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Usual disclaimer: This world, and the wonderful characters that inhabit it, are all J.K. Rowling's. I just like to play.

Author's note: Many thanks to my new beta-reader, Jedi Boadicea, who's made me think even more about Ginny than I already love to do, and who also reacts just the way I want her to. :-) Also, many, many thanks to Arabella, who, besides allowing me to steal her story format and give cameos to Gwen and Miss Vauclain, paid me the huge compliment of saying that she couldn't beta-read my story, because she didn't want to contaminate her idea of Ginny with mine. Even if it's an exaggeration, it made me glow!

Author's note 2: Ten points to Ravenclaw for anyone who guesses Joanna's identity.


June 24

Dear Joanna,

My name is Ginny Weasley, and you have the unenviable task of being my diary.

Iím glad to meet you, Ginny Weasley, but why do you say unenviable? I was the diary for an Emma Weasley, oh, years and years ago - if youíre related to her, you must be a wonderful girl.

My great-grandmum. Thatís one of the reasons Mum chose you. She thought I was ready for a diary again, and I suppose I agree with her. I had a really bad time with another diary when I was younger, but I'd rather try to put that behind me, and not talk about it right now.

All right, Ginny. You tell me whatever you want to tell me, and don't tell me what you don't. In the you have the Weasley red hair and freckles?

Oh, yes, unfortunately. And the Weasley temper, but Iím working on that.

Iím glad to hear it. What was the other reason your mother chose me?

Well, you see, she knew your history, and she hoped you would help me deal see, Iím in love with a boy who doesnít love me back.

Oh, you poor dear. Weíll have to do something about that. How old are you, Ginny?

Iím fourteen, and I know thatís too young to have the love of your life, but I really think I do.

Ginny, I would be the last person to say thatís too young - I married at fourteen, after all - but I do think it unusual. Why donít you tell me about him?

Joanna, if I start, Iíll never stop! His name is Harry Potter, and Iím sure youíve heard of him, but heís more than just the hero who defeated the Dark Lord. Heís fun, and smart, and so brave, and vulnerable, and sweet, and always polite to a little girl with a crush on him. And that hair, and those eyes -

Wait a minute, Ginny, calm down. What color are his hair and eyes?

You mean you donít know? I thought everybody knew what Harry Potter looks like! He has black hair thatís always messy - I just want to run my fingers through it and smooth it down. And the greenest eyes you could ever imagine...theyíre like looking into trees on a sunny day. He wears his fringe long to try to cover the scar from You-Know-Whoís curse, but it still shows. Sometimes itís so faint you can barely see it, and sometimes itís almost purple, and all puffy, like at the end of last year when You-Know-Who returned to his body. Uh, you did know about that, right?

Oh, yes. Miss Vauclain keeps us informed on current events. It must have been horrible to watch Harry go through that.

Horrible doesnít even begin - and the worst thing was that I couldnít do anything! He barely knows I exist, after all. I'm just Ronís little sister. Ronís my brother, heís Harryís best friend. Ron and Hermione were with him the whole time - well, almost - but I couldnít help him, I could only watch.

Is this Hermione Granger?

Yes, how did you - oh, you must know Gwen! I didnít speak to you that day in Miss Vauclainís, though...

No, I was someone else's diary then. But I heard all about Hermione when I got back - Guinevere canít say enough about her. Oh! Oh, Ginny, Iím so sorry, but I just put it all together - you're the sister of Harry's best friend, and you had a bad experience with a diary before - you must be the girl who opened the Chamber of Secrets.

Yes, that was me.

Breila, how brave of you to have a diary again! I will try very hard not to pressure you to tell me anything you donít want to, though I have to admit it will be difficult - you sound like a very interesting young lady already. think Iím brave?


Iím glad to hear that, because Iím in Gryffindor, and I havenít felt very brave, just sitting back and never doing anything about my feelings for Harry.

Like I said, weíre going to do something about that.

