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“Hey, Hermione

“Hey, Hermione! Earth to Hermione!”

Hermione Granger shook her head to clear the cobwebs out and focused her fuzzy brain on the person who was speaking to her.

“Yes, Ron?” she asked, reaching for a Special Edition Halloween Double Chocolate Frog from the platter before her. She looked at the young man sitting next to her, with his tousled red hair and lopsided grin. For some strange reason her stomach did a little flip-flop as she stared at the one and only Ron Weasley.

“Where were you? You seemed a million miles away,” Ron said.

Hermione smiled. “Just thinking.”

“Well,” the third member of their everlasting trio spoke up, “we’re glad you’re back. You don’t want to miss the food. I’m praying for a nice, normal, safe Halloween this year.”

“Ha!” Ron shouted. “The words ‘normal’ and ‘Hogwarts’ go together like ‘Snape’ and ‘compassion.’” It was Hogwart’s annual Halloween Feast in the trio’s fifth year, and they have not had the best track record for secure Halloweens.

“Now, Ron,” Hermione began shooting a look toward Harry. “I’m sure this Halloween will be just fine with no evil death threats and Dumbledore is here to protect us and what is that?” Hermione finished breathlessly.

The two boys followed her gaze and all three were staring when a house-elf put a huge piece of cake in front of Harry Potter himself.

“Mister Potter,” the little elf began. “Here’s a piece of cake from Dobby. It’s the-“

“It’s the Triple Chocolate Chunk Supreme Moose Cake.” Hermione said with wide eyes.

Harry and Ron looked at her strangely.

“There’s a huge name for that little piece of chocolate cake?” Ron asked dubiously.

“Yes. I’ve only read about it, but to actually see it,” Hermione said, bewildered.

“Ummm, Hermione? Are you okay? You’re not acting like yourself.” Harry asked tentatively.

“I’m great. Thank you,” Hermione said addressing the house-elf, but he was gone.

            “So, what’s so great about this Double Cake With Chunks Of Moose, anyway?” Harry queried.

            “Oh, it’s only supposed to be the best cake in the world of cakes,” Hermione explained, not bothering to correct its name. “It’s made specially in the Witch’s Factory in Switzerland and it’s only made at midnight on October 30 so it is only eaten on Halloween. It’s made with exactly one hundred and fifty six chocolate chips and-“

            “Hermione!” Harry interrupted, laughing. “If you want it so bad, you’re welcome to it.”

            “Oh! No!” Hermione said innocently. “I could never take your cake away from you.”

            “It’s perfectly-“ Harry began.

            “Give me a fork!” she commanded and Ron slapped one in her hand and she dug in. After thirteen bites, all in quick succession, Hermione finally lifted her head up sat back in her seat, and sighed in satisfaction.

            “Scrumptious,” she murmured.

            “Hey, Hermione?” Ron asked grabbing a fork. “Since you’ve only had like half the cake, could I just-“

            “No!” Hermione slapped Ron hand away and gave him a Glare O’ Death.

            All of a sudden, a shooting pain went through her stomach.


            “What’s wrong?” Ron asked, immediately concerned.

            “Guys?” she asked weakly. “I don’t feel so good.”

            And with that, Hermione Granger fainted dead on the spot and would have crashed to the floor, had Ron not caught her.



In the Infirmary




At Madam Pomfrey’s blunt diagnosis, both Ron and Harry drained of color.

“Poison? But how? By whom?” Ron sputtered. “Who would want to harm Hermione?”

“No one,” Harry said glumly. “It was my cake. I’m supposed to be lying there.”

“Now, now, Mr. Potter. No use blaming ourselves,” Headmaster Dumbledore reasoned.

Poppy Pomfrey shook her head. “This is the first sign of Frosticine Poison I have heard of in five hundred years. Hermione will be fine as long as we give her the cure soon.”

“We’ll get to the bottom of this. It’s been a long day. I do believe you and Mr. Weasley should retire,” Dumbledore suggested.

“What?” Ron asked, flabbergasted. “No way! I’m not leaving Hermione.”

“Mr. Weasley. I can assure you that no harm will come to Ms. Granger. I’ll escort you to your room,” Professor McGonagall said with conviction.

“Ok, Professor,” Harry agreed. “I’m a bit-“ he yawned. “-tired myself.”

Ron looked murderously at Harry before ‘remembering’ how tired he really was. “Oh, yeah. Me too. Yawn.”

