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Author: Mistral (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Ginny Weasley, In Her Own Words  Chapter: Chapter Two
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August 4

Joanna, I need your help. Harryís reply to my letter has come, and I need your help to open it.

Ginny, donít be silly. Just open it. Then copy it for me.

Right, here goes.

Dear Ginny,

Thank you so much for the pictures. How did you know that I didnít have any of Ron and Hermione? And the one with all of you was wonderful. Ron just keeps growing, doesnít he? Weíll have to start calling him ĎBeanstalkí, or something. Thank your mother for the cake and jumper, too - life at the Dursleysí hasnít been too terrible this year, but knowing that I have other friends really means a lot to me.

Thanks for making my birthday more than tolerable.


So, what do you think?

Well, Iím sort of disappointed that he didnít say something like, ďI couldnít keep my eyes off of you in the family photo.Ē

Ginny! Be serious!

Okay, seriously, it was nice and friendly, and thatís all I can really expect, isnít it? Itís the first letter Harryís ever written me - I think Iíll sleep with it under my pillow.

Iím not even going to answer that.

You just did. But Iím glad he liked it. Maybe we can at least be friends this year, even if nothing more. And speaking of which, Iím going to go study my DADA. Hermioneís right - weíre all woefully behind, and if Iím going to hang out with them, which I still hope that I will, Iíd better be prepared. Bye, Joanna.


August 9

Joanna, the strangest thing happened. Iím not really sure where to start...

The beginning, Ginny. Thatís where one usually starts.

Iím sticking my tongue out at you, Joanna. Well, I guess the beginning is that, since Iíve been studying Charms and DADA a lot, I thought Iíd work on a class that Iím not very good in, too, so I borrowed Ronís fourth-year Divination book. I really donít like Divination much, or our teacher. Iím not entirely sure why I signed up for the class - Dad wanted me to take Muggle Studies - but I felt drawn to Divination, like I just had to take it. But that was before my first class. Did you know any True Seers, Joanna?

Yes. One of my friends had the Sight. Itís...not an unmixed blessing, Ginny. Some of the things Catrin saw...well, she wouldnít tell us most of them, and when we reached the point in time that she had seen, I always knew why. My lifetime was one of the golden ages for Wales, but that didnít mean that there werenít bad times. And now, with everything thatís happening - did you have a vision, Ginny?

Iím getting there, Iím getting there. You told me to start at the beginning.

So I did.

Right. So, anyway, Professor Trelawney is not what Iíd call a True Seer, and her classes always feel pretty silly, when Iím not falling asleep. I still feel drawn to Divination, though - my Aunt Tatty (well, sheís a first cousin, once-removed, but we call her aunt) gave me a crystal ball for Christmas two years ago, even though I wasnít taking it yet, and I just...I donít know how to describe it.

So I borrowed Ronís book, and that was my first shock, because it turned out to be Harryís book. Ronís famous for the condition he lets his books get into, so they were sharing this one. Thereís lots of stuff written in the margins, mainly boring stuff like, ďWhen will this class end? It must be four hundred degrees in here!Ē (Trelawney keeps her room really warm) But then, there was this one set of comments, around the time of the Yule Ball last year.

Oh, I loved to dance. Thatís one of the things I miss the most, actually. Did you go to the Yule Ball?

Yes, but only because a fourth-year boy asked me. It was only for fourth-years and up.

Was it Harry?

Of course not! Though I could have gone with him eventually, but by that time I was glad I couldnít. See, thereís this boy in Harryís year, Neville Longbottom - well, heís really nice, but really accident-prone and forgetful, and not very good in his classes, except Herbology, Hermione tells me. But nice, and when he asked me to go, I figured I wouldnít be able to any other way, so I said yes. I knew Harry wanted to ask Cho Chang, whoís a year older than he is, and really pretty. Sheís the Ravenclaw Seeker. Even though sheís a year older, I thought she

'92d say yes. But she didnít, and when Harry was all broken up about it, Ron said that he could go with me. With me right there.

Oh, breila. What was he thinking?

