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(A/N:I would like to dedicate this to Sky and Vesp. You two are my ‘Fan Fic Counselors’, supporters, cheerleaders, and, most importantly, the best friends I could ever ask for. This one is for you guys.)

Words of Wisdom:

‘Have writer's block? Don't moan about it; write through it. Go ahead and write badly, just keep going. You can always cut out the parts that suck later. The important thing is to keep working at it.’


I stood there, shoulder to shoulder with all of the other first years, watching that great dingy hat sing its song.

I could feel the boy next to me shivering.

I, of course, knew exactly what was going to happen. We would all be placed in our houses, as that hat obviously held some great power for, ‘reading our minds’ or ‘identifying our traits’.

I wasn’t worried. I would never, couldn’t ever, be alone. Therefore, I had nothing to fear.

There would never be a time that I would have to face anything completely alone, so there was not much left to worry about.

There was always one thing I could count on in my world, and that, was my twin.

Parvati was always there. Even when I’d prefer she not be. (Which wasn’t very often, really, just when she became enamored with her hair-clips or Millie Mauve’s Magical Make-Up Kit.)

I turned to her (She was on my left. She was always on my left) and smiled slightly.

Her brown eyes were sparkling. She was standing on her tiptoes, peering over the head of the boy in front of us (he was a rather tall redhead). I could see her chewing on her bottom lip (a sure sign she was excited); she turned to me, quite plainly:

This is wonderful.

Parvati and I never really have to speak to know what the other is thinking. It’s quite lovely, actually.

Talking is highly overrated.

I grinned back at her (though I do find this ceremony to be quite unoriginal, isn’t it rather obvious what houses people are to be placed in?).

I hear Harry Potter was on the train. A Gryffindor, obviously, the ‘natural born hero’.

Lisa Turpin. Her entire family consists of Ravenclaws. Her birth-gift was Hogwarts, A History for Merlin’s sake!

I sigh quietly to myself, waiting impatiently as the Hat drones on about ‘Longbottom, Neville’. It can’t seem to make up its mind.

Isn’t it plain? The poor child looks as if he may be sick any moment. A destined Hufflepuff.

The hat makes its way through the seemingly endless line. Finally, after it agonizes over “Parkinson, Pansy” (actually, it seemed to make up its mind rather quickly this time…perhaps it was merely hurrying to get itself off her foul head…), Professor McGonagall called for Parvati.

Humph. I snorted to myself…obviously alphabetizing wasn’t one of the Hat’s stronger points…any idiot knows that ‘Padma’ is before ‘Parvati’…honestly…

“Patil, Parvati!” her stern lips formed the words curtly as her sharp eyes surveyed us.

And, despite her lack of alphabetical skills…I found I liked her all ready.

Parvati promptly stepped forward, looking as though she may squeal from all the excitement (she was known to do that) and jammed the Hat onto her head (she didn’t even bother to wait for McGonagall to put it on for her).

The Hat didn’t seem to need much time for Parvati. Within just moments, it bellowed, "GRYFFINDOR!" to the Hall and applause exploded at the table to my left.

I smiled at her as she jogged to her seat. Good. I have always thought it would be nice to be in Gryffindor, we will have so much fun…

“Patil, Padma!”

I walked confidently to the three-legged stool. This was pointless. I was going to be sorted into Gryffindor with Parvati. No worries.

Though the stool looked slightly tipsy I seated myself on it and felt the Hat being placed gently over my braids.

It spoke (quite loudly) into my ear, “Ah. The twin, I suppose? I knew you would be coming as well.

Well, how clever of it.

Ah! Clever one, are you? Yes. I quite like it…Different, you two are. Yes, quite. I think you would do rather well in…


No. I don’t think so…



Insane. The Hat is insane. It has to be wrong!

But McGonagall is already lifting it off my head.

No! No, no, no! This just can’t be. I’m a Gryffindor! My twin…she…

I turned to McGonagall. Surely she must recognize that the Hat has made some horrendous error, but she just looked at me, raising an eyebrow.

“To your House table, Miss Patil.” She enunciated the words slowly and clearly, as if I didn’t understand.

I mouthed soundlessly back at her, unable to form words. My tongue merely lolled in my mouth.

She nudged me gently in the small of my back and I stumbled (still speechless) to the Ravenclaw table, staring numbly at the Gryffindors as I passed.

I sat dully at the table throughout the meal, unaware of the completion of Sorting or the appearance of Lisa Turpin at my side.

I could vaguely hear her speaking to me…something about entrance exams…but I simply sat, every so often looking overhead, trying to find Parvati in all the turmoil.

I will find her after the feast, in the entrance hall.

Surely she will want this ghastly error corrected, too…


I looked desperately through the never-ending sea of people. Where is Parvati?

I need her.

I called her, the way I always have.

Parvati! Parvati! Come here! I’m…scared.

Aha! I see her through the crowd. She is coming...she’s heard me. My spirits lifted slightly as I saw her smile.

I smiled back, but it’s as though she doesn’t see... She flipped a braid over her shoulder and turned to the girl next to her.

Here Parvati! I’m here!

But she walked on.

I whirled desperately, as I realized my group had left me. I turned quickly and noticed Lisa Turpin rounding a corner. I could still catch her. But…Parvati…

I turned to call her once more, but she was gone.

She has left me.

And, suddenly, I realized that, for the first time in my life, I was alone.


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