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A/N: I would like to thank Arabella for her wonderful "Hermione Queen of Witches" series, I loved them! It is from those that I got the whole diary idea, thank you!


It was another warm summer afternoon at the Burrow and Ginny Weasley lay sprawled across her bed, writing in her diary (It was the summer after her third year at Hogwarts and she had just plucked up the courage to bring the old diary back out again. She had become quite phobic of them since her second year)…

Hello, Elle.

Ginny! How are you?

Good, bored out of my mind-but good.

Oh- has Ron left for Romania already?

Yes, just this morning. Charlie came to get him at the crack of dawn, I wasn’t even awake yet. He should be back around noon Wednesday. It’s so stupid how bored I am without him here. It’s not like I follow him around like a mindless git when he is home.

No, of course not. But he is the sanest of your brothers, if you don’t mind me saying so.

Of course I don’t. Though I’m afraid I have to disagree, I get on very well with Bill. Don’t you remember?

Yes, I do. But Bill’s not around very much anymore is he?

That’s true.

Why don’t you try doing something with Fred and George-or Percy?

Elle, sometimes it’s hard to believe you’re actually my diary when you say things like that. Honestly, what are you thinking?

Well pardon me for trying to help you!

Oh Elle, don’t be that way! You know very well how…enjoyable… Fred and George are to be around- especially for me! Last time I tried to do something with them they sang, "His Eyes are as Green as a Fresh Pickled Toad" for an hour on end. Then they gave me a "sweet" and it turned my hair all the colors of the rainbow!

You should know better than to take food of any sort from them anyway.

The only reason I took it was to stop them from singing that dreadful song!

Did it work?

Elle! That’s not the point!

Of course it isn’t. Remind me what is…

That Fred and George are completely insane!

Ah- right. Well, what about Percy? He’s not insane.

Ugh! He’s even worse! He’s horrible to be around unless you are in the mood to talk about cauldron bottoms or poor Mr. Crouch. Which I’m usually not…

Thank God. So what are you planning on doing for these next few days? You’re certainly not going to spend all that time locked in your room…

Well, it would be better than rainbow hair and cauldron bottoms, wouldn’t it?

Oh Ginny! So, have you heard from Hermione lately?

Yes, I got an owl from her just a week ago. She’s studying hard, of course.

Well, that’s Hermione.

Yes, it is. She’s leaving for Bulgaria in a few weeks. That’ll give her some time away from her studies. Though, knowing Hermione, she’ll probably find something to research while she’s there…

Is she going to visit Viktor Krum?

Yes, she’s very excited. Her parents are going too. I guess they are going to make it into a holiday. They’ve planned all sorts of sightseeing.

That does sound like fun. How does Ron feel about it?

Oh- yes well…

I’m guessing not very well then?

He’s been rampaging around all week muttering about "stupid Bulgarian gits." It’s actually somewhat funny if I could get past feeling sorry for him. I honestly think it would have been nicer of Hermione to just not tell him she was going.

Oh, he needed to know. He would have found out somehow-trust me. And then it would have been awful…

They’ve already had a huge row over it, and about him calling Viktor "Vicky." Leave it to Ron and Hermione to have a shouting match through owl-post…

Yes…well…Has anyone heard from Harry?

Yes, Hedwig usually shows up every week or so with a letter from him. It sounds like he is doing all right with the Muggles…Well- as all right as you can be with those Dursleys. They sound just horrible…poor Harry….

Maybe you should write him.



Oh yes, and what would I say exactly? I wouldn’t even know how to start it…

I think you should anyway, it sounds like he would be horribly lonely living with those awful Muggle relatives of his.

Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anything to send him a short note. I mean, Ron’s gone for a week…and he won’t be able to write him…

Well, get on then!

All right…

Oh- and Ginny?

Yes, Elle?

Try to leave the poetry out this time, won’t you?

Elle! Sometimes you’re as horrible as my brothers…

Sorry dear, couldn’t resist…

Ginny snapped the old diary shut. She couldn’t help but grin sheepishly at it as she put it back on her shelf.

How was she was going to go about writing a letter to Harry? She found the mere thought of it completely impossible.