But what? Iíve been living in the same House as him for three years now, and nothingís - Wait a minute. Sorry, Joanna, but my mumís calling me to help get dinner ready. Why is it that thereís four boys in the house, but whenever something needs to be done, itís always the one girl who has to do it?

Thatís one of lifeís great mysteries, Ginny. But if youíre the only one whoís going to help your mother, youíd better go do it.

Right. Bye, Joanna.


Dear Joanna, Later

Well, that was a typical dinner at the Weasley house this summer.

What happened, dear?

Mum and Dad talked to each other so quietly that we couldnít hear them, Percy tried to act like he knew what they were talking about and just didnít feel like joining in, Fred and George talked quietly to each other about their joke shop, and Ron just stared into space, ignoring everybody.

Percy, Fred, George, and Ron are all your brothers?

Oh, yes, theyíre all my brothers, but theyíre not all of my brothers. Bill went back to Egypt a week ago, and Charlie is in Romania with his dragons.

You have six brothers?

Yes. I know itís unusual, but thatís another thing Weasleys are known for - big families.

Well, itís unusual now, but I had many more siblings than that, at least if you count half-blood. Are you the only girl, Ginny?

Yes. I hate it, no one takes me seriously. Ron and I used to be good friends before he went to Hogwarts, but now that he has Harry and Hermione, Iím just his little sister.

And what did you do at dinner?

Nothing. It didnít used to be this way - we used to have such fun at dinner, but now with You-Know-Who back...but every time I get depressed about how bad I have it here, I think about how much worse it is for Harry, and then...and then I feel worse.

Well, to make yourself feel better, why donít you tell me more about Harry. How did you meet him?

Oh, well, I grew up knowing about him, of course - he was famous since he was only one year old. The first time I saw him in person, though, was on Platform Nine and Three-Quarters on September 1st, Ronís first year at Hogwarts. He didnít know how to get through the barrier - he grew up with these absolutely horrible Muggles, his mumís family, thatís who heís with over the summer. So he asked Mum for directions. Now I canít believe it, but I didnít even really notice him, I was so wrapped up in Ron - my best friend and favorite brother - going away from me. Then Fred and George came back off the train and said who he was, and I wanted to get another look at him, but Mum said he wasnít to be gawked at.

You know, I think Iím going to like your mother.

Well...I like her myself. Anyway, so I didnít really meet Harry then, but I thought about him a lot, and then imagine my surprise when Ronís first letter came (in November), and he mentioned that they were best friends. I lived for his letters even more after that, but Ron wrote about Harry so rarely. When Ron came home for the summer, I wanted to talk about him - you know, find out what he was really like, and all - but all Ron wanted to talk about was how he beat Professor McGonagallís giant chess set and helped Harry get the Sorcererís Stone. And won fifty points for Gryffindor. You heard about all that from Gwen, right?

Oh, yes.

Good. So during that summer, Harry didnít answer any of Ronís letters, so he got worried and went to get him from his Muggle relatives. Of course, he didnít tell me he was going to do it, so one morning I came down to breakfast in my nightgown and saw Harry was there.

What did you do?

I...well, I...sort and ran back to my room.

Oh, Ginny.

I know, I know! But I was only eleven, and it was a shock.

Iím sure it was. So, why didnít Harry answer Ronís letters?

A house-elf named Dobby was stopping them. Did you have house-elves, Joanna?

No. My mother was too poor, and my father was a Muggle. Then, when I married, I moved to Wales, which at that time was a mixed community, but the Welsh valued independence highly and didnít believe in having house-elves.

Iím glad. Hermione started a movement for house-elf rights last year, and while I donít agree with her that freedom would be good for all house-elves, I do think that they should all have the option.

I agree. Did Hermioneís movement catch on?

No, and especially not with Ron. She named it the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, which was unfortunate, because Ron keeps calling it spew. It annoys Hermione no end.

Does it?

