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Author: Jedi Boadicea (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Blood and Ink  Chapter: Year 1 - Part 2
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A/N: Yes, there was a HUGE delay between the first chapter and this one, but Iím afraid that posting for this story is going t

A/N: Yes, there was a HUGE delay between the first chapter and this one, but Iím afraid that posting for this story is going to remain very sporadic; Iíve got too many stories going at once! J



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† BLOOD AND INK

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †† Year 1 - Part 2



September 5th


Well, that was the first really interesting lesson we=ve had so far.


Is that so? And what lesson was this?


Astronomy. It=s one in the morning and we just got back from the tower. Every Tuesday night at midnight we=ll be on the tower, and it=s one of the classes that we don=t have to share with another house. At least we haven=t had any classes with the Gryffindors yet.


So then you haven=t had another run in with Potter.


No. But he=s always trying to get attention, even in the hallways. People are always talking about him and pointing. It=s disgusting.


And I=m sure you=d hate it if you were in his shoes.


The rest of my lessons have been all right. Herbology was just as boring as I thought it would be. They won=t even let us go into the green house with all the flesh eating plants.


How inconsiderate of them.


And I don=t like the Transfiguration teacher - McGonagall. She=s head of Gryffindor house, and it=s so obvious. For our first lesson we were changing matches into needles, and when Goyle tried to poke Crabbe with his, she took points off him. House points on the second day of term! She obviously favors her own house, and will clearly do anything to make Slytherin fall behind in the competition for the House Cup. But it doesn=t matter. We=ll win anyway.


By any means necessary, I=m sure.


It=s the winning that=s important, and I know we=ll win. Geoffery Baddock - he=s a seventh year Slytherin - is Head Boy this year, and he knows how to do his duty. But I don=t know about the rest of the first years. Pansy=s got all her annoying little friends tagging around behind her all the time, and I don=t think they have the proper sense of Slytherin pride. Some of the second years are just as bad. I shouldn=t have any problem setting them straight, though. It=s some of the older students I=m worried about.


And what exactly are you worried about? That they don=t have the proper Slytherin pride, or that they won=t just do whatever you tell them to?


Well... both. I guess. But they=ll do what I tell them to if they know what=s good for them. All it would take is one letter off to father and there would be all sorts of trouble. They all know that.


And you don=t mind that, do you? Hiding b-


I am NOT hiding behind ANYTHING. They KNOW that, because everyone in Slytherin knows that the Malfoys are purebloods centuries back, and they know the kind of power we have. They wouldn=t BE in Slytherin if they didn=t understand that.


You think that no Muggle-borns have ever been sorted into Slytherin? They have. All it takes to be a Slytherin is a certain way of thinking.


There aren=t any Mudbloods in Slytherin in my year. I know.


Yes, I imagine you already inquired.


Of course. You have to know what you=re dealing with.


Well, I=m sure you=re admirably prepared for all eventualities.


What are you talking about?


Never mind.


Fine. It=s late. I=m going to bed now.



September 6th




What=s unbelievable?


Our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, that=s what. I thought that Guide to Self Protection book was bad, but this is just stupid. He can=t even speak properly! How is he supposed to teach us anything about the Dark Arts?


What do you mean, he can=t speak properly?


He stutters. He stuttered through the whole lesson. It=s so bad that I don=t think Goyle even understood what he was saying. And Pansy accidentally dropped one of her books, and Quirrell jumped right into the air and almost screamed.


His name=s Quirrell, is it?


Professor Quirrell. Who ever made him a Professor? That=s what I=d like to know. All he did for the first lesson is talk about vampires, but I only think he did that because Blaise asked why the room smelled so bad.


And why does it smell so bad?


