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Author: Elanor Gamgee (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Harry Potter MadLibs  Chapter: HP MadLib #2
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Harry Potter MadLib #2

(by Elanor Gamgee )

Taken from Chapter Five, "The Whomping Willow" in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Ron (verb - past tense) ,

staring through the (noun) , and Harry looked around

just in time to see a (noun) as thick as a

(noun) (verb) into it.

The (noun) they had hit was (-ing verb) them.

Its (noun) was (verb, past tense) almost double and its

(adjective) (plural noun)

were (-ing verb) every inch of the (noun) it could reach.


" (exclamation) !" said Ron as another twisted

(noun) (verb - past tense) a large dent into his

(noun) ; the (noun) was now trembling

under a hail of blows from the (adjective)

(plural noun) and a (noun) as

(adjective) as a battering ram was (-ing verb)

furiously on the roof, which seemed to be (-ing verb) --

"Run for it!" Ron shouted, throwing his full weight against his

(noun) , but next second he had been

(verb - past tense) (direction)

into Harry's lap by a vicious uppercut from another (noun) .

"We're done for!" he (verb - past tense) as the ceiling sagged,

but suddenly the floor of the (noun) was (-ing verb) --

the (noun) had (verb - past tense) .

" (direction) !" Harry yelled, and the (noun) shot backward;

the (noun) was still trying to (verb) them;

they could hear its (noun) creaking as it almost

(verb - past tense) itself up, lashing out at them as they sped out of reach.

"That," panted Ron, "was close. Well done, (noun) - "

The (noun) , however, had (verb - past tense)

the end of its tether. With two sharp (sound) s, the

(plural noun) flew open and Harry felt his

(noun) tip (direction) :

Next thing he knew he was sprawled on the damp

(noun) . Loud (sound) s told him that the

(noun) was ejecting their (noun) from the

(noun) ; Hedwig's cage flew through the air and burst open; she

(verb - past tense) out of it with an angry

(sound) and (verb - past tense) off toward the

(building) without a backward look.

Then, (adjective) , (adjective) ,

and (adjective) , the (noun)

rumbled off into the darkness, its rear (plural noun)

(-ing verb) (adverb) .

"Come back!" Ron yelled after it, (-ing verb) his broken

(noun) .

"Dad'll kill me!"

But the (noun) (verb - past tense) from view

with one last snort from its (noun) .

"Can you believe our luck?" said Ron (adverb) ,

bending down to pick up (name) .

"Of all the (plural noun) we could have (verb) ,

we had to get one that (verb ending in "s") back."

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