Yes, and I can tell what youíre thinking, and youíre absolutely right. They fancy each other, but they wonít admit it yet. At least, Hermione wonít admit it to him, and Ron wonít admit it to anybody. Maybe heís told Harry, but I doubt it. Oh, I hate thinking of Harry all alone with those horrid Muggles! At least they donít keep him in the cupboard anymore, but Hermione told me they practically starved him last summer. I canít imagine what theyíre doing to him right now. I donít want to imagine it.

Ginny, can I ask you something?


What do you think about besides Harry? What are your other interests?

Other interests? Oh...well, Mumís teaching me to cook this summer.

Are you enjoying it?

No, not really.

Well, whatís your favorite class at school?

That oneís easy - Charms. Professor Flitwick is such a dear, and Iím really good at it. I wish he would teach us the theory behind creating new Charms, though. Iíve tried, but none of them work, and Hermione says that thatís really advanced magic - well beyond the O.W.L.s. Do you know it, Joanna?

No, Charms was never my strong point. I loved Herbology and Transfiguration, but Iím afraid I wonít be able to help you with your schoolwork. My magical education was spotty at best, because I never went to a formal school, and was just trained by whatever witch or wizard happened to be around at the time.

Wow, how different! I canít imagine life without Hogwarts, I really canít. Oh, Joanna, Iíd love to stay up and talk some more, but Iím really sleepy, and my hand hurts. Iím always amazed at how much Hermione can write in Gwen, and I suppose Iím out of practice.

Probably. You need your sleep, Ginny. Good night.

Good night, Joanna.


July 25

Joanna, I need your help! Mum just asked me if I want to help make Harryís birthday cake, and I donít have a present for him yet.

You forgot about Harryís birthday?

Of course not! I just havenít been able to think of a present. I want it to be special, something that he really likes, something...

Something to make him notice you.


Well, think about Harry - what are his interests, what does he like?

Quidditch and...well, defeating You-Know-Who.


Itís true! Heís been busy. And his hateful aunt and uncle didnít exactly give him any chances for developing hobbies.

Okay, well, what doesnít he have a lot of? Whatís missing in his life?

That oneís easy - family. Thatís why Mum bakes him a cake every year. This year sheís knitting him a jumper, too, which she usually does for Christmas (sheís famous for her jumpers), because she thinks heíll have outgrown his last one. I know thatís important to him, though heís never said it.

Does he look on you as family?

I hope not, but probably, if he thinks of me at all. Itís really Ron and Hermione that are his true family.

Does he have any pictures of Ron and Hermione? That might help him get through the summer with his aunt and uncle.

Oh, Iím sure he - you know, I donít know. Let me ask Ron - Iíll be right back.



Okay, so that wasnít right back. Ron was in a talkative mood for some reason. He just got a letter from Hermione - he wouldnít tell me what she said, but it must have been good. Anyway, he doesnít think Harry has any pictures of the two of them (ďWhy would he want a picture of me?Ē), though he does have some photos of his mum and dad, so maybe this isnít such a good idea.

You donít think so? I think Harry would love it. Will you put them in an album? Where will you get them?

Thereís a couple of kids in Gryffindor who have cameras. One of themís in Harryís year, and the other hero-worships Harry. Iím sure theyíll both have lots of pictures. Theyíre both Muggle-born, maybe thatís why they have cameras...whatís old and boring to kids who grew up in wizard families, seems neat to them. Iíve never really talked much with Dean Thomas - heís the one in Harryís year - but I donít suppose heíll be surprised at me asking for pictures. I havenít exactly been subtle about my feelings for Harry.

Instead of a photo album, Iíve thought of something better. Fred and George have invented a picture frame that can hold lots of pictures - you just tap the frame to switch pictures. Did I mention that theyíre inventors? Mostly they just make new kinds of jokes, but they worked on this for Mum. Itís self-preservation, really - you can hardly move in the living room, itís so covered in pictures. I suppose with seven of us, thatís somewhat inevitable. So, what do you think?

I think itís a wonderful idea. Your brothers must be really talented, to be inventing a new picture frame like that. Do they own their own business?