Because he=s got garlic all over the place. He said that he only has it there as an example for the class, but Blaise says that he heard that Quirrell got on the wrong side of a powerful vampire in Romania, and that he=s just trying to protect himself for when the vampire comes looking for him. He=s a real idiot. Vampires couldn=t come onto the school grounds. They=re undead, and they just can=t get in. Anyone who knows anything about Hogwarts would know that. Besides, I think it=s all a big lie. I don=t think Quirrell could have survived any kind of fight with a vampire. What would he do, stutter at it? I mean, Professor Flitwick kept going on and on about proper spell pronunciation, so I don=t know how Quirrell can even cast simple charms. Flitwick - now there=s another freak. He=s shorter than I am! Don=t we have ANY normal Professors? I=m going to start to miss Stevros, at this rate.


And I take it you still haven=t dealt with Professor Snape?


No. But we see him at every meal, up at the High Table. He looks really sour all the time.


Intimidating, is he?


I wouldn=t call him intimidating, exactly.


Of course you wouldn=t.


We have our first Potions lesson tomorrow, so we=ll just see. I










I swear, I have no idea why Goyle isn=t the size of a Quidditch pitch, considering the way he eats anything that stands still for more than two seconds. I got a package of sweets from home this morning, and of course he=s been begging for some all day. I finally gave him some just so he=ll leave off about it.


Dear mum baked you some biscuits, did she?


Mother? She=s never baked biscuits in her life. The House Elves sent these, probably. But it had to be mother=s idea. It=s good for image, getting packages at the Hall like that.


Ah yes. The Malfoy image. Your mother would be well-versed in that, I=m sure.


Of course she is.


And she taught you well, to have learned so young.


You can=t eat dinner with father every night and not learn about that kind of thing.


Yes, I=m sure he loves to hear himself talk.


Yeah. Well. Zabini=s challenging Crabbe to a game of Snap. I don=t think Crabbe realizes the kind of stakes Zabini puts on these things. If I don=t go stop him he=ll end up owing Blaise a month=s worth of bed making, and I can=t let that happen.


Of course not. Can=t let him go around making beds other than yours.






You=re not as stupid as you seem, sometimes.


You=re too kind.





September 7th


We had Potions today, and just forget anything bad I=ve ever said about Professor Snape. He=s amazing.


Is he, now?


He is. He=s the first decent teacher we=ve had, and a real Head of Slytherin house. He=s got all of his priorities sorted right, that=s for sure. And if he IS reporting back to father, it=s going to be nothing but good. He loved me.


Did he, now?


He told the whole class that I stewed my horned slugs perfectly. Well, of course I knew what I was doing. I didn=t spend hours suffering with stinky Stevros just to make a fool of myself with potion ingredients. But you know who really made a fool of himself?


Crabbe or Goyle?


Better. Potter.


Harry Potter?


Oh yes. He is SUCH a moron. Really, anyone who looks twice at him should be able to just see there=s nothing special about him at all. And Snape saw right through him - put him right in his place. It was great. Snape didn=t fawn over him just because he=s famous. He asked Potter some really easy questions, and Potter just sat there next to that beggar Weasley, looking like a real idiot. AIt don=t know, sir. I don=t know, sir.@ Does he know ANYTHING? The rumor is that he=s been raised by MUGGLES. Can you believe that? No wonder he turned out so stupid. Well, Snape didn=t put up with it. You should have seen it! AFame clearly isn=t everything.@ He=s really great.


He certainly sounds like a worthy head of house for Slytherin.


He is. He put ALL of those Gyrffindors down, not just Potter. There=s this girl with awful huge hair, she kept jumping up and down in her seat, trying to get Professor Snape=s attention to answer questions. I can=t imagine she really knew the answers. I think her name was Granger. I don=t recognize it. I=ll have to look into it.


What does it matter, if she=s not even in Slytherin?


You have to know your enemies.


Enemies? Taking your school rivalries a bit seriously, aren=t we? Then again, you=re a Malfoy. You=re always ready to take something to the next level.