He wasnít. But thatís Ron. Then, after I left the room, Harry asked Parvati Patil - just went up to her and asked her. He also asked if she knew of a date for Ron, too, and she suggested her twin sister, Padma. I guess they arranged it between them for Ron to ask Padma, basically already knowing she would say yes. He first asked Fleur Delacour, who was here for the Triwizard Tournament from Beauxbatons. Why he ever thought she would say yes, I have no idea - I mean, she was a seventh year, and sheís absolutely beautiful. And really snobby, though she did get better as the year went on, at least towards Harry. But Ron actually did ask her, and after she turned him down, he asked Hermione, but not in a nice way. Luckily, she already had a date, so she turned him down, too. Why do boys think weíre all just jumping at the chance to date them, so much so that they donít have to be even remotely polite about asking?

Well...keep in mind that itís difficult to do the asking, Ginny. You had it relatively easy - all you had to do was say yes or no.

Thatís what the comments in Harryís Divination book are about - they must have been written the day Ron finally asked Padma. Here they are:

Ron: Thatís over with. Itís really not that difficult asking girls to a ball.

Harry: It is when you actually want to go with her.

Ron: You know, Ginny probably would have broken her date with Neville to go with you. I canít believe I just wrote ďdate with NevilleĒ and ďGinnyĒ in the same sentence.

Harry: No, she wouldnít have.

Ron: Bet she would have - you know sheís cra-

Harry: Stop. Ginny wouldnít do that, she just wouldnít.

It sounds like he thinks highly of you.

It sort of does, doesnít it? Interesting...

And that was the strangest thing?

No, of course not. That was just a little strange. The strangest thing was what happened when I started studying. I got my crystal ball out, lit some candles (for the atmosphere, Trelawney said, though I never really believed her, before) and started trying to scry. But the flickering of the candlelight in the crystal was fascinating, so I watched that instead, and then I...fell asleep. I think. Anyway, I had this dream. Harry and I were dancing in a clearing in the forest. But sometimes I wasnít me, and Harry wasnít Harry. I donít know who we were, exactly, but Harry turned into another guy with black hair and glasses, but without his green eyes, and I turned into another girl with red hair, though it was darker than mine. But it was still us - I mean, the changes were so fast, it was like flickering. First it was me and Harry, and then it was these other two people. Oh, Iím not explaining this very well.

Thatís okay, Ginny. I think I can picture it. Did anything else happen?

Yes, all of a sudden, a wolf bounded into the clearing. I knew I should be terrified, but I wasnít - it felt completely natural. And the wolf didnít attack or anything, it just started pacing in a circle around us. Then, a big, black dog came running out of the forest, followed by a little, gray rat. The rat looked just like Ronís old rat, Scabbers, who was eaten by Hermioneís cat, Crookshanks, in my second year (and you can just imagine the fight that took place over that!). But then, I guess all rats look alike, at least to me. I never really liked Scabbers much, but Iíd never tell Ron that. The dog and the rat started pacing around Harry and me, too, just like the wolf. Then, suddenly, the rat ran away, back into the forest, and the dog ran after it. The rest of us just continued on as we were (this sounds so surreal, but it felt right, while it was happening), until the dog came back with the rat in its mouth. Then, I woke up. I was still sitting in the same position, straight up on my bed, the crystal ball in front of me. Do you think that was a vision, Joanna?

I must admit it sounds like one. Does any of that mean anything to you?

Well, Harryís supposed to look just like his dad, except for the eyes, and his mum had dark red hair. Iíve never seen a picture of them, but Iíd bet thatís who the people we changed into were. What that means, I donít know, though I do know what I hope it means! And the rest of it means absolutely nothing to me. But I went up to talk to Ron about it, since heís had a year more of Divination than I have. Of course, he never pays much attention, and he usually fakes his homework - so does Harry. I felt strange, though, and I needed someone to tell me I wasnít crazy.

You donít sound crazy to me.

Thanks, Joanna. Anyway, I did feel a little weird telling Ron. I mean, here I had a dream about his best friend, but Ron actually took it seriously. And I could tell it meant something to him, though he wouldnít tell me what. When I told him about the rat, he actually shuddered, and I have no idea why. He certainly has no problem with rats - Scabbers slept in his bed, for heavenís sake! But, like I said, he wouldnít tell me. I wrote to Hermione about it - hopefully sheíll tell me more.

Let me know what she says.

Of course. Whew! My hand hurts, and Iím really sleepy. Maybe once I sleep on this, itíll make more sense.

Maybe. Goodnight, Ginny.