Actually, theyíre still in school - this is their seventh year. But theyíre very serious about starting a joke shop after they graduate, which Mum isnít too happy about. Weasleyís Wizard Wheezes, theyíre going to call it. I think they must have found an investor, or something, because they have had more money to work with this summer. Or maybe they just sold a lot of Canary Creams last year.

Canary Creams?

Yeah - when you eat one, you turn into a large, very bright yellow, canary.


Only for half a minute or so. Then you molt, and turn back into yourself. Theyíre lots of fun.

Iím sure. When is Harryís birthday, anyway?

The 31st.

Then youíd better get working, donít you think?

Good point. I need to save my hand for letters. Bye, Joanna.


July 28

Oh, Joanna, this is so much fun! George is teaching me to enchant the picture frame so itíll hold all the pictures - heís so nice. Fred just laughed when I told them why I wanted it, but George didnít. Well, his eyes did, a little, but at least he said heíd help. And now I can do it myself if I need to, though I asked George to make Harryís - I didnít want to mess it up.

Iím sure you wouldnít have.

Well, I didnít want to risk it.

So, how many pictures do you have?

Ever so many, and some really wonderful ones. Dean and Colin really came through - I think Harryís going to love these. Theyíre all of him, Ron, and Hermione before You-Know-Who came back, looking happy, or at least innocent. Thereís one of the three of them collapsed by a big tree at Hogwarts. Dean said (he included captions with all of them - really funny ones, too) that they had just come from a really hard Transfiguration class, and he took the picture to prove that even Hermione could be overwhelmed at times. I think Harry will like to be reminded of a time when the hardest thing he had to face was classes.

Yes, that sounds perfect. Do you have any pictures of people besides Harry, Ron and Hermione?

Well, we took a picture of my whole family last night. George is going to develop it tonight. I hope it turned out well.

How about a picture of just you?

Oh, Iím sure Harry wouldnít want that.

Are you?

Yes. Besides, I wouldnít want it to seem like Iím forcing myself on him - this present is for him, not me.

True. Though most boys would like to have a picture of a pretty girl to look at - but he can see you in the family portrait.

If he wants to. Oh, I forgot to tell you about Colinís letter. After gushing for awhile about what a good idea this was, and how he was so happy to help make Harryís birthday special by being part of my gift (Iím not kidding, Joanna), he asked if he could keep one photo to give to Harry himself. He said he had been thinking about Harryís birthday and wanting to give him a present, but couldnít think of anything, and this was the perfect thing. But he didnít tell me what the picture was of, and how he thought I could possibly say, ďNo, you canít keep one picture for your own present out of all the ones you gave me,Ē I have no idea. I do wonder what it was - he gave me some good ones, like the one he took of the three of them after the second task last year, soaking wet. Harry had stayed too long under the lake, because he wanted to rescue all of the hostages, but the judges ruled that that showed moral fiber - which it did! - so they gave him high points. Ron was torn between being really proud of Harry, and thinking he was a completely brainless git for thinking the hostages could be hurt. Itís all there on his face, and in the way heís pounding Harry on the back, but shaking his head at the same time. So is Hermioneís utter pride and pleasure in Harry doing well. Viktor Krum is off to one side of the picture, looking dejected, just staring at his feet. When Ron saw that one, he came close to demanding that he could keep it, but I stood firm. Harryís going to love it. I donít know how Colin does it - he should be professional once we graduate.

Is it going to be done in time?

Oh, yes. Once George is done, weíll put the last picture in, and then I can send it off. Thereís just one thing.

Whatís that?

I donít know what to write in the letter.

I would think Happy Birthday would make sense.

Joanna! I meant besides that.

What were you thinking?

Well, I was thinking of declaring my undying love to Harry...


Kidding - just kidding! But thatís just it, Joanna - I mean, he knows I like him, heíll know why Iím giving him a birthday present, what can I really say? Ooo - Iíve an idea - maybe Mum would let me write the letter for her present, too. That would be more to say.

Thatís a good idea.

Hmm...I think Iíll go ask her now. Bye, Joanna.

Bye, Ginny.


