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Author: MoNmOn  Story: When the Slugs are Faster than You  Chapter: Default
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Hermione walked up the girls' dormitory steps slowly and lazily to Ginny's room. She and Ginny were going to have a lot of talking to do tonight. She opened the door and heard the same squeaking noise that it always made. Stepping on the same wooden floor with the same squeak the door always had, Hermione jumped on Ginny's bed, laying on it the sideways, and letting her long bushy hair fall to the floor. The bed squeaked, too. Ginny didn't bother to look up and ask what was wrong. Instead, she turned the page of her book; head still down, which was Hermione's cue to talk.

"Your brother is a stupid prat."

Ginny finally looked up and asked dully, "What happened to 'idiot'?"

"Please don't joke on this one, Ginny. This is serious."

You say that every time, Ginny thought, trying not to sigh. Hearing the same problem over and over again would make anyone bored. Even if it was your best friend who had a more serious problem before with your brother. Ginny already knew how much of a prat Ron was, but he was still charming (but of course, Ginny's thoughts on Ron were different from Hermione's). That was her brother! And he definitely had animal magnetism. Especially for the animal that was Hermione.

"Well, your brother," sigh, "he was drooling over Fleur again during Defense Against Dark Arts."

Real serious. "He always does, doesn't he? And you do know that she is part veela? It's normal. Just like puberty is."

"I know.. It's just-"

"It's hard seeing him gaga-eyed over another girl? I know."

"Listen, Harry is just as blind as every other guy in the world. They always find out about their feelings laterůmaybe except for Bulgarian men.. But then some guys just start noticing you and then it's too late for Harry because you're already with someone and so then it's his fault."

Ginny gaped at Hermione. "Wow. Did you just come up with that?"

"No, it just came to me when I noticed that Harry still hasn't noticed you!"

"Well, Ron is different."

"How?" Hermione asked, determined not to believe what Ginny had to say.

"He does notice you. Not just because you help him with his homework, but because you're.." Ginny tried to think of a perfect word. "Hermione."

Hermione just stared. Don't start crying now..

Ginny went on. "He even told me and asked me questions about you. Just yesterday, too."

"He did? You didn't tell him anything, did you?"

"He asked me if you liked him, I said 'Sure'," she grabbed a pillow to shield herself from Hermione, "'she's your friend!'," Ginny smiled, "and he told me everything and then he threatened me that if I told anyone, he'd tell Harry stuff," she blushed, "and kill me right after."

"What did he say?"

"I couldn't believe he actually told me everything. We stopped being this close since his first year at Hogwarts." Hermione frowned and then gave Ginny a caring smile. "Anyway, in his exact words, he said, 'Hermione.. She's just.. Hermione, y'know? She's beautiful, smart,'" Hermione blushed with Ginny, "annoying at sometimes," Hermione huffed, "but still, I love the girl. When she planned on not eating when she started that spew thing, it worried me. But then she started eating again. That was good.' Hermione, don't tell him I told you this, okay?"

Hermione nodded.

"Well," Ginny went on, "Then he said, 'Ginny, if you ever tell anyone this, I'll tell Harry everything, even lies if I have to, then I'll crawl to your bed when you sleep and crush your bones and feed your meat to the Skrewts.'" She shuddered. "Harry-" Ginny was about to go on, but Hermione interrupted.

"He didn't mean it."

"I know. We always used to threaten each other when we were kids. Best friends, we were." Ginny stared at her hands and looked back at Hermione with distant eyes. "In the end of his first year, I missed talking to him. Instead, he just shuns me like all my brothers do after their first year of Hogwarts. Except for Bill. He always told us stories and he used to pick me to act out as one of his friends or teachers."

"It must be fun having brothers."

"It's fun having one brother, but seven?!"

"Well, I never had a brother, so I wouldn't know," said Hermione. They sat on Ginny's bed in silence. "Y'know, today really sucked for me. I've been lousy, tired, slow, and annoyed by your brothers' behavior, that the slugs were faster than me." Hermione paused and bit her nails. She looked up at Ginny, who was staring at her like a bomb that was about to explode. Then Hermione brought a subject up. "What about Harry?"

"What about Harry?"

"You were about to say something about him.."

"Oh, right. Well, today, he.. he.."

Hermione was getting impatient. "He did what?!"

"Kissed me." There, she said it. Hermione's jaw dropped to the ground and Ginny flushed into a deep pink.

"How? I mean.. wow.. How?"

"Well, early morning, they had a Quidditch practice and Fred and George and Ron told me to bring them some breakfast from the kitchens, since it was a lot earlier than usual."

"Go on."

"Gred and Forge. I mean Forge and Gred.. I mean George and Fred told me to help Harry put some of the practice balls back, so I did. And thank God I didn't blush."

"On with the story, Ginny!!" Hermione squealed.

"He kept asking me these weird questions like, 'What are you doing today?' and 'What's your favorite herb?' or something like that. And the way he talked.. it was like he was nervous."

Hermione smiled mischievously. "Really? Well.."

"Then, we walked to the broom shed to put the box back and.." Ginny shook her head and kept muttering to herself. "No, that didn't happen.. well, anyways, something weird happened. Birds of all kind came flying in the shed and Harry pushed me to the wall to protect me and," Ginny blushed, embarrassed about using 'Protect me' in the same sentence with Harry in it, "when all the birds flew out, he didn't get off me. He just stared at me and I had nothing other to do so I stared back."


"Hold your head on, Hermione! I'm almost done.

"He kept staring and he still didn't get off and then he just came closer then BANG!"

Hermione jumped. "What happened?"

"He kissed me!"

The two girls got up on the bed and jumped and squealed in delight, very much like Lavender and Parvati .

"He kissed you?"

"It lasted about.. Oh, three minutes, or something? That was my very first, too."

"Then what happened?" asked Hermione, sitting back down on the bed.

"He stopped. I guess I was blushing and had my mouth open. He apologized and left."

"That's all?"

"Mm-hmm. Oh, Hermione, please don't tell him I told you?" Ginny pleaded.

"Did he threaten you too?"

"No, just don't please? He'll be embarrassed, and so will I."

"Okay, I won't." Hermione put her hand on Ginny's arm and Ginny smiled.

"Go to sleep now, it's already eleven and my roommates won't appreciate it." Ginny nodded her head to the door where her two roommates waited quite loudly.

"Okay." And Hermione left.


A/n: There is a slight chance there will be a part two.. I just don't know yet.



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