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Author: ChessQueen  Story: Halloween, Hope, Heart, Humiliation, and Harry  Chapter: Default
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Halloween, Hope, Heart, Humiliation, and Harry



Halloween, Hope, Heart, Humiliation, and Harry


          “This year we will be having a Halloween feast and ball. This will take place from 5:00pm on Halloween  to 6:00am the following morning. At about 5:00am we will have votes for best costume, best dancer, bravest, worst costume, best heart, Halloween hoper, and last but not least Halloween humiliation. You cannot vote for yourself. Also,   it will be a costume party. You don’t need to wear a costume but I believe it will be more fun if you do,” Dumbledore said calmly,  looking at a thousand awed faces.


          Ginny watched as he sat down and Professor McGonagall got up. “This event is being held in memory of Cedric Diggory who died last year during the fourth and final task of the Triwizard Tournament. So at midnight we will stop everything for exactly one minute. We will sit in silence and think about all of Cedric’s accomplishments, hopes, family, and friends.” Professor McGonagall paused briefly to look at the Hufflepuffs who all wore mournful expressions. “Then,” she continued, “we will play his favorite song sung by the Weird Sisters. Now since this is such short notice, and you couldn’t possibly have brought a costume with you to Hogwarts, we will take a special trip to Hogsmeade. Just this once, all grades may attend the trip. You can only get candy and costumes. Nothing else,” Professor McGonagall added eying Fred and George.  


          “What?” they asked innocently. The whole Gryffindor table burst into laughter.


          McGonagall glared and then continued, “As I said, you may only get costumes and candy. If you get anything else you will be punished. So absolutely no funny business. Thank you.”


          “What evil plot should we carry out my dear Forge?”


          “I daresay Gred, we should really spook them!”


          “I must agree dear Forge!”


          “Really you two! Instead of starting out by planning the deed you should figure out a costume. You wouldn’t want to be caught,” Ginny giggled.


“Well what do you suggest dear Ginny,” the twins replied.


          “Try a Hogwarts toilet seat. Then you can send your costumes to me!” Ginny retorted.


          “What?” the twins replied in confusion.


          “Remember at the start on Ron’s first year you said you would send me a Hogwarts toilet seat. So where is my seat?”


          “Will do!” they replied through mischievous grins.



Hogsmeade: Costumes for Spookers


“Do you have anything for four galleons?” Ginny asked a tall, female, ghost who was sitting behind the counter of Costumes for Spookers.


“Yeah, we have one,” replied the witch without looking away from her magazine.


“Can I see it?” Ginny replied.


“Fine,” replied the witch as she walked into a backroom. She returned two minutes later with a long white dress. Ginny stared at it confused. “It’s a trans robe. It allows the wearer to transfigure into someone else.” 


“Oh!” Ginny replied. She thought for a minute. She really wanted to kiss Harry but he liked Cho. So if she dressed up like Cho she could kiss Harry, no harm done. “I’ll take it!” she replied mischievously.


“Here you go,” the lady replied. Ginny turned around and walked out the door with her package just as Colin walked up to the counter. “What do you want?”


“Can I have the same thing she had?” Colin asked. He wanted to be just like his hero for the party. He wanted to be Harry Potter!  The lady walked back out with a similar package. “Thank you!” Colin said as he threw four galleons on the counter and walked out.  As he was leaving he saw Harry and Ron purchase costumes that looked like 70’s flares, afros, and orange shirts.  



Halloween: Getting Ready


Ginny looked at herself in the mirror. “Wow!” She gasped. She ran a finger through her black hair and adjusted her Ravenclaw robes. Ginny giggled then twirled around to get a better look at herself. Looking at her watch she quickly took the gown off and ran down the stairs.


As she reached the common room she saw only a few first years. “Darn,” she  mumbled. She had been hoping to catch a glimpse of Harry’s costume. “Oh well,” Ginny mumbled and ran out of the common room.


As soon as she was out she ran straight for Moaning Myrtle’s  Bathroom. The door stood tall and looked forbidding with its Out of Order sign but Ginny paid no attention. Instead she ran in and slipped on the costume. Giving herself a mischievous grin in a cracked mirror Ginny dashed to the great Hall.


Halloween: Great Hall


Ginny dashed through the doors just as the Weird Sisters began playing their new song, Sugar Quill Spook. Looking round Ginny spotted Harry standing alone in the middle of the floor. “Obviously lost Ron,” she  mumbled and began to walk across the dance floor. She was walking so fast that she accidentally ran into two 70’s guys in afros, flares, and orange shirts.


“Sorry, “ she  replied and continued her course toward Harry. “Hi Harry!” she squealed stopping beside him.


“Hello Cho,” he said facing her.  This was her chance! She quickly closed her eyes and kissed him on the lips. She could hear gasps and pulled away smiling.


She Ginny Weasley had kissed Harry Potter. As She was walking off both 70’s people and a princess walked up. “Who are you?” the  princess demanded.


“Ginny, I mean Cho!” Ginny replied turning red.


“Ginny!” said  one of the 70’s guys in horror. He removed his afro to reveal raven colored hair.


“Harry!” she  gasped. Then turning to the other Harry she asked, “Who are you?”


“Colin Creevy,” he stuttered. Ginny froze and then suddenly began to cry. Turning on her foot she dashed from the room.


November 1: 6:05am


Knock, Knock, Knock.


 Ginny looked up from her soaked pillow and costume. “Who is it?” she croaked.


“Me,” came the familiar voice of Harry. “Can I give you your awards?”


“Sure,” Ginny replied opening the door. “Well, what did I get?”


“Let me see you won, bravest, Halloween hoper, and of course Halloween humiliation.”


“Oh,” Ginny replied turning red.


“That’s not all you won something else.”


“Oh what?” she asked confused.


“My heart,” Harry whispered and suddenly he kissed Ginny. Ginny gasped and then slowly but surely fell into the kiss.



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