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Author: Caderyn  Story: Hogwarts Diaries  Chapter: Angelina's Journal
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I’d like to thank my beta, Juliane. You’re very detailed and perceptive! I’ve actually followed most of your suggestions and I’ve added a sentence or two. Thanks a lot!

This story takes place in Angelina’s 7th year

Angelina Johnson’s Journal

Dear Journal,

Something *really* humiliating happened to me today. I don’t even think that I can write it here. But I’ll probably look back on it in a couple of years and have a good laugh.

I had just finished taking a shower after Quidditch practice when I saw Fred sitting on one of the couches in the common room. He was wearing the olive-coloured sweater that I had given him for Christmas. Damn, did he look good in that! The olive really brought out the green in his eyes.

But at that time, I couldn’t see his eyes because he was wearing a blindfold. No, it wasn’t a blindfold exactly. It was one of those things that Muggles get from airplanes. It seemed like he was sleeping.

I looked around. There wasn’t anyone in sight. Everyone was probably having dinner and I knew that Katie was still in the shower. She and George had come in pretty late; they probably stopped to fool around somewhere. Anyway, there wasn’t anyone there besides Fred. I felt like doing something daring.

So I went up to him and jumped on his lap. Before he could say anything, I pressed my lips to his. He was startled at first but he quickly kissed me back. It got pretty intense and, well, I don’t really want to write all the details here. Let’s just say it involved some tongue action. After about ten minutes of solid lip-locking, we broke apart for air. That was one hell of a kiss! I felt pretty proud of myself because Fred and I don’t really do public display of affection. True, the common room was deserted, but it was still a public place…

But before I got too excited, Fred said, ‘Damn, Katie, you sure kiss good!’

Katie? Did he just say Katie?! I was about to throw a fit when I realised it.


Fred, who was apparently George, tore away his blindfold. ‘Angelina?!?’ he said equally as horrified.

As if it couldn’t get more embarrassing, someone called from across the room, ‘What are you two doing?!?’

I turned towards the source of the voice. Ginny. And she’d seen the whole thing. Her tone was very accusatory.

And I couldn’t blame her, considering my position. I was still sitting on George’s lap with my hands on his shoulders.

As if a bucket of ice-cold water had been splashed on us, George and I leapt up, standing as far apart as possible.

‘I thought he was Fred!’

‘I thought she was Katie!’

We shouted at the same time, pointing our fingers at each other. Ginny, who realised what had happened, started laughing, probably at our horrified faces.

‘Can’t you tell me apart from your own boyfriend?’ George started.

‘Me? What are you doing with Fred’s sweater, anyway?’ I responded.

‘All of my clothes are in the laundry. I can’t exactly walk around bare-chested, now can I? And anyway, Fred’s always wearing my clothes and Katie never jumped on him!’ A look of mock worry spread across his face and he added, ‘Not that I know of…’

‘Well, can’t you tell that I wasn’t Katie?’

‘What can I say? You smell like her! She always smells like you do right now. How was I to know that you’d pounced on me without saying a word?’ He then added with a cheeky smile, ‘that was very sexy by the way. My brother is one lucky bloke!

True, I had used Katie’s shampoo and soap because mine had run out. ‘Well, I borrowed her soap. What were you doing with a blindfold on your face, anyway?’ I was starting to get amused at the whole situation even though my face was positively burning.

‘I was waiting for Katie to go to dinner. I thought I’d catch some sleep while waiting. I found this on Lee’s bed. The common room’s too bright.’

Ginny was still lying on the floor, cackling, ‘the expression … on your faces … was … priceless …’

‘Oh, shut up Ginny. Go find Haaaaarrryyyy and give him a little snog. I’m sure he’d like that…’

Ginny turned bright red and went really quiet. Aww, how cute is that? Ginny fancies Harry! Well, I guess that wasn’t such a big surprise since Fred has already told me about it. He said that one day he ‘accidentally’ broke the charm on her diary and took a ‘little’ peek. Yeah, right. I yelled at him and made him swear (on his solemn pact as ‘mischief makers’) that he wouln’t read her diary ever again. I know something about being fourteen and I wouldn’t have been impressed if my big brother had read my diary. I don’t actually have a brother but I’d surely hate it if Isabella read this. Come to think of it, I’d just die if Fred read this. Note to self: change the charm on this journal.

George turned to me. ‘Well then, there is a very important lesson in all of this.’

‘What’s that, George?’ I tried to calm down so that I didn’t look like a newly-ripened tomato.

‘That you should NEVER EVER use your twin brother’s clothes, ESPECIALLY not his green-coloured sweater that his girlfriend apparently bought him. That blindfold and Gryffindor common room just don’t mix. That you should never pash someone who you can’t see even though you’re sure that it’s your girlfriend. That I can get Angelina to snog me if I wear Fred’s clothes…’

‘Well, you are twins,’ added Ginny.

‘…And that Fred is one lucky dog!’ George finished.

I rolled my eyes. ‘Fine, but we do not tell anyone about this. It’s too embarrassing! Ginny? George? Do you guys hear me?’

‘Oh, I don’t know, Angelina. Fred might be inspired to wear a blindfold in the common room since that seems to work for you…’

‘No! I mean it. None of you tells anyone about this. Ginny?’

‘Ok, I promise, but I want to know. Which of my brothers kisses better?’

I pretended to consider it for a moment. ‘Fred. No doubt about it.’

‘Angelina! I’m hurt! If I could say so myself, that was one hell of a…’

I shot him a look. ‘George…’

‘But the way you move your ton…’


Ginny was now staring wide-eyed at us. George finally dropped his goofy grin and tried to put on his most serious face. ‘Alright, I’m kidding. I won’t tell Fred. Well, Miss Johnson, it has been my pleasure to have made your acquaintance, err, I mean, lips.’ George extended his hand.

You can’t get mad at the Weasley twins. I flashed him a smile and shook his hand, ‘Likewise, Mr. Weasley.’

Just then, Katie bounded down the stairs and spotted us. ‘What have you three been up to?’

‘Nothing, ’ Ginny, George, and I said at the same time.

So yeah, that was my story. Pretty embarrassing, don’t you think? The one thing that I couldn’t figure out was why I didn’t notice that the kiss was different. Just because they looked the same doesn’t mean they kiss the same, does it? Dating a twin is just so confusing. But I guess I did learn something today. Now, I know what Katie’s been raving about!!

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