July 29

Joanna, did I tell you that Hermione likes my gift for Harry?

Is that important to you?

Well, she knows him so well. She told me that she got him a book on becoming an Animagus. Iím not sure why - Iíve never heard Harry say he wanted to become one, and Transfiguration isnít exactly his best subject. Thatís very advanced magic, and if it werenít for Hermione, Iíd be worried about him. But she wouldnít let him do anything dangerous.

She wouldnít?

Well...not for something that wasnít already life and death. I canít imagine how this would be that.

So, what is Harryís best subject, if itís not Transfiguration? Charms?

No, Defense Against the Dark Arts. And donít think I donít know where you were going with that suggestion, Joanna! Everything I think and feel is not about Harry.

Iím glad to hear it.

Anyway, Harryís really, really good at DADA, which shouldnít surprise anyone. He can even conjure a Patronus.

Thatís pretty advanced magic for a fourth year.

And he did it as a third year!

Ginny, why did he have to face a dementor? Iím assuming thatís why he conjured a Patronus.

Well, my second year, Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban. Everyone thought that he was headed for Hogwarts and Harry. So Cornelius Fudge (heís Minister of Magic, but you probably know that) insisted on posting dementors around Hogwarts - surely you must know all this, Joanna, if you, someone's diary at the time.

No, there were other things to worry about at the time for her. Besides, I like to hear about things from you.

Oh, okay. Um, right...Fudge posted dementors around Hogwarts, even though Professor Dumbledore didnít want him to, and one came onto the Hogwarts Express. It was absolutely horrible, Johanna! I felt like I was back in the Chamber of Secrets, with Tom Riddle coming out of the diary.

Oh, breila.

Um, Johanna, you called me that before - what does it mean?

A breila is a dusky wild rose. It suits you, I think.

Do you think so? Hmm...I like it. Anyway, Harry had it worse - he actually fainted, and Hermione later told me that itís because he hears You-Know-Who murdering his parents. Iím pretty sure there was something else she wasnít telling me, but then she probably shouldnít have told me that much. Professor Lupin - our DADA teacher that year - was in the compartment, and he drove off the dementor. Then, a lot of them showed up at Harryís first Quidditch match of the season, and Harry fainted again, falling off his broom. From fifty feet up.


Luckily, Dumbledore was there, and he somehow stopped Harryís fall - Iíve got to learn how to do that, I have a feeling Iím going to need it - and drove off the dementors. Iíve never seen Dumbledore so angry! After that, Harry decided that he needed to learn how to deal with the dementors, so he went to Professor Lupin, who taught him Expecto Patronum. I didnít know it at the time, of course, but before the next Quidditch match I was so nervous that Hermione told me about it. I know thereís something she wasnít telling me, but thatís as it should be - I wouldnít want her telling him my secrets. Anyway, at the next match, Harry was ready, and when some dementors showed up, he conjured his Patronus - it was a stag, by the way, I wonder why that is? - caught the Snitch, and won the match. Only they werenít dementors.

What were they, for heavenís sake?

Draco Malfoy and three of his friends. I suppose they thought it would be funny. Malfoy is a Slytherin boy in Harryís year, and I have a really hard time being objective about him. Besides the fact that heís really horrible to Harry, Ron and Hermione - Iíve seen some of it, and Hermioneís told me more - his father is the one who planted Tom Riddleís diary for me to find.

I can understand your not liking him.

Yes, and then there was the time in my first probably donít want to hear about that, Joanna.

Well, of course I do, but if you donít want to tell me, you certainly donít have to.

Um...oh, itís just embarrassing, and if I canít embarrass myself in front of you, who can I embarrass myself in front of? In this case, it was actually in front of my whole class, and most of Harryís. And Harry. See, we had this teacher, Professor Lockhart, that year for DADA - we do seem to go through them, donít we? He was pretty useless as a teacher, actually, but he threw a huge Valentineís Day celebration, including singing dwarves delivering peopleís Valentines. I donít know why I did it - remember, I was only eleven - but I wrote a Valentine for Harry, and the stupid dwarf delivered it just when my class was going into History of Magic, and Harryís was going into Charms. Harry was so embarrassed - well, it was terribly sappy, and horrible poetry, too - and Draco Malfoy yelled to me, ďI donít think Potter liked your Valentine, Weasley!Ē

How horrible! I wish I had hands, so I could - I shouldnít say that.

