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Authors Notes: This is not in the slightest bit scary...sorry! Erm, I’ve never written for a challenge before...most of the time I write at my own whim but here it is. My take on a Marauder’s typical Halloween.

Halloween Pranksters

It was that time of year again, when ghost's paraded the halls eerily and pumpkins drifted along corridors with mad grins. Many of the students were taking advantage of another Hogsmeade visit, before coming back to rejoice in a celebration that seemed special for those in the magical world. However, four sixth year boys by-passed the opportunity of the visit to discuss their favourite holiday, and their inevitable, and much awaited Halloween Prank against the aptly named (In the words of Sirius) Halloween Freak, more courteously known as Severus Snape. The boys were lounging on the steps of the entrance hall, watching casually as the decorations were prepared for the holiday.

“Ahhh... Halloween is upon us again, a wonderful time for us original pranksters, isn’t it Prongs?” Sirius asked, as he sat in the practically empty Great Hall where Professor Flitwick was enchanting streamers to float lazily across the grey coloured sky ceiling of the hall.

“My dear Padfoot, I must agree. It certainly is. James answered idly, taking off his glasses and cleaning them with the hem of his cloak. How shall we concoct our revenge against Severus this year?”. Remus’ face contorted into a grimace as he was consumed with the possible punishment that might be induced with Severus’ yearly prank. Peter merely hoped that he wouldn’t need to play a large part of this yearly Halloween tradition

“You know, I’m thinking about Fairies this year...not those pretty little light ones,” Sirius said, staring casually up through the entrance hall doorsinto the mottled grey sky on the Great Hall.

Remus gasped. “But...those monkey type ones?” He asked, narrowing his eyes to stare in accusation over to Sirius.

“They’re the ones with sharp teeth aren't they?”

“Yes” Remus answered tentatively; Peter suddenly had a mental image of Snape running around the Great Hall with a hoard of monkey fairies billowing around him like a cloud of rampaging wasps. Peter snorted, and Sirius turned his alert eyes over to James, and smiled wickedly.

“Where are we going to get monkey fairies?” James asked, a dangerous glint of menace in his eyes and he also explored the possibilities. Sirius snorted.

“Hagrid, where else? He’s a pushover!” Sirius said. Remus shook his head as both James and Sirius jumped upon their feet and started towards Hagrid’s hut. Peter watched as the two of them sprinted towards the hut and turned to see Remus with a worried expression on his face.

“Are you imagining what they’re going to do this year?” Remus asked, shielding his amber eyes from the dust that was billowing up from the wind against the entrance hall’s steps. Peter nodded, biting his bottom lip.

“Actually, I’m inclined to say I feel sorry for Snape...”

“Don’t worry, he’s not daft enough to believe that nothing is going to happen this year, when the previous years he’s been tormented relentlessly.” Remus said, scratching the back of his head. Peter shrugged.

“Well, Snape did put up a brave fight last year...too bad he didn’t check his food.”

“I bet those exploding cheese balls didn’t go well with his stomach,” Remus said, stifling a laugh. “I heard them go off all the way from his dormitory,”


The students were gradually returning from their visit to Hogsmeade, faces red from the cool wind and money bags noticeably lighter, they chattered excitedly up to their dormitories in order to clean themselves up for the feast.

Severus Snape, on the other hand, was sitting cross-legged in the empty potion's class. Deep in thought as he watched the pink smoke from a small cauldron drift lazily into the air. His mouth and nose were encased in a mask to prevent the gas from implementing its effects on him, rather then Sirius Black or James Potter... This was, in fact, Snape’s preparation for retaliation against the Marauders’ annual torment...


“We’ve got them!” Sirius said excitedly, waving a small cage full of twittering green creatures like a lantern. “These blighters are going to give Severus the time of his life!” Sirius plonked himself on his bed in the Gryffindor dormitory, while staring eagerly at the creatures. "I fed Hagrid this story about studying them for class, and he believed me!"

Peter raised an eyebrow at the small creatures as they buzzed loudly in the confinement of the cage. These Monkey Fairies is not at all what one might term as ’beautiful’, quite the contrary, with their sickly green faces and large canine teeth. Though small in size, they weren’t small in temperament. Remus threw a cautious look over at the cage as he saw one of the fairies try to gnaw its way though the metal bars.

“What are you planning to do?” Peter asked, while James positively burst with suppressed excitement.

“Well, it’s pure genius...we’re going to release them towards Snape!”

Remus and Peter looked startled at James while Sirius nodded in agreement.

“...and?” Remus prompted.

“That’s it!” Sirius said, frowning slightly at Remus’ facial expression.

Remus and Peter swapped looks of amusement and slight apprehension, and then suddenly Sirius started opening the catch of the cage.

“No!” Breathed Remus. Peter automatically stepped behind Remus and stared at the cage.