August 10

Joanna, the strangest thing just happened.

I thought that happened yesterday.

Very funny. Another strange thing - Iím invited to spend the last two weeks of the summer in a Muggleís house.

Just a random Muggle?

No, I met her in Diagon Alley at the beginning of the summer. Mum and I went shopping, and she and her family were there shopping for her brotherís first year stuff - heís starting at Hogwarts this year. We started talking, because her brother was drawn like a Summoning Charm to the Quidditch shop, and Miriam just couldnít believe it. Five minutes in the wizarding world, she said, and heís already found out the popular sport and has become obsessed. But sheís a total Muggle, and she doesnít seem to mind that her brother is going to be able to do all this neat stuff, and she wonít. She wants to study physics and astronomy, she told me. Itíll be interesting talking to her about Arithmancy and our Astronomy, donít you think?

So, youíre going?

Yes, and thatís the really interesting thing. When I got the invitation, I immediately wanted to go - I mean, I really did like Miriam, and when will I have an opportunity like this again? Hermione might be Muggle-born, but sheís a witch through and through now. And I could tell that Dad was just as excited as I was, but then Mum said, ďArthur,Ē in that voice she uses when she wants to jolt him back to reality. So they went into another room, and talked about it, and I know they contacted Dumbledore, and then they told me why.

It turns out that Harry had a dream a while ago. He has these dreams that are more like visions - Dumbledore thinks heís connected to You-Know-Who by his curse scar. And he had one in which You-Know-Who said that he would kill off all of Harryís friends and loved ones in order to break him. Dumbledore had told Mum and Dad, because of how close Harry is to all of us, but they hadnít told us kids. But now with this invitation...not that I think Iím really that important to Harry, but he would be just devastated if anyone was killed because of him. Mum and Dad didnít want to let me go, but I wanted to so much, and Dumbledore asked them if theyíd let me be bait. Well, not in so many words - thatís how I put it. He didnít ask me, though - I do wish people wouldnít treat me like a child.

You are only fourteen, Ginny.ain

I know, but I think thatís old enough to make a decision like this. Anyway, thereís going to be lots of protection around me - Aurors around the clock and lots of protective spells. So Iíll be quite safe, and maybe weíll learn something know, Joanna, itís silly to keep saying You-Know-Who, isnít it? Iím going to be doing something to fight him, I shouldnít be afraid to say his name. Harry isnít. Voldemort. There, I did it. Maybe weíll learn something of Voldemortís plans.

Itís odd knowing something about Harry that Ron and Hermione donít, Joanna. Dad said that Harry hasnít told anyone else, not even his godfather. I didnít even know that Harry had a godfather. I mean, if he does, why isnít he living with him instead of the Dursleys? But Dad wouldnít tell me who it was - I think he regretted saying that much.

The bad thing is that I wonít be here when Harry comes to visit. Heís coming for the last two weeks of summer.

Iím not sure thatís such a bad thing, Ginny.

Why not?

Well, youíve always been there for him. Youíve always tagged along, worshipful, havenít you? Every time Harry needed to see someone who thought he was wonderful, he just had to look around, and there you were. Now, you wonít be there, when he expects you to be. Have you ever heard of the saying, ďAbsence makes the heart grown fonder?Ē

Yes, but...I donít think itís going to happen in this case.

Maybe not, but we wonít know until we try, will we? Ginny, can I ask you something that you donít have to answer? What does your password stand for?

Oh. I have to give you the background. See, Mum didnít tell me she was getting me a diary. She got you while I was talking to Miriam. She gave you to me when weíd gotten home, and Fred and George were right there in the room. Sometimes, I think that Mum isnít too bright. She said not to use a password thatís too obvious, and Fred and George started coming up with obnoxious ones.


Oh, you know. GaHP: Ginny and Harry Potter. ILH: I love Harry. OHHIRaW: Over here, Harry, Iím ready and waiting - that oneís actually funny. But I realized that no one really knew me, if they thought I would be that stupid and obvious, and that you would be the only one to get the full picture. I know that Iím taking a risk, writing in a diary again. But I donít have many friends, and no close ones, and, much as I love my family, I donít feel that they want to know everything in my life. Only a diary will have to sit still for that, so only a diary will know everything - or at least as much of everything as I tell it - you. Sorry. So, anyway, my password stands for: Ginny Weasley, In Her Own Words.

