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Author: Caderyn  Story: Hogwarts Diaries  Chapter: The Diary of Lavender Brown
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The Diary of Lavender Brown

The Diary of Lavender Brown


5th year at Hogwarts

Dear Diary,

Have I ever told you how much I hate boys??? Well, I don’t actually hate them, but they can be so blind sometimes!! Have I not put myself out there for ages?? I mean, my makeup's always flawless (Parvati and I found this make-up charm in one of the books that just works wonders!) and my clothes always show off my best curves (well, whenever I can anyway, since I have to wear the dreadful Hogwarts uniform to school). I'm an available, attractive girl but he's just not biting!


Yep, I'm still talking about Seamus Finnigan. I don't know why I fancy him so much. I mean, he's not exactly handsome (compared to someone like Harry – the strong and silent type with captivating green eyes and a sexy lightening bolt scar on his forehead – yummy!!), but every time I look at him, I just want to grab him and pash him right there. I think I've bored Parv to death by my constant chattering over Seamus. But she's just as bad as me!! She can’t stop talking about Dean!! Well at least she's getting somewhere with Dean. At this very moment, they are flirting rather ferociously for all the Gryffindors to see! Parv's hand is on his head, messing up his hair; his is pinching her cheeks. You go girl!!


Still, I am frustrated with Seamus. Why doesn't he ask me out yet? I mean he always talks to me more than any other girl. Hermione reckons that I should just “put a sock in it and ask him out”. I think she's annoyed at our ‘girly’ talks.  Humph! I don't expect her to understand anyway. I mean, she wouldn't know what love is even if it's yelling at her face in the form of a tall redhead with blue eyes (yes, I am talking about Ron. When are those two going to get together anyway?? Parv and I checked their love horoscopes the other night and it said that January will be a good month for love since Venus will ascend on both of their signs. Sigh, don't you just LOVE divination??).


Anyway, Seamus looks bored. He's biting his oh-so-adorable lips! He's miffed because Dean’s ignoring him to talk to Parv. Ooh!! He's looking my way. *Sigh*, his eyes make me melt. I'd give anything to snog him right now. Wait! He's heading this way. *Gasp*, he's coming right at me. Ok, flirt button on. I'll give you the full report later. Wish me luck!


Later that night

Dear Diary,

Yes, yes, yes!! I've got a date with Seamus!! I'm so happy right now that I don't care that Hermione's giving me death stares from her bed. Yes, Hermione, I know that it's 1 a.m. and you need your beauty, err… brainy sleep, but this is too important!!


So how did I do it?? First I kept my cool by pretending not to notice him until he got really close. Then I gave him my sweetest smile and casually said hi. He sat down in front of me and asked what I was doing. I just said homework (I suppose I was sort of doing homework… but naturally, I'd rather be talking to you, diary, than doing McGonagall's impossible essay!). We talked about school for a while.


He is so cute! I don't know what it is about him. Maybe it's the ol’ Irish charm. All the time he was talking about Transfiguration (I think!), I couldn't stop staring at him! But he didn't seem to notice though. *Sigh* he's so adorable. His bangs kept on sliding from behind his ears across his forehead. Ooh! I had to bite my lips to stop me from snogging him right then and there.


After several minutes, we sort of ran out of things to say. So I casually glanced at Parvati. She was sitting VERY close to Dean. She told me later that she was watching him draw. Her hair kept on falling in front of Dean’s face every time she leaned in to point to something. *Gasp* Dean was smelling her hair! He looked at her with this dazed look on her face. *Sigh* I wished Seamus looked at me that way. 


I said to Seamus, ‘They look rather cozy together, don't they?’


Seamus frowned. ‘Inseparable, lately. I don't know what's wrong with Dean. He stopped lecturing me about West Ham to talk about Parvati! Honestly! How would I know what type of cologne she likes?’

I stifled a giggle. Boys. Like I said before, they can be so blind. I hate to break it to him, but I couldn't resist, ‘Well, maybe Dean, um, you know, sort of, um, fancies her?’ 


Seamus looked deflated. ‘I suppose so. He is taking her to Hogsmeade this weekend.’ (Oooh!! So happy for Parv!!! I interrogated her later that night and she said he just basically asked her up front if she'd like to go with him to Hogsmeade. Not very creative but it made Parv really happy). ‘I get the feeling that they don't want me along. I'll probably have to tag along with RonHarry or Neville.’


I don't know where I got the guts (heck, I am a Gryffindor!), but I quickly said to him, ‘Well, if you want to, I'll keep you company. I mean if Parv's going with Dean, then I'll probably be alone anyway…’


He looked at me with this weird expression and then smiled! ‘Are you sure? Because I was thinking of dropping by the Shrieking Shack…’


‘Ahh, you can’t scare me that easily, Mr. Flannigan.’


‘OK then. I guess you're coming with me.’


‘It’s a date.’


‘Well, I guess it is.’ Ooh! Good sign!! He flashed me one of his charming Irish smiles. ‘Do you want to go have dinner now? I'm starving and I don't think those guys will be finishing anytime soon.’ Dean was now drawing something on Parvati's hand while Parv was grinning senselessly.


So yeah, I've got dinner and a date!! I could kiss Parvati and Dean for this!! I'm so excited!! I can’t wait! Let's see, today is Wednesday. So I've got three days to get everything ready. Ooh, I should check my chart for Saturday! All right, I better go now. Hermione's grunting in her bed and I don't want to get on her bad side because I still haven't done that Transfiguration essay!



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