Oh now, really! she thought to herself. It’s just Harry! This is perfectly normal. You are going to write a letter to your brother’s best friend to see how his summer is going. What is so odd about that?

Nothing, except for the fact that I have a horrible crush on him and I’m bound to say something completely stupid and make myself look like an idiot!

Oh you will not! Besides- Harry won’t think that way! Just write the letter, Ginny!



Oh, all right!

I can’t believe this, I am actually fighting with myself…Ginny had to laugh at herself as she rummaged in her drawer for a blank piece of parchment and a quill. When she found them she set them neatly on her desk, pulled up a chair and sighed, "All right, let’s go…"

Dear Harry,

Should I write ‘dear’? I don’t want to sound weird…

Oh, Ginny stop being so neurotic! Just write the letter!
Fine…but, I’m erasing the ‘dear’…
I hope you are doing okay with the Muggles. I’m sure Mum will talk Dumbledore into letting you stay soon enough. So don’t worry, you’ll be out of there before you know it.

Does that sound like I am too anxious for him to come? Ginny!
Has Ron told you about Hermione going to visit Viktor? You should hear him ranting about it here! Well, talk to you later.


I can’t write ‘love’! That is so completely obvious!
Fine, then erase it!


Ginny let out a sigh of relief. "There. Done." You would think from the look on her face that she had just run five miles up a very steep hill, rather than write a six-sentence letter. But she was, indeed, very glad to have it over with.

She crossed the hall to Ron’s room and gathered a very excited Pigwidgeon to deliver her letter.

He held very still as Ginny tied the parchment to his leg (it infuriated Ron that the owl was so well behaved for Ginny, but not for him).

"There, Pig. Off you go now."

She gave the tiny owl a gentle push and he swooped enthusiastically out her bedroom window.


The next morning, Ginny sat quietly eating her toast and listening to her mother and brothers fight heatedly about something ("Mum! We spent weeks developing those!") when Pig flew in through the kitchen window. He was hooting merrily at his total success when Ginny noticed a small piece of parchment flapping hopelessly at his leg.

"Pig! Come here! Let me see that!"

Her heart leapt up into her throat. Had Harry actually written her back?

Pig whooshed down into her hands and held his leg out so she could untie the burden.

As Ginny hurriedly untied the letter, George glanced at her, his eyes dancing.

"Have a pen-pal there, Gin?"

Fred grinned, catching on. "A secret admirer perhaps?"

"Oh shut up you two!" Ginny called (she was already dashing up the stairs to her room).

She slammed her door shut and flopped down on her bed to read the letter.

Dear Ginny,

He said ‘dear’!
Honestly-you’re awful!

I’m doing just fine. Not that I’m not dying to get out of here. Ron sent me an owl as soon as he heard that Hermione was going to visit Krum in Bulgaria. I’m sure Ron will get over it somehow. Say "Hi" to everyone for me.


Ginny folded up the letter and smiled. She leaned over and pulled her diary from the shelf.

He wrote me back!


What do you mean, "Who?" Harry!

Oh, I see. What did he have to say?

Just that he’s doing fine, and that Ron had already told him about Hermione going to Bulgaria.

That was very…nice…of him to right you back soon very soon.

What do you mean by that?

Nothing. It’s just that he must have written you back as soon as he received the letter. That’s just very…nice.

Elle! What are you talking about?!?

Oh, isn’t it obvious?!?


Oh, Ginny! He likes you!

You’ve got to be kidding! Harry- like me? Very funny Elle.

I’m not kidding.

Yeah right. What’s that Muggle saying? Oh yeah- "When pigs fly."

Well, it sounds like pigs are flying to me. He likes you!

Oh, Elle!

And that reminds me- What’s the name of Ron’s owl again?

Pig. What’s that got to do with anything?

And does he fly?

Don’t be stupid- he’s an owl! Of course he flies! What’s the point of this?

Oh nothing. I just think it’s very interesting that the owl delivering the letters that you are Harry are writing to each other is named Pig. Flying Pig. The Flying Pig.


I am just trying to prove the point that sometimes pigs do fly…nothing is impossible, Ginny…just remember that…

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