I just need to know. There are probably all sorts of Muggle-borns in Gryffindor, of course. And then some who might as well be Squibs, like Longbottom. I swear, he=s even more of an idiot than Potter. He melted his cauldron. Our first lesson! We all had to stand up on our stools while Professor Snape cleaned the room. Longbottom got sent to the hospital wing because he had boils all over his face from the ruined potion. I think Snape should have just left him with the boils. I think he probably wanted to. He was furious. I know the Longbottoms are wizards generations back, and it=s really quite disgraceful that this Neville is such a Squib boy. Then again, I think I remember father making some comments once about the Longbottoms deserving some kind of bad luck or something. I don=t really remember, but I=m sure whatever they did that was stupid, this Neville is ten times stupider.


Stupider than Goyle, even?


Oh, I don=t know about that. But at least Goyle knows how to pick the right friends. I=m sure Potter will cozy up to Longbottom next, gathering up all the rejects. It will be great seeing Professor Snape putting Potter in his place all the time. I can=t wait till the next potions lesson. Hopefully Professor Snape will just keep taking points off Potter and Gryffindor.


He took points already? What did Potter do?


He was an idiot.


Professors are supposed to be alleviating idiocy, not punishing it.


Potter deserved it. And at this rate, Slytherin will win the House Cup for sure. We=ve won it seven years in a row now. Not even theRavenclaws came close last year, according to Geoffrey Baddock.


No one has ever been able to deny the Slytherin drive to dominate. Ambition can take you a long way.


Father always says that ambition is a virtue.


I=m sure your father has an interesting definition of virtue.


Why do you always talk like you know him?


The Malfoys pride themselves on upholding family traditions. Learn to understand one, and you know them all.


Yeah? Well, the Malfoys are at the top of the world. Better to be a Malfoy than a Longbottom. Or a Potter.


If that=s what you want to believe.


It=s true. And I need to go do my Potions homework. Let=s see how bad I can make Potter look. Not like that would be hard.



September 12th


Well, Crabbe and Goyle finally made themselves useful today.


Did the world stop?


It stopped for Everett Harrison, that=s for sure. I=m surprised he=s not passed out in the hospital wing.


Who is Everett Harrison? And which one hit him, Crabbe or Goyle?


Crabbe. I think Goyle=s still upset that he didn=t move fast enough. They really do think only with their fists or their stomachs. It=s pathetic, but useful. They did what they=re supposed to today. As for Harrison, he=s a third year, and he th-






I thought so. Internal politics.


Stop interrupting. I want to tell this.


Do tell.


The Harrisons haven=t ever been a really powerful family. They=re purebloods, but they haven=t got much money or magical talent. But Harrison has been walking around these past years thinking he=s in control of the younger students, like he=s got some kind of power. Well, I had to set him straight about that.


Tried to order you around, did he?


Yes. Idiot. He thinks far too much of himself.




I was sitting in the best chair by the fire in the common room, and he came over and told me to move so that he could sit there. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch.


I=m sure they did. You can=t show weakness at moments like that - they=re looking for it.


Now you really DO sound like father.


I.... you=re probably right.


So everyone stopped to watch, and I said AI=m not your House Elf, Harrison. You=d better watch your manners, if you have any.@


Not bad.


Yeah, that one came out pretty well. And he got really angry. His face went red and he started trying to look threatening. But really, why does he think I have Crabbe and Goyle around? They started cracking their knuckles. Then Harrison said, AJust who do you think you are?@ Honestly, does he have rocks in his head?


That was a rather unimaginative comeback.


Pathetic. And to top it off, he didn=t even give me time to say anything before moving like he was going to try to pull me out of my chair. But before his hand came close, Crabbe put a fist right in his jaw. He fell like a stone. It was really great. So he was lying on the ground, looking really dizzy, and I stood up and looked down at him and I said, AYou KNOW who I am, Harrison. And you can be sure that your family will hear about this.@


So have you written to your father about it already?


Not yet. I wanted to just tell someone about it first.


And you chose me? I=m so flattered.


Well, everyone else already saw it, didn=t they? And it=s just not the same gloating to Crabbe or Goyle, and I can=t gloat to Blaise, because that=s just too complicated. So don=t think you=re special or anything.