“Let’s go, boys,” Professor McGonagall said sternly.

As they retreated, Professor Snape turned to Headmaster Dumbledore.

“Sir, I don’t believe those Gryffindors are going to stay up there.”

Dumbledore looked back at him with a twinkle in his eye. “You don’t, do you? Whatever gave you that idea?” he asked. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must inquire about Ms. Granger’s predicament. And I do believe you have to concoct the antidote.”

Professor Snape curtly nodded and went to work.



“We’re getting the Invisibility Cloak, right?”


Harry nodded at Ron’s question. “Of course. Let’s go question Dobby.”

The two Gryffindors crept downstairs, tickled the pear to enter the kitchens and made their way over to Dobby.


“Hi, Dobby,” Harry greeted.


Dobby looked shocked that Harry had come to visit.

“Harry Potter! How good to see you. Dobby will go get you some candy corn.” As he started heading for the other side of the room, Harry stopped him.

“No thanks, Dobby. I need some answers. What do you know about this chunky chocolate cake supreme? A house-elf gave it to me, saying it was from you and it had poison in it. Hermione is now ill,” Harry said.

Dobby’s eyes widened and he gasped. “Oh, Master Potter! I can’t believe that could happen! I never saw any chocolate cake, I swear it! Who told you this?”

“Umm, a house elf, about your height,” Harry said.

“Yeah, his eyes were like your’s also, but more green,” Ron added.

“Oh!” Harry snapped his fingers. “He had a little puff of white hear sticking from the top of his head.”

Dobby sucked in a breath. “Oh no. It can’t be.”

“What?” The boys chorused.

“There is only one house-elf I can think of like that. That is Berny. He started out a good house-elf and turned bad. He served You-Know-Who until his downfall. But, he died one month after You-Know-Who.”

Harry and Ron looked shell-shocked.

“Ok, thanks, Dobby. We’ll visit you again soon,” Harry promised.

“Wow.” The two boys were still white as they sneaked into the Infirmary to visit Hermione.

“How could this happen?” Harry whispered furiously. “A ghost house-elf? He looked real.”

“A very good question, indeed, Mr. Potter.” The boys jumped when the heard Headmaster Dumbledore’s voice.

“Professor Dumbledore! We were-ah- You see-,” Ron stuttered.

“It’s quite all right, Mr. Weasley. I understand your bonds of friendship. I see you’ve found out about Berny. I must say, I don’t know where he has gone or how he got here nor how he passed for flesh and blood. I don’t even know if he was acting under Voldemort’s direct orders.”

Harry shook his head. “I wish he got me. Then I’d be lying in that bed and Hermione would be safe.”

Dumbledore looked grave as he corrected Harry. “No, you’d be getting ready for burial, I do say.”


“The Frosticine Poison has different effects on different people who take it. If a female ingests it, she’ll be able to be cured by the antidote. If either of you had taken one bite, you’d be dead.”

It took a moment for this bit of news to sink in.

“We’ll find our answers later. First, I believe Ms. Granger would like to see you,” Dumbledore proposed.

The boys shot up and ran to the back of the Infirmary, where sure enough, Hermione was sitting up as Madam Pomfrey mothered her.

“Hermione!” the boys shouted and ran over to hug her.

“Are you okay?” Ron asked, extremely concerned.

“I’ll live,” Hermione said with a weak smile. “But, Ron, you were right. We never can have a normal Halloween.”

Harry, who had been quiet, spoke up. “I’m so sorry, Hermione. This is all my fault.”

Hermione held up a hand. “Now stop right there Harry Potter. This is You-Know-Who’s fault, not yours. Please don’t blame yourself.”

Harry slowly nodded.

“Now,” Hermione commanded. “You two better go up to bed or else you won’t be able to concentrate well enough to take good notes for me tomorrow.”

“Ok. Harry, I’ll be there in a minute. Go on ahead,” Ron said.

Harry nodded knowingly, and left them alone.

Ron sat down on Hermione’s bed. “I was really scared tonight. Don’t do that again,” he said, looking into her eyes.

Hermione could only nod.

“I-I- Geez, Hermione,” Ron began. “I really like you. A lot. I mean like more than-“

Ron was cut off as Hermione gently touched her lips with his.

When they broke away, Ron was red and looked into Hermione’s grinning face.

“Wow. Yeah. I’m glad you feel this way too.” Ron stuttered out.

“I do. Happy Halloween, Ron,” Hermione said and leaned in for another kiss.


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