“Oh, relax Moony,” Sirius reassured, fumbling with the catch as the fairies extended their long arms around his finger.

“But they’re going to attack us all! How are you going to get them to attack one specific person?” Remus asked, as one fairy flew out of the cage, its transparent green wings glinting in the light. Soon enough, all of them had escaped, causing a massive surge in buzzing.

“The whistle, Prongs!” Sirius instructed as he ducked from a fairy shooting over his head, Peter whimpered as a small gang of them started attacking his nose with their teeth. James quickly rummaged through his robes and bought out a long silver whistle. While swatting away a few fairies, he placed the whistle between his lips and blew. Despite the fact no sound coming out, the fairies stopped flying and seemed to float in the air as if in some sort of trance.

“There we go, now we can instruct them to do whatever we like,” Sirius said grinning wildly. “Watch, fairies...attack Remus’ bed.”

They watched eagerly as the fairies suddenly became mobile and started damaging and vandalising Remus’ bed.

“Oh, thanks,” Remus said sarcastically, as he watched his bed become nothing but a load of fluff.


At the feast, the boys sauntered in casually towards the end of the Gryffindor table. Sirius and James then wandered over to the Slytherin table, guided by the light of the floating pumpkins. Bats flew over the heads of the students as they anticipated the entertainment, not only from the troupe of performing zombies but the much-awaited annual Marauders' prank.

“Good evening Snape,” James said idly, throwing a glance at Sirius who winked back.

“Potter, Black, how nice to see you...” Severus replied icily. Underneath the table, Snape was playing with a small corked bottle of pink gas, ready for an opportunity to uncork it. The tension between James, Sirius and Severus was thick enough to be bottled, as they stared at each other. The rest of the school watched with interest, but the students were disappointed when they saw James and Sirius move away from the Slytherin table and back to their own, where Remus and Peter sat uncomfortably.

“You’ve still got the fairies?” James asked Peter. Peter nodded grimly, underneath his robes a loud buzzing could be heard. “Don’t release the fairies until I say.” Instructed James, with Sirius nodding gravely as they sat themselves at the dining table.

“You know...I’m sure Severus has got something planned for us, too,” Remus said, as he played with his white gold utensils.

“Exactly, Moony. That’s why we mustn’t eat until after we release the fairies towards dear Snape,” Sirius answered, frowning slightly at the menu that floated above his plate.

“Oh great....” Peter groaned rolling his eyes. “What if it’s got nothing to do with food?!”

“We must be diligent!” James snapped, fingering the whistle nervously.

The four boys sat rigidly in their seats as they waited for the initial hubbub of the students arriving into the hall to quiet down. Nervously, Peter sat staring at the array of Halloween candy while the Fairies buzzed quietly underneath his robe.

“Ready, Peter?” James asked as he watched Snape refuse to touch his food, occasionally throwing a half-fearful, half-superior look towards the Marauders.

“Ready” Peter replied, rummaging underneath his robes for the small cage, while Remus merely groaned under his breath.

“NOW!” Sirius whispered. James had already gotten the whistle into his mouth and was blowing into it furiously.

“Are they tranced?” Sirius asked, with a shaky edge to his voice. Peter looked down upon himself to see fairies frozen in the action of escaping from his robes. Peter nodded.

“Good” Sirius lowered his head near Peter and murmured instructions to the hypnotised fairies. Sirius’ black hair then reappeared over the table along with his beaming smile. There was a sudden uproar as the green fairies escaped, all of them forming a V-formation towards Snape. The boys watched with wide eyes as they saw Snape suddenly scramble out of his seat to run from the fairies, and then turn sharply towards the teachers’ table. However, the fairies followed in their cloud as both students and teachers watched with shock.

There were squeals and yells as people’s heads narrowly missed the fairies in their pursuit of Snape. In a split second, Snape had tripped as he passed the Gryffindor table. The fairies then dove upon him and yelps and screams indicated to the other students what was happening to poor Severus. Out of the corner of his eyes, despite the tears in them from laughing, James spotted a small bottle that had been flung from Snape’s hand as he fell. The bottle rolled towards James and he picked it up gingerly. He then watched as Snape struggled with the sharp teeth of the Fairies and laughed derisively, picking the bottle between his finger.

“This...” James begun as he started opening the bottle, assuming it was a potion, “is what Snape planned...”

Sirius laughed but as James opened the bottle his expression took a definite downturn as the bottle seemed to explode and a pink gas was puffed into his face.

When the smoke had cleared from Sirius, a few people screamed as they noticed what was Sirius before...was definitely not what Sirius was now. Instead, a girl sat rigidly, her eyes narrowed with anger.

“Snape is going down!” Sirius the girl screamed shrilly. Remus stifled a laugh; while over the uproars of the rest of the students and the buzzing of the fairies attacking Snape, Dumbledore gave a toast to the annual Halloween Prank.

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