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Author: Elanor Gamgee (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Harry Potter MadLibs  Chapter: MadLib #1
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Harry Potter MadLib #1

(by Elanor Gamgee )

Taken from Chapter Five, "The Whomping Willow" in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


"Check that no one's (-ing verb) ," said Ron, starting the

(noun) with another tap of his (noun) .

Harry stuck his (body part) out of the (noun) :

(noun) was fumbling along the main

(noun) ahead, but their street was (adjective) .

"Okay," he said.

Ron pressed a (adjective) silver (noun) on the

(noun) . The (noun) around them

(verb, past tense) -- and so did they. Harry could feel

the (noun) (-ing verb) beneath him,

(verb) the (noun) ,

feel his (body part) on his knees and his

(noun) on his nose, but for all he could

(verb) , he had become a pair of

(plural noun) , (-ing verb)

a few feet above the ground in a dingy street full of parked cars.

"Let's go," said Ron's voice from his (direction) .

And the (noun) and the (adjective)

(plural noun) on either side

(verb - past tense) away,

(-ing verb) out of site as the (noun) rose;

in seconds, the whole of (city name) lay,

(adjective) and (adjective) below them.

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