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Author: James Bow (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: The Butterfly Effect  Chapter: Prologue: That Was Your Mother
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The Butterfly Effect, by James Bow

The Butterfly Effect, by James Bow

Prologue: That Was Your Mother (lyrics and music by Paul Simon, 1986)

Wesley took the stage.

He cleared his throat. "Can everybody hear me?" His voice carried across the crowded hall without the help of a microphone. The audience yelled and whistled. Wesley flushed red beneath his brown-blond hair.

"Before we start, I have some advice to give you," he said. "First of all, when you are invited to a bachelor's party organized by Fred and George Weasley: by all means, go. They know how to throw a party."

Murmurs of agreement carried across the tables and the dance floor.

"However, when Fred and George suggest games around the time of your fifth round of Butterbeer, that is your signal to pack up and head home."

The audience chuckled.

"The worst thing," said Wesley, "the absolute worst thing you could say to such a suggestion is, and I quote: 'Sure, why not?'"

The audience laughed. At the center of the head table, Ron called out in his tuxedo, "You tell them, Wesley!" Hermione, in white beside him, laughed.

Wesley harrumphed. "I would like to thank Uncle Fred and George for somehow forcing me on stage to sing the first song of the night."

Behind him, Fred and George chuckled. "Just sing like you did at the party," said Fred.

"You'll do just fine," said George.

"I would like to thank Aunt Ginny for roping Fred and George to play the accompaniment. Don't ask me how she did it."

"Don't thank her," said Fred. "Thank your sweetheart, Parvati." He fingered his accordion.

"How she got that blackmail material on us, I'll never know," added George, scowling at his banjo.

At the head table, her cane set to picket between her and Harry, Ginny smirked.

"And I would like to thank Neville for joining us on the saxophone." Wesley turned to him. "How did you get roped into this?"

"I lost the same game you did," Neville muttered.

Wesley frowned. "I don't remember that."

"It was some party."

Wesley turned to the back of the stage. "And Draco on drums. Same party?"

Draco Malfoy popped up from behind the drum set and nodded. He sat down again.

"So," Wesley turned back to the audience, "I'm here to take my humiliation like a man, for the entertainment of Ron and Hermione Weasley. And I know just the song. I'd now like to call Ron and Hermione to the dance floor."

Ron stood up and offered his hand to Hermione. She took it. They stepped through the tables, Hermione's white skirts brushing the carpet, until they reached the center of the square of wooden flooring. There, they stood, taking up the position of a waltz.

Wesley cast his eyes heavenward. "As God is my witness, I'll never sing karaoke ever again." Then he turned to his band and snapped his fingers. "And a one, a two, a one-two-three-four:"

Fred, George and Draco kicked up a quick beat that set the audiences' feet a-tapping. Wesley followed it on his fingers, and turned to sing.

"A long time ago, yeah
Before you was born dude
When I was still single
And life was great
I held this job as a traveling salesman
That kept me moving from state to state

Ron and Hermione stumbled apart, shaken by the fast dance beat. But Hermione didn't stop. Grabbing Ron's hand, she swung him into the music. Ron caught on a step later. Wesley smiled, and launched into the chorus.

Well I'm standing on the corner of Lafayette
State of Louisi-ann
Wondering where a city boy could go
To get a little conversation
Drink a little red wine
Catch a little bit of those Cajun girls
Dancing the Zydeco

Et toi! shouted George. Neville launched into a solo on his saxophone. His fingers danced over the keys. Others were stepping to the dance floor, Professor McGonagall was dragging a protesting Snape out of his seat.

Wesley smirked and turned to sing again.

"Along came a young girl
Shes pretty as a prayer book
Sweet as an apple, on Christmas day
I said good gracious, can this be my luck
If thats my prayer book
Lord let us pray

Well I'm standing on the corner of Lafayette
State of Louisi-ann
Wondering what a city boy could do
To get her in a conversation
Drink a little red wine
Dance to the music of Clifton Chenier
The King of the Bayou

The floor filled up, but everyone gave Ron and Hermione a wide berth. The two were dancing like Fred and Angelina at the famous Yule Ball eight years back.

Wesley launched into the last verse.

"Well, that was your mother
And that was your father
Before you was born, dude
When life was great
You are the burden of my generation
I sure do love you
Lets get that straight

Well I'm standing on the corner of Lafayette
Across the street from The Public
Heading down to the Lone Star Café
Maybe get a little conversation
Drink a little red wine
Standing in the shadow of Clifton Chenier
Dancing the night away

Draco finished with a heavy beat on drum and cymbals. Accordion and saxophone joined in for the coda, and the music ended with a flourish. The room stopped and gave the band an ovation. Even Ginny struggled out of her seat, with the help of Harry and a cane, to cheer her nephew.

Fred, George and Neville bowed low. Wesley nodded at the applause. He caught Ron and Hermione's eye, and waved. A sad smile touched his lips.

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