I wouldn=t dream.


But you=re right, it IS time to write to father now. I=ve been meaning to for days. He really needs to know about how awful some of these Professors are. And I can tell him that Professor Snape loves me. That should make him happy. At least I hope so.


Yes. I=m sure you do.


And I can ask him about that Gringotts break-in. He=s got to know something.


Someone broke into Gringotts? And lived?


I guess so. No one really knows what happened. They didn=t steal anything, because whatever was in the vault they got into had just been taken out that day. The Daily Prophet keeps saying that only Dark Wizards could have broken into Gringotts. I want to know what really happened, so that I can answer the questions people keep asking me. I hate not knowing. It makes me look bad. And if anyone should know about this, it=s father.


You=re very quick to make that connection. Do you know so much about your father=s activities then?


I know that father knows all sorts of things about what happens in the wizarding world. He always wants to know what everyone is doing, so he should know about this.


You=re probably quite right. Do tell me what you found out. I=m curious.


Fine. I=ll go write that letter now, then.




September 14th


All right, this is going to be quick because I have to go to Astronomy in a few minutes and I don=t want to be late.


Well. That=s very responsible of you.


It=s a good class. You don=t have to talk to anyone, you just get to look through your telescope at other planets and stuff. And tonight Professor Sinistra said she was going to show us a miniature recreation of a supernova, and I am not going to miss it.


Sounds like something not to be missed.


Right. So father wrote me back about the Gringotts thing, and you said you wanted to hear.


Yes, I did. What does he know?


I don=t know. He didn=t really say anything, but he probably knows more than he=s telling me. He does that all the time. It=s so frustrating. It=s like those rooms I=m not allowed to go in. When is he going to TELL me?


Don=t be so eager to learn, Draco. I=m sure he=s simply waiting until you=re older.


I=m old enough! I=m going to be an old man by the time he tells me!


Decrepit at the age of twelve, I=m sure.


No need to be sarcastic. You=d be frustrated too.


So did he tell you anything at all about the break-in?


Not really. He just complained about people, as usual. Mostly about the bank. He said, AYet another example of the deplorable state of disorganization and incompetence in which wizarding society finds itself in these times.@ I=m not exactly sure what he means, but


He means that he thinks he could run Gringotts better than the goblins can.


Well, he probably can. They=re just goblins, aren=t they?


Have you ever met a goblin outside a bank queue?




I didn=t think so.


But you know, I think he really doesn=t have any idea who broke into Gringotts. He would never tell me that, but usually he says something like, AThat is not for your friends to know.@ But he didn=t say anything like that this time. He just told me to keep up a good image but basically ignore everyone=s questions. I=m surprised he doesn=t know.


He=s not omniscient.


He=s not what?


He doesn=t know everything.


He knows about the important things. So I guess this isn=t really important. Nothing really got stolen, did it? Anyway, I have to go now. It=s time for Astronomy.



September 18th



Oh, this is rich. This is absolutely perfect. Tomorrow, Potter will be back with the dirty Muggles who raised him, and Weasley will have no friends, and they=ll have me to thank for it.


What? What=s going on?


I have to tell it from the beginning - you don=t want to miss any of this.


Apparently I don=t.


I guess I should start at breakfast. The post arrived, and I saw one of the owls fly down near Potter, which was weird, because he never gets any letters. I=m not surprised. I mean, who would WANT to write to him?


You know how often he gets letters. Spend an awful lot of time watching him, don=t you?


I have to know what he=s getting up to, because you never know when you might learn something good to use against people. Like today. I saw that owl come down, and I knew it couldn=t be for Potter, and of course I was right. It was for Longbottom, who was sitting next to Potter and Weasley. Didn=t I tell you? All the rejects together. Anyway, I saw that Longbottom got a package of some sort, so on the way out of the Hall I made sure to pass by their table to get a closer look. He was holding a Remembrall. You know what a Remembrall is?


Yes, I know what a Remembrall is.


