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Author: Strawberrymad  Story: Ron Weasley: Faithful Sidekick Extraordinaire  Chapter: Default
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Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling. No-one is mine.

A/N: Thanks to Caitlyn for the title. I am very,very bad at titles.

I am Ron Weasley. Yes, I know what you're thinking, 'Who?' That's what everyone says. I shouldn't be called Ron any more, nobody knows me by that name. It's always 'That's Harry Potter's friend' or 'That's Hermione Granger's - you know, the really clever one - that's her friend'. It's never just 'That's Ron Weasley'. I'm just known as another red-headed, freckle faced Weasley.... Not that I'm bothered.

Well, O.K I am bothered a bit, but not much. I'm glad I'm not like Harry. I'd hate to be like that. It would be like I was in a Muggle zoo. Always in the spotlight, always expected to perform, expected to defeat You-Know-Who, expected to be brilliant, expected to be able to do everything. I couldn't stand being under that much pressure. Everyone presumes that Harry is going to be brilliant, and defeat the Dark Lord once and for all, but he's 15! No, I couldn't stand that.

And everyone thinks that Harry has loads of friends, he has, but he has more than his fair share of enemies too.
He can't trust anyone. Well, he can trust me, and Hermione I suppose, and a few others like Dumbledore and Sirius, but he can't trust people he doesn't know. We all thought Quirrell was alright, and Scabbers, but look at how that turned out. Yeah, he has plenty of enemies. Snape for one.

Talking of that stupid git, he gave us a stack of homework today. Ughhh, who actually needs to know how to make a Glowing Potion? When am I ever going need to turn something fluorescent yellow?!?!? Moronic git. He should spend less time setting us pointless homework and more time washing his hair!
I can't see the point of half the stuff we learn here. Some of it's alright. I can see the purpose of Defence Against the Dark Arts, and some potions, and spells, and stuff, because that's useful. But some of it's stupid, unless you want a career studying cauldron bottoms or fluorescent lights. No wonder Fred and George want to set up a joke shop.

Mum was questioning me all summer about what I wanted to do in the future. For goodness sakes, mother! I'm 15 years old! I don't know what I'll do tomorrow, never mind for the rest of my life! I told her that and she went into one of her lectures, saying that I'll end up like the twins if I carry on this way, and so on. You know, the usual lecture. But then Percy joined in, with his annoying whiny, slimy comments. "Well, you know Ron, it's never too early to start thinking about your future. I always knew that I wanted to work for the Ministry. I wanted to be like..." and then he stopped. I know what he was going to say. He was going to say 'I wanted to be like Dad', but they're not talking. Percy's only being stubborn because he wants to be the next Minister of Magic. Some people can't see sense.

So I was looking forward to coming back to Hogwarts, to get away from all this 'future' business, but now Hermione's at it. She can be really annoying sometimes, no actually, she's annoying all the time. And she never stops! She goes on and on and on. About nothing! I don't want to know about Arithmancy, or what Professor McGonagall thinks, and I especially don't want to know about that Bulgarian prat! It's Viktor says this, and Viktor says that. I know exactly what she's trying to tell me. 'Oh, isn't my darling Viktor amazingly brilliant? And isn't he so much better than you, Ron?' I don't want to know about that bloody bugger! I hate that Vicky Krum!! And I hate Hermione for liking him! She has no taste and she gets on my last nerve. Especially when she talks about him.
I don't see why she doesn't talk about decent stuff i.e. Quidditch. She should talk about Quidditch and the most fantastic team in the world - The Chudley Cannons! O.K they aren't on top form at the moment, but they have had so many league wins in the past! It's about time they came a come back though, it's been one, two three.....O.K, 111 years since their last league victory. Honestly, I didn't think it was more than a century ago. It's definitely about time they won again. But they are still a fantastic team! And if you disagree, I'll set Pig on you!

Pig's been acting very strangely lately. He's being more strange than usual. Yes, that is possible! Every morning he's started to fly into the Great Hall, zoom around the porridge bowl twice, then around Dumbledore's head, and then back up to the Owlery. Strange bird.
Malfoy finds this his hilarious. Well, I find it hilarious that he's a cretin. I could take him on any day. And I would, but Hermione always stops me. I don't see why she won't let me give him a black eye. He's horrible to her. I bet she thinks I couldn't do it. She'd let Vicky beat him up. She thinks I'm weak, doesn't she? Well, I'm not. I'll show her and her little Bulgarian boyfriend. I'll give Krum two black eyes and a bust nose if I ever get the chance.

Hermione's sitting in the corner, doing History of Magic homework. I don't know why she bothers. Professor Binns never collects it in. He's too busy boring us all to death.
You know, Herm doesn't look as bad as usual. Must be the light....but that jumper she's wearing does go with her eyes. Her eyes...they're just....nice, I suppose. All big...and they sparkle, and they look good with her hair. She looks almost alright. It's not like she's pretty. Well, not beautiful like Fleur. Krum is thick. Why did he choose Hermione over her? I'd much rather have Fleur.

Well, I think I would.

Oh, there was no point writing this. It's going straight on the fire.
O.K there was a point. I wanted to prove that I am a somebody. I'm Ronald Weasley : Faithful Sidekick Extroadinaire! I don't care what Mum and Percy think. And I really don't care what Hermione thinks. What do they know? Nothing. It's my life and I'll live it how I like. Even if a Bulgarian git tries to wreck it.


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