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Author: helen  Story: A Letter to My Children  Chapter: Part Two
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Part two

Harry and Aimi Potter were fifth years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when they were called to go and speak to Professor Albus Dumbledore.

Albus Dumbledore had been looking in his office for anything he could use for evidence in Sirius Black's favour if he got caught, when he came across a letter addressed to Aimi and Harry in James Potter's characteristic handwriting. The document was starting to go yellow with age.

He sent for the Potter twins so that they could read it. If Sirius and Peter had really swapped and Peter was the Secret-Keeper, James would surely have written about it in a letter to his children. Harry and Aimi raced up to Dumbledore's office and they were handed the letter.

"Harry, Aimi, I was looking around my office trying to find documentation that may be useful to Sirius should he be caught and I came across an envelope. It was addressed to you so I thought it might be best if you read it first. If your father had indeed swapped Secret-Keepers, he would have written about it in a letter."

Harry and Aimi took it and read it, "Professor, it says that he would rather that we be in the care of someone called Severus Snape than stay with the Dursleys should something happen to him," Aimi replied.

"And it does mention the Secret-keeper secret keeper switch in it." Harry continued. "The date is also Halloween fourteen years ago, the day they died."

"Do you want to read the letter, Professor?" they asked together.

"Yes, oh and Severus Snape is Proffesor Snape, I would not have thought that James would have wanted you left with him. In order of preference, he would have wanted you to live with Sirius, Remus, if possible, Professor Snape, and then the Dursleys. I will speak to the professors and show them this letter. We will decide whether to take you out of the care of the Dursleys.


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