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PART one

Dear Harry and Aimi:

If you are reading this now and your mother and I aren't with you, it means Voldemort has killed us. Our plan has failed, but I know you will be safe with Sirius. He will take care of you I know.

As for plans, we were originally using Sirius as our secret keeper, but then we changed our minds and will use Peter. We did not tell anybody about the change. The fewer people who know the better. Sirius thinks Remus is the spy, and I agree with him. However, we do not know. We are not telling Albus (Dumbledore) about the switch because we do not think it is necessary. However, I wish we told him. WE do not know whether Remus is the spy or not.

I am really worried for you and Lily and for once, I am scared. Remember to live your life to the fullest and enjoy it.

If we die and Sirius does get sent to Azkaban we would prefer it for you to stay with Remus but we know that this would not be possible as he is a werewolf. That is why Sirius thinks he is the spy because werewolves are dark magical creatures. We would like it for you to stay with Severus Snape,
my worst enemy, rather than with the Dursleys. But I know Dumbledore would put you with the Dursleys.

Aimi, you are a good girl, and are very special because you are protected by yout own powerful brand of magic, Harry you have this magic too and between you, you are extremely powerful and will be able to survive if Voldemort turns on you and may be evne ablent to kill him.Good Luck and remember that if we are not with you your mother, (Lily) and I love you

Lots of love
Your Father
James Potter

James put the letter and into an envelope and wrote two names on to it. When Voldemort attacked Killing James and Lily. Harry and Aimi lived but each of them were left with scars Harry with a scar the shape of Lightning Bolt and Aimi a scar in the shape of a Rainbow. They signify Hope for the wizarding world, and you know the rest of the story.



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