Well, he was holding it and it was bright red, of course. I=m sure he probably forgot his brain somewhere. That would explain a lot. I heard him talking as I was walking up, and he said his GRAN sent it to him. He is such a little baby, getting presents from Gran.


And hasn=t your Gran ever sent you presents, then?


Grandmother sent me a book on curses for my birthday. She doesn=t send me stupid things like Remembralls. So anyway, Longbottom was holding his bright red Remembrall, looking stupid and confused, and as I walked past I grabbed it from his hand. I thought maybe I=d just hold onto it and make Longbottom beg to have it back or something, but of course Potter and Weasley jumped up to Longbottom=s rescue, looking like they wanted a fight. I=d just like to see them try. Crabbe and Goyle would flatten them.


And what about you?


What about me?


How would you fare in the fight?


Why would I get in the fight? That=s what Crabbe and Goyle are for.


Somehow there=s a kind of ingenious infallibility to your arguments.


Fine. So Potter and Weasley jumped to their feet, but before any of us could say anything, Professor McGonagall showed up. Didn=t I tell you she favors her Gryffindors? She came running to protect them and of course Longbottom whined about his Remembrall, so I had to drop it. Anyone else would have lost that thing as fast as they could, but Longbottom must just carry it around with him in case he forgets to go to the toilet or something, because he still had it when we went to our flying lesson this afternoon.


You=ve started your flying lessons already?


Didn=t I tell you? Today was our first flying lesson, and of course we had to take it with the stupid Gryffindors. As if the lesson itself wasn=t bad enough.


What=s the problem with flying lessons?


I already KNOW how to fly.I don=t need some crazy old witch to teach me how to ride my broom. Can you believe she told me I didn=t know how to grip my handle properly? Maybe they gripped brooms differently five hundred years ago when SHE learned how to ride, but anyone knows that riding styles are modernized now.


Modernized. Of course.


Yes. I know how to ride a broom. I=ve been riding brooms my whole life, and I don=t need Madam Hooch to teach me how. But it will be worth it going to these lessons just to see the Gryffindors make fools of themselves. That girl with the horrible hair - Granger - I could hear her talking during breakfast going on and on about flying tips she=d learned out of some book, but she couldn=t even get her broom to jump up. And Longbottom was even worse, but that wasn=t a surprise. He barely got on his broom and totally lost control. He just started going up and up and Madam Hooch was yelling at him but he couldn=t stop. It was so funny.


I=m sure he thought so.


Well, he didn=t have time to think about it much, because he fell off his broom and hit the ground like a big lump and broke his wrist. Hooch rushed him off to the hospital wing, and as soon as she was gone we all just started laughing.


Somehow I doubt the Gryffindors were laughing.


No, they=re just boring lumps like Longbottom. Parvati Patil even told me to shut up. Can you believe that?




You know, I used to think Parvati was all right. The Patils are an old pureblood family, and Parvati and her sister have always come to society dinners and stuff. Her sister ended up in Ravenclaw, which is okay I suppose, but Parvati got sorted into Gryffindor, and you know what? She deserves it, if she=s going to stick up for people like Longbottom. And when she told me to shut up, Pansy said, ASticking up for Longbottom? Never thought YOU=D like fat little cry babies, Parvati.@ I guess Pansy was thinking the same thing I was. She and Parvati usually had to sit next to each other at dinners and stuff. They never liked each other much, though. I guess Pansy has good sense, in the end.


I=m sure your mother would be happy to hear you say so.


Yeah, she=s always bugging me about Pansy. It=s really annoying.


So you=ve said. But you=re living in a modernized society now, aren=t you, so you needn=t worry about all that nonsense.


Right. Now let me get back to my story. So after Madam Hooch and Longbottom left, I saw Longbottom=s Remembrall lying in the grass where he fell. I ran over and grabbed it, and then guess what happened.


It glowed red because of your mislaid sense of compassion?


