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Author: Firebolt909 (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: The Captain  Chapter: Chapter Two: A New Rule
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Chapter Two: A New Rule

"Do you want to know what I'm going to do to you when this is over?" Ginny seductively hissed as she whizzed past Harry. Harry squirmed nervously on his Firebolt and dropped the Quaffle he was holding. Ginny neatly snatched it up and scored.

"Way to go Ginny!" shouted Bill, who was Keeper for her team. Bill was taking a week's vacation and he, Harry, Ginny, and Ron were all playing a game of two on two in the small glen behind the Burrow. Ginny and Harry were the Chasers and Bill and Ron were the Keepers. Right now the score was 60 to 10, since every time Harry had managed to get the Quaffle, Ginny would say or do something totally outlandish and make him drop the Quaffle or totally miss the goal.

The play resumed, and this time, Ginny blew Harry a kiss as she whispered, "You are just so hot on that Firebolt! You have no idea how bad I want to kiss you."

Harry shifted uncomfortably and wished fervently that the cushioning charm provided a bit more cushioning. He threw the Quaffle straight to Bill, who caught it one handedly.

"That's not fair," Harry cried out peevishly. "She's cheating!"

All three players stopped in mid-air and looked at him. Harry suddenly felt very childish and stupid.

"I am not!" Ginny yelled, smiling.

Ron and Bill both flew up to Harry, with identical expressions of outrage on their faces.

"Are you accusing my sister of cheating?" asked Ron, very quietly.

Harry swallowed. "She keeps on. . . on . . . saying stuff," he finished lamely, feeling his cheeks heat up. He could see Ginny clutching onto her Nimbus Two Thousand and One as she tried not to laugh out loud. The little minx was enjoying this.

"What does she keep on saying?" Bill asked.

"Yes, Harry. Do tell my brothers what you think I was saying," Ginny laughed.

Harry's emerald eyes narrowed at the red-headed fireball. She was absolutely loving this.

"Never mind," he bit out, frowning at Ginny who merely stuck out her tongue and winked.

Ginny feigned tears, "Oh, I don't think I can play now. The only man I've ever loved is accusing me of cheating! The shame of it all!" Ron and Bill scowled at Harry, who was wearing a scowl of his own at Ginny.

Play continued, with Harry in control of the Quaffle. Ginny zoomed in right along side Harry, who saw her but was too busy trying to score to pay any attention to her. Ginny suddenly reached out, grabbed Harry's head, and kissed him senseless right in the center of the pitch. When she released him, he had to hold on the Firebolt with both hands. The Quaffle had long since slipped from his fingers.

"Foul! Foul!" roared Ron, seeing what had happened. "What the hell did you just do, Ginny? Ew!"

Harry could hear Hermione, who was watching the game from below burst out laughing.

"Honestly, Ginny!" said Bill as he came over. "That's not in the rule books, you know that! No snogging allowed!"

"I'm sorry," Ginny apologized, looking not very sorry at all. "I just thought he needed a good kiss. And there really isn't a rule regarding snogging on way or another. I pretty much like it this way, don't you Harry?"

Harry nodded eagerly, despite the glare coming from Ron.

"Why aren't you yelling foul, Harry! She's trying to take advantage of you!" Ron shouted angrily at Harry. "Quit looking like you're enjoying this!" Ron was very competitive when it came to the sport, even though it was only the four of them playing.

"I am enjoying this! And you heard her, Ron," Harry replied calmly. "She thought I needed a good kiss!"

Ron sputtered, turning red at the ears. Bill chuckled and Ginny just smiled at Harry.

"Oh, you're just mad because no one wants to kiss you," Ginny said to Ron. Ron's ears now blended in with his hair, they were so red.

"Why don't we just call it a day since our Chasers can't manage to keep their hands off one another," suggested Bill diplomatically. Ron's eyes were still very large and he looked as if he couldn't decide who he wanted to yell at: Harry or Ginny. He settled for doing neither and floated down to Hermione, who was ready to soothe his male pride by giving him a kiss.

Bill, Ginny, and Harry burst out laughing. "I do hope for poor Harry's sake that you don't play like that when the season starts, especially as the new captain," Bill said. "You have to set the example for the rest of the team, and you can't have them all trying to snog their opponents during the game."

Ginny blushed and chortled, "As captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, I have the privilege of making new rules. Rule number two: snogging is permitted when the captain feels it is necessary to win the game. Or when she just feels like it," Ginny said, throwing Harry a look. She laughed and continued, "It would make for a pretty interesting game, though wouldn't it? Peter Byrne, that captain for Ravenclaw, is sort of cute. And I'd pay a million galleons to see Harry kiss Malfoy." She laughed even harder as Harry turned a spectacular shade of red.

Harry lunged for her and called out, "You're going to pay for that one!" Ginny squealed as she was lifted off of her Nimbus and placed in front of Harry, who took off like lightning.


They landed in the small meadow nearby, Harry placing Ginny gently down onto the soft, sweetly smelling grass and plopping down next to her, stretching out his long frame while she laid her head on his chest.

"Hey Harry," she said softly after a short while.

"Mmm?" he replied, drowsy from the sun and the earlier play.

"Why did you and Ron make me captain?"

Startled at the question, Harry raised his head to look at her thoughtfully. "Well, it just seemed like you were the best one out of the three of us," he said truthfully. "I mean, you were always the one to push us to the limits during practices, even Fred and George looked to you. Why?"

Ginny sighed. "I don't want everyone to think that I got made captain just because I'm related to half the team and dating the Seeker."

"Well, you are related to half the team, or you were at least for a while. And the Seeker is madly in love with you, but anyone that's seen you fly knows why you were made captain, and that's because you are damn good," Harry said, giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

"I love you too," Ginny smiled up at him.

"You should, especially after I let you get away with those little stunts you pulled today."

"Admit it, you loved every minute of it," Ginny giggled.

"Nope. If I admitted it, you probably won't be tempted to do it again."

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