Iím very proud of you, breila. Iím watching you grow up before my very eyes. Or something like that.

Oh, Joanna, you do make me feel good. Good night. Next time I open you, Iíll be in the Muggle world!

Good night, Ginny.


August 13

Okay, before I tell you anything about the Muggle world, I have to tell you what Hermione wrote back about my dream. She thought the same thing about the people as I did - that theyíre Harryís mum and dad. She didnít say much more about that, though I could tell what she was thinking. Anyway, she said that the wolf, dog, and rat signify some of Harryís dadís closest friends. I donít know why, though I think she does. She was very interested in the condition of the rat when the dog brought it back in its mouth. So was Ron, when I told him, but I couldnít tell either one of them much. I didnít see the rat move, but that didnít mean it was dead, and the dream ended so soon after they came back, that I just donít know. I wish I knew why the two of them are so interested in this - if itís just some of Harryís dadís friends, why is it so important?

I donít know.

Neither do I. Well, I canít figure anything out here, but maybe I can get more out of Hermione when I see her again. Joanna, the Muggle world is so strange! And yet, so similar.

How so, Ginny?

Well, okay, letís start from the beginning (you like that, donít you?). Mum and I came by Floo Powder, with the Longsí fireplace connected for the day. I had asked Ron to come - more to help with my trunk than anything else, truthfully - but he had just gotten a letter from Hermione, and he wanted to bond with that for a while. So we tumbled out of the fireplace (well, I tumbled out, Mum stepped out with dignity), to find all four Longs waiting for us. They were really nice and welcoming, but Mr. and Mrs. Long also looked completely freaked out. I realize that theyíre not used to people coming out of their fireplace, but they were expecting us! Anyway, Mrs. Long wanted to talk with Mum about Hogwarts and having a wizard child (Mumís getting lots of practice with talks like this - she should go into counseling, or something), so Miriam, William and Mr. Long helped me take my stuff upstairs.

Their house is so predictable, Joanna! I mean, I know not all wizarding houses look as haphazard as the Burrow, but the Longsí house is a box. I had to go outside and look at it from the street before I could really believe it. Donít they find it boring? I have to confess that I do.

As soon as we got my stuff into the guest room, Miriam pulled me into her room and shut the door on William. I suppose Iím glad some things are the same between the wizarding and Muggle worlds - Ronís done that to me when Harry and Hermione are over. Then, she turned on her ďstereo,Ē which plays music, like a wizard wireless, but such music, Joanna! All these bands Iíve never heard of - I mean, the Weird Sisters are cool, and Celestina Warbeck can be fun, but theyíre nothing like Queen, They Might Be Giants, or U2. Miriam says sheís slightly old-fashioned, too, or at least a little strange, and that the music she listens to isnít exactly popular, so thereís lots more, too. I think Dad has a stereo in his shed - heís just crazy about Muggle things in case I hadnít told you before - so I should be able to listen to this music at the Burrow, even though I canít at Hogwarts.

I knew Muggles had this thing called television, which they use instead of magic to keep from getting bored. Hermione explained it all to me, but what she didnít explain was something called science fiction. Miriam just loves this - she has books and films about it - and the whole family watches one show every night at the same time. Itís called Star Trek: The Next Generation, and itís amazing. The idea is that itís the future, and humanity has become part of a galactic federation, with other species in it. What these Muggles come up with! And the show looks so real - Miriam says the space scenes and aliens are done with something called ďspecial effects.Ē Itís all technical, she says - no magic- but thatís hard to believe.

And it has been fun to compare her astronomy and physics with my Astronomy and Arithmancy. They learn much more about the processes behind astronomy - how the stars and galaxies form, and things like that - which we donít really touch. And she says that our Astonomy is almost a combination of their astronomy and something called astrology, which, once she explained it, sounded more like Divination to me. Miriam said that sheíd never believed in astrology before, and, after she showed me the Ďhoroscopesí in the newspaper, I had to agree with her - they were completely fake! But I showed her my Divination book and crystal ball, though she couldnít see anything in it.

Sheís so interested in all of my classes - she reminds me of Hermione. I wish I could show her some Charms and Transfiguration, but I donít want to get a letter from the Improper Use of Magic Office. When I told Miriam about that, and all about the surveillance the Office uses, she indignantly shrieked, ďBig Brother!Ē, which I gather is from a science fiction book where everyone is watched for some sinister purpose. I tried to explain that itís not like that, but I donít think she believed me.