It was pretty bad. But the worst was that when the dwarf knocked Harry over - he hadnít wanted to hear the Valentine, and you can understand why - his bookbag fell apart, and Tom Riddleís diary came out, and you know what, Joanna? I donít think I want to talk about this right now.

Then you donít have to. But you know, Ginny, if you ever do want to talk about it, Iím right here.

I know. Thanks, Joanna. You know, I wonder what happened to Sirius Black.

What do you mean?

Well, we were all convinced that he was after Harry - and he was, because he broke into Gryffindor Tower and almost killed Ron. But at the end of the school year, everything went back to normal - the dementors went away, and Harry was able to come to the Quidditch World Cup that summer, and I never heard another thing about it. So I wonder what happened to him. He couldnít have been captured, or the Ministry would have made a big deal about it, but something must have happened, or the dementors would still be around Hogwarts. I bet Harry, Ron and Hermione know all about it - somehow, they always do. When we were on the Hogwarts express once, I was with the three of them in a compartment, and Ron told me to leave so Harry could tell them something. Itís always the same thing - hang on, he wants something now. Oh, bother, he wants me to play Quidditch. Heís trying out for Keeper on the house team this year. I have to go. Talk to you later, Johanna.

Have fun, Ginny.


July 31

I never told you what I wrote in my letter to Harry, Joanna. Do you want me to copy it?

Of course.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday! Mum sends along the cake and jumper, of course, and we all send our best wishes. The pictures are from Fred, George and me. I got them from people around school, and Fred and George invented the frame to hold more than one. They should be real inventors, not just of Weasleyís Wizard Wheezes. (No, we shouldnít.) (Yeah, what does she mean, real inventors?) You just tap lightly on the upper right-hand corner of the frame to switch pictures. You can add more, too, but thatís more complicated, and Fred and George will have to show you how.

Hope you had a tolerable birthday, Harry, even with the Dursleys. If I donít see you before, see you on the Hogwarts Express.


The stuff in parentheses was by Fred and George, if you couldnít tell. What do you think?

It was good. Nice and friendly...but donít you think ďbest wishesĒ is a little cool?

Well, first I put ďlove,Ē which I thought was fine, since we all do love him - I mean, how could we not? But Fred and George were there, waiting to make their contributions, and they made such faces and snickered so much that I changed it. Besides, I donít want Harry to think Iím still pining for him.

Even though you are.

Yes. Iíve been thinking about what you said - I donít really have any interests outside of Harry. Or rather, I did, but they all got pushed away once I met him. And itís ridiculous. No boy is worth that, even Harry Potter. I do still love him, and I do still hope heíll notice me one day, but I want to be a complete person aside from him.

Bravo, Ginny!

Itís about time, wouldnít you say? Anyway, I wrote to Hermione, asking if I could borrow her fourth-year Charms book, so I could get a head start. She sent me Charms and DADA - she said that if I was working ahead, I should also work on DADA, since thereís obviously no guarantee that our teacher this year will be any good. And Iíve been playing a lot of Quidditch with Ron. Not that what weíre doing is really Quidditch - Iím just flying at him from weird angles and doing weird things and throwing a ball at him weirdly. Itís actually fun - I love to fly, but I donít really enjoy playing Quidditch, I prefer to watch. Especially Harry, and Iím not just saying that because I love him, heís really good. The dives he goes into and pulls out of! His looping, and the way he shakes off the other Seekers! We went to the Quidditch World Cup and saw Viktor Krum do a Wronski Feint, but I think Harry could be better than him.

Okay, so Iím not cured yet, but Iím working on it. Iím going to go study Charms, Joanna.

Bye, Ginny. Iím really proud of you.

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