No. You are so weird. What happened was that Potter tried to play hero. AGive that here, Malfoy.@ Like I was going to do anything he told me to. He is NOT the big hero, just a dumb git with glasses. And I SAW him making faces at Weasley when Hooch tried to tell me I didn=t know what I was doing with my broom. Well, I decided to show Potter that I know exactly what I=m doing with a broom. So I said, AI think I=ll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to collect - how about - up a tree?@ I grabbed my broom and I took off.


Somehow I have a feeling that you weren=t supposed to be flying without a teacher=s supervision.


Hooch said we=d be expelled if we touched our brooms, but no one is going to expel me. Father is on the board of governors. The Malfoys give money to the school every year. There=s nothing to worry about.


That=s comforting.


Yes. So I flew toward some trees, making sure to put in a good spin and hover, so that everyone could see exactly how to fly properly. I shouted back, ACome and get it, Potter!@ I didn=t really think he=d have the guts to follow me, but he actually grabbed his broom and took off too. At the beginning of the lesson I heard him telling some Gryffindor boy - Finnigan, I think his name was - that he=d never flown before. But he was lying. He had to be lying. Because he knew how to fly already.


Or perhaps he=s just naturally gifted.


The only thing Potter is naturally gifted at is walking around like a twat in need of better glasses. He was lying, I tell you, because he flew right after me.


Not at all according to your plan.


I know! Then he tried making some big talk again and


Like what?


It=s not important. He was just being an idiot. So I decided to see if we could get two Gryffindors down in one lesson. I threw Longbottom=s stupid ball and said,ACatch it if you can, then!@


And did he catch it?


Well.... yeah. But it was just a lucky catch.


Much like his >lucky= survival skills when faced with Dark Wizards. He=s a very >lucky= boy, isn=t he?


That=s all it is. It=s just luck. I could have caught the ball just as easy. I=m an excellent Quidditch player, you know.


Yes, so you=ve said.


Anyway, while Potter was trying to catch the thing, I=d already landed. A good thing I did, too, because just after I did I saw McGonagall coming across the lawn. And this is the great part C It doesn=t matter that Potter saved Longbottom=s dumb ball, because McGonagall saw him flying when we weren=t supposed to, and she was furious.


I thought you said she always favored the Gryffindors?


Yeah, well, she couldn=t ignore this. You should have heard her. AHARRY POTTER! Never - in all my time at Hogwarts -@ The look on Potter=s face was priceless.


So what happened to him?


Weasley tried to pin it all on me, of course, the prat. But McGonagall didn=t listen to him. She took Potter off somewhere, and I don=t know what happened after that, but she was really furious. It=s probably too much to hope for that he got expelled, though, because I saw him again at dinner. When I made fun of him about it, he got all shirty, so I figured it was about time to bring him down a bit.


And just how did you do that?


I challenged him to a Wizard=s duel. Tonight at midnight in the trophy room.


Impressive. And just what are you going to do - make mushrooms grow out of his nose?


Oh no. I=m not going to do anything.




After dinner, I found Filch - he=s the caretaker, a really nasty old man with a horrible nasty cat who follows him around everywhere. He=s always trying to catch the students doing things they=re not supposed to. So I just told him that I overheard some students talking about meeting at midnight in the trophy room.




I know THAT word.




I thought it was quite a good idea myself. And even if Potter didn=t get in trouble with McGonagall for flying, then he=ll really be in trouble now. This time tomorrow he=ll be out of Hogwarts for sure. Maybe Weasley will get expelled too. That would be perfect. It=s almost midnight now.


And you=re safe in your bed. Have you ever considered




Can I finish?


No. I don=t want you to ruin my mood. I=m going to go tell Zabini. He=ll appreciate this.


I=m sure he will. And I=ll say one thing, if you=ll let me.




It was a plan worthy of a Malfoy.








I don=t think you meant that as a compliment.


Didn=t I?





You=re a smart boy, Draco.


Of course I am.


Of course you are.


You are seriously bizarre. I=m going now. I=ll write later to tell you all about Potter being expelled.


You do that.

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