Sorry to talk your head off, Joanna, but doesnít it all sound totally amazing?

Yes, it does. Have you -

Ooo - I forgot to tell you! Miriam has a book about you. Itís fiction, though, so Iím sure you never said the things this Joanna said, but Iím in the middle of it now, and itís really interesting. Did you really plead with your father for him to allow your husband to surrender? How brave of you, Joanna!

Yes, I did. It didnít seem really brave at the time, just necessary. Ginny, when you get to my later life, remember that all the histories of my time were written by men, and donít judge me too harshly.

I wonít. Though this novel is by a woman, and sheís treating you very sympathetically. Iím sorry, Joanna, I interrupted you. What were you going to ask?

Thatís okay, Ginny. I was going to ask if you have seen any signs of Death Eaters, or Voldemort?

No. Maybe he doesnít know Iím here, or maybe he does, but he knows of the Aurors protecting me. I havenít seen one yet, though Miriam and I have gone to shops and the cinema (to see a science fiction film - I tell you, sheís obsessed!) in the village. But Iím still here another week, so hopefully something will happen.

Um, Ginny, Iím not sure you should hope for that.

Why not? Isnít that the point?

It would be dangerous for you, breila.

Not with all these Aurors around. Iím sure Iíll be fine. Oh, Joanna, Iím really sleepy. I think Iíll turn the light out and go to sleep. The light - it runs on electricity - Dad would be so happy. And now I can correct his pronunciation, and now I know why Harry and Hermione flinch every time he says Ďecceltricity,í or something else funny. You know, Ronís really lucky to have found such nice friends. I hope...sorry, just yawned there. I think Iíd better go to sleep. Good night, Joanna.

Good night, Ginny.


August 21

Joanna, Miriam would like to write in you, if thatís all right with you.

Of course itís all right, Ginny. Iíd love to meet her.

Hi, Joanna, itís Miriam.

Hi, Miriam. Itís a pleasure to meet you.

And you! I have to tell you, Iím having a hard time believing that Iím talking to someone Iíve read about in history books.

Iím sure itís strange. I assure you that Iím real, though.

Oh, I know you are. Itís just all so weird. This is all new to me, you know. I never knew a witch until I met Ginny.

And what do you think?

About Ginny? Oh, sheís just a normal girl. Iím actually really happy about that, because I was worried about my brother. Heís starting at Ginnyís school this year, and heís never been alone in a school before - Iíve always been there. Not that I was protecting him, really, but I was there. Williamís always been a little...different, so the other kids teased him a little. Itís nice to know exactly why heís different. And itís nice to know that even though witches and wizards are different, theyíre also just normal kids. Ginnyís told me about her brothers, and the problems she has making girl friends, and Iím just feeling very reassured.

Miriam, I havenít been Ginnyís diary very long, and she hasnít told me yet that she has problems making girl friends.

Oh, well, she said that after the Chamber of Secrets -

No, no - I meant that she should tell me that.

Oh. Iím sorry. I didnít realize...but that makes sense.

...Miriam? Hello? ...Ginny? ...Whatís going on? ...Oh, someone say something!

Sorry, Joanna. Itís Ginny. Miriam felt really bad about telling you something I hadnít yet. I had to explain to her that it just hadnít come up yet. Here she is again. I told her that you could tell her about something I hadnít yet.

But I donít know what you havenít told her, Ginny!

Itís Miriam, Joanna. So, what dirt can you tell me about Ginny?

Oh, you girls. Is Ginny sure about this?

Yes. Ginnyís a very...generous girl, isnít she? She really wants to make things right, and she wants everyone to be happy.

Yes, she does. And I donít think she can say that she doesnít have any girl friends anymore.

Aw, Joanna. Besides, she has Hermione. Man, we all have really weird names, donít we?

I suppose so. But to get back to telling you about something Ginny hasnít yet...well, sheís obviously told you about her family and Hermione, and Hogwarts, and the Chamber of Secrets, which Iím actually a little surprised at. She must be recovering quite a bit. The only other really big thing - but Iím sure sheís told you about Harry already, too.

