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Author: Mardia  Story: I'd Rather Be in Love  Chapter: Default
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and every other character in this songfic belongs to JK Rowling. The song is Michelle Branch's I'd Rather Be In Love. I don't own anything.


Ginny went into the Gryffindor common room, trying to hold back tears. Earlier in the day, Ernie Macmillan had asked her to the ball. She'd turned him down and he had become nasty. She didn't care about most of what he'd said, but one sentence kept repeating itself over and over in her mind.

"Harry Potter's never going to notice you, so you might as well give up." Ginny flopped into a chair in the back of the room.

I cannot help it

I couldn't stop it if I tried

The same old heartbeat fills the the emptiness I have inside

And I've heard that you can't fight love, so I won't complain

'Cause why would I stop the fire that keeps me going on?

Harry, playing a game of chess with Ron, noticed Ginny in a corner of the room. She looked upset, and seemed like she was trying not to cry.

"Hey, Ron-"

"Checkmate!" Ron crowed.

"Good, good." Harry said distractedly. He ignored the yelling from his chess pieces, and walked over to Ginny.

"Ginny, are you okay?" Harry asked kindly.

Ginny sniffed. "Yes…actually, no," Ginny admitted.

"You want to talk about it?" Harry asked, sitting in the chair next to her.

"You know Ernie Macmillan?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah, he's got Herbology with us."

"Well, today he asked me to the Yule Ball. I said no, and he got mad…and said some nasty things." Ginny finished in a low voice.

Harry stared at Ginny in shock. "What?"

'Cause when there's you, I feel whole

And there's no better feeling in the world

But without you I'm alone

And I'd rather be in love with you

Harry stood up and started pacing angrily.
"That-that-" he added a word that made Ginny blush.

"The slimy git! You want me and Ron to hex him?" Harry offered hopefully.

Ginny stared at Harry in shock. "Harry, calm down!" Ginny patted the chair near her. "Sit down." Harry sat down obediently.

Turn out the lights now

To see is to believe

I just want you near me

I just want you here with me

And I'd give up everything only for you

It's the least thing I could do

Ginny smiled at Harry in amusement.

"Harry, thanks for the offer, but you can't gang up on Ernie."

"Why not?" Harry asked. "He deserves it." Harry looked down , and was very quiet for a moment.

"So, who invited you to the Yule Ball?" Ginny looked surprised, but quickly recovered.

"Oh, Colin Creevey, Neville, and Terry Boot." Ginny answered.

"So, who are you going with?" Harry asked.

"None of them, actually." Ginny answered.

'Cause when there's you, I feel whole

And there's no better feeling in the world

But without you I'm alone

And I'd rather be in love with you

And I feel you holding me

"Why not?" Harry prodded. Ginny sighed.

"Because when I'm around them, that-that squirmy, fuzzy feeling isn't there-I'm explaining it badly-"

"No, no, you're not. I know exactly what you mean." Harry said, thinking wryly, I ought to, considering it's happening right now! Oh boy, I don't even want to think what Ron's going to say when he finds out that I've had a thing for his sister for weeks and didn't tell him.

"Harry, are you all right?" Ginny asked.

"Oh, I'm fine." Harry said in what he hoped was a normal voice.

Why are we afraid to be in love?

To be loved

I can't explain it

I know it's tough to be in love

And I feel you holding me

"Ginny, would you..liketogototheYuleBallwithme?" Harry asked in a rush. Ginny smiled in surprise.

"Harry, did you just ask me out?" Ginny asked with a mischievious glint in her eye.

"Only if you're going to say yes, otherwise this conversation never happened." Harry replied. Ginny grinned.

"I'd love to."

Oh, oh

And when there's you, I feel whole

And there's no better feeling in the world

But without you I'm alone

That night, Harry had finished explaining what had happened. Ron stared at him for a few minutes.

"Well, say something!" Harry said, unable to take the suspense any longer. Ron shook his head and grinned.

"About time!"

When Ginny finished explaining what happened that day, Hermione smiled at her. "It's about time!" Hermione exclaimed. Ginny grinned back. "Believe me, I know!"

And I'd rather be in love

Yes, I'd rather be in love

Oh, I'd rather be in love

And I feel you holding me, oh…



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