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Author: Jenni Snake  Story: Star Song (for Sirius Black)  Chapter: Default
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Star Song
(for Sirius Black)

This stone cave
is like a premature grave
but at least it’s not a cell like the last
hell hole that ate your soul whole
for twelve years
while you cried dry tears for all but one friend
a loyal fiend who makes your blood boil
it must have been fate that made you wait
stewing in base hate
entranced by vengeance
waiting for the chance
to make it tit-for-tat with that lying rat…

Then the moment came to face the pain all over again
and a new shame:
you took the bait and he escaped
free again
forced you to flee again
but with a new claim on true hope
and you will cope, for it wasn’t all in vain:

You regained the trust of an old friend
(that wound will mend)
who sends you sincere strength
which you’ll need at length
to dissipate the fear and hate before it’s far too late
so you might move on
get done and prove them all wrong
and most of all stay strong…

… for the other life you’ve won back
your godson
to keep him on track while his world comes undone
make sure it doesn’t collapse
you both have

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