Harry? What, Ronís best friend? Well, sheís mentioned him.

Mentioned him, did she? Why donít you ask her about him? Youíll get an ear full, so we might as well say good-bye now. Iím glad to have met you, Miriam.

Me, too, Joanna! The only bad part is that I wonít be able to tell anyone, because no one would ever believe me.


August 31

Hi, Joanna. Itís the last night before term starts. Miriam is already asleep, but Iím wide awake still.

Hi, Ginny. How has the rest of your stay in the Muggle world been?

Oh, fine. Well, a little boring. I suppose I never really realized how accustomed I am to things randomly blowing up, or flying through the air, or people turning into canaries because of something they ate. Iíll be glad to get back to Hogwarts. Not that Miriamís not fun to be with, but I miss my brothers and Hermione. Weíve been writing back and forth, using Pig (since Harry and Hermione are at the Burrow, Ron doesnít need him), and I really think weíre friends now. Of course, it doesnít hurt that sheís interested in my brother - she wants to get on my good side! But Hermione is actually very like me, at least in that she doesnít have any girl friends.

Do you want to talk about that?

Thereís really nothing much to talk about. I used to think it was something wrong with me, that I had never made any friends. But now, I realize that itís not - it was just circumstantial. Since there were so many of us at home, we never had to look outside of ourselves for companionship, and my last year at home I tried so hard to live vicariously through Ron that I didnít go looking for friends. Then, when I finally got to Hogwarts, I was already being influenced by the diary, so I was more than ready to see any slights against me for being poor or whatever. And after that year, the girls in my year thought I was crazy. They still do, truthfully. Itís been hard, and Iím sure it didnít help that Iíve always wanted to be with Ron, Harry, and Hermione, so I didnít make the effort. Now that I have had a real opportunity, with Hermione and Miriam, Iím having no problems. So, I feel better now.

Iím glad, Ginny. only miss your brothers and Hermione. Is that why you hadnít told Miriam about Harry, hmm?

Well, of course I miss Harry, too - that goes without saying. But Iím determined not to mope around after him this year. I really think that Hermione will want to spend time with me, and I hope that means Iíll be spending time with Harry and Ron, too. (Really, both of them - Iíve missed the close friendship I used to have with Ron.) But if the boys donít want me around, Iíll try to accept that gracefully, and just be a friend to Hermione. I know there have been times in the past couple of years that sheís felt left out - the only girl with two boy friends. If she feels she can come to me when that happens, Iíll be glad for both our sakes. Oh, I have so much to talk about with her, now that Iíve stayed in the Muggle world! Maybe between the two of us, we can figure out how to get computers working at Hogwarts. Thereís got to be a way, and just think of how much easier searching for books in the library would be with a card catologue on computer! Miriam took me to the library at the local university, and everythingís so organized. Studying would be so much easier...thereís just got to be a way.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Hermione wrote to tell me that one of my letters to her got delivered to the wrong person. Pig delivered it to Harry by mistake. I have no idea how - I donít care that their names begin with the same initial, how could even Pig confuse them? But, anyway, he did, but there were two amazing things about it. Hermione said that Harry opened it when he was half asleep, so it took him a moment to realize who it was from and who it was to, but once he did, he didnít read it! Can you believe it? Ron would have read it in a second, I have absolutely no doubt about that. But Harryís so noble.

I must say, he sounds it. Most boys, upon opening a letter from a girl they know is interested in them, would certainly have read it. What had you said about him in the letter?

Thatís the second amazing thing. The only thing I said was, ďIím glad Harryís being so sympathetic about you and Ron.Ē Thatís it. Arenít you proud of me? Iím getting so much better. And Iím getting really sleepy now. Maybe some of Williamís energy got transferred to me somehow - you wouldnít believe how excited that boy is. He keeps saying how much he hopes to get Sorted into Gryffindor. Miriam, of course, says itís to be near me (he has a bit of a crush - itís sweet, really), and that heíll be better off in Ravenclaw. Iíve explained all the houses to her, and I must say I agree with her. But I could see him as a Gryffindor, too, so weíll just have to see where the Sorting Hat puts him.

Sounds like Williamís not the only one to be excited. But you should probably get to sleep, Ginny.

I know, I know. Just think, Joanna, tomorrow Iíll be on the Hogwarts Express!

***This is the end of part 2.***

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