ronald Weasley! Would you stop it about Viktor Krum? What have you got against him, hmm? I thought at the end of last year that maybe you had gotten over whatever it is you had against him, but I guess not! Heís a really nice person, you know. And a great Quidditch player, just as you were going on about at the World Cup!

Did I SAY anything about Vicky? No. I asked an innocent question and you had to bring HIM up. Got him on the mind, have you?

DONíT CALL HIM VICKY!! His name is VIKTOR!! And I know what you meant by international affairs, Ron. Iím not that stupid.

So you DO have him on the mind, then?

Fine, if youíre going to be a git, Ron, I wonít speak to you! Good-bye!


A few days later . . .


Oh, shove the paper back at me, do you? Well, I suppose youíre just SO much better than me, arenít you? Youíll talk to Harry, but not to me, then? Fine. Thatís just bloody fine. I see now that your association with the very famous Vicky Krum puts you way higher than the likes of me, a mere Weasley.

Uh, Hermione? You know, this whole shoving the paper back without a reply doesnít really work well. I mean, youíre supposed to reply so Iím not just talking to myself here.

Right, okay. You just threw that parchment away, but I KNOW I just saw you smile.

Okay, so now I have to use a third sheet, but thatís okay, too. Because the corners of your mouth just turned up slightly. So I know you were very amused and touched by my charm.

Okay, the fourth note is getting ridiculous. This is your LAST CHANCE to reply to me! If you donít, I shall be forced to raise my hand and ask Binns to go over that last chapter again.

Iím only doing this to save the others. Iím not really talking to you.

Yeah, okay, sure. I DID see you smile, though. Just a tiny smile, but it was there.

I wasnít smiling.

Sure. So how have you been?


Thatís good. Me too.

What do you want, Ron? Iím not going to play this silly note game unless you give me a good reason.

Ron sits there, rather stunned by the question, and finds himself rather struck by it. The bell rings and he is saved from having to give an answer. As the sleepy Gryffindors file out of the classroom, the two exchange quick, questioning looks, but donít speak. Not until the next day when Ron sits down again and begins to write.

I figured out what I want.

Whatís that?

I really had to sit and think about it, and didnít get much done last night because of it. And I didnít sleep either. Anyway, what I want is for us to be friends again, Hermione. I hate it when we fight, even if itís kinda cool when your eyes flash like that. But that isnít the point. I want us to be friends. Iím sorry for nagging you about Viktor. See? I didnít say Vicky. Now you know I really am sorry.

Ron! I want that, too! Iím sorry for getting so angry. Friends?


What do you mean my eyes look cool when Iím angry? Is it one of those "youíre beautiful when youíre angry" things?

You donít have to be angry to be beautiful, Hermione.

At this point, to add suspense and thrill to Ronís comment, the bell rings for class. This timely plot device leaves everyone on the edge of their seats, biting their nails, while Ron and Hermione (two people so obviously destined for each other that those misguided souls hoping for our heroine to pair up with Harry are just fooling themselves) leave class bright red and smiling shyly at each other. What will happen when they get out in the hall? Will Ron finally start owning up to his more-than-friends feelings for Hermione? Will she pin him against the wall and make even Peeves blush? Well, probably not that last bit, but we can all certainly hope, right?

And although Gryffindor may lose 150 points, itís all for a good cause!


Hope you all enjoyed it! Iím thinking of maybe having a few more "notes" to fulfill the suspense I have hopefully put you all in. And even if this story is a fluke, Iíll probably do it anyway!




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