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Author: helen  Story: The Halloween of Weird Happenings  Chapter: Default
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DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters, all characters, places and creatures mentioned, belong to JK Rowling and Warner Bros

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters, all characters, places and creatures mentioned, belong to JK Rowling and Warner Bros. The only creature I own is the Benjaminnit – a westie like creature who gives me a headache, like my own dog, which is where the name comes from, his many nicknames.

The Halloween of Weird Happenings

It was late evening, and the Hogwarts Students were sitting in the Great Hall. Well, nearly all were. It was a very wet day and as the thunder crashed, a lightening bolt slipped across the ceiling of the hall.

Because they had been stuck inside all day, naturally, the students couldn't have used up any excess energy, and everyone was in high spirits. This, in spite of the fact that everyone could hear the pounding rain, the roar of the thunder, the whistling of the wind, and everyone could see the flashes of lightning over the ceiling.

The Hallowe'en Hogsmeade trip had been called off, the village stream a threat. That, and young Harry Potter's dream. The whole of the school third to seventh year had been disappointed. However, many parents had withdrawn their children's permission since the summer, it was their safety the school was worried about. But as it was the first trip of the year everyone was disappointed to miss out. Especially the third years.

It was at that moment, Hagrid's Benjaminnit, a small white creature with large teeth, who was scared of water, barged in and began running around and around trying to attack half of the students. It attacked those it could sense were Dark and evil—those in whom something was definitely not right.

Oh yes, it was obvious that he went round and round the Slytherin table, another bolt of lighting flashed across the ceiling. And it was at this point that the Benjaminnit growled at the Slytherins. He was a small white furry creature, who was harmless to all those with plans for something good in life, he liked and talked to in happy, cheery growls, but those he could sense dark and evil in, then they were in trouble, they would get bitten, growled at, scratched, and walked all over.

It seemed Mutty, as the fifth year Gryffindors called him, did not like the Slytherins, or Severus Snape, that much was obvious, but he was still very small, and at that age they did not like liars. This, of course, meant he hated, well loathed, the Divination Professor, Sybil Trewlawny. The little dog, worried about the rising waters ran up and up and up the stairs, jumping the trick step (That was another thing the Benjaminnits were well known for- their senses being extreme- an illusion charm wouldn't mess them up). It shocked everyone, when half an hour later, the Benjaminnit returned dragging Sybil Trewlawny down the stairs with its teeth. Benjaminnit slobber was also extremely magical, it was like Veritaserum. Only all it needed was a slobber and all you could do was tell the truth.

Trewlawny was shrieking, shrieking things like "I am a fraud! I only saw two real things!" Moreover, of course that she hated dogs.

It seemed that Halloween was going to be an interrogation interrigation session of the Slytherins.

It was at that precise moment, the waters of the lake rose so high, that Mairi, the Giant squid got into the School and wandered up to Neville and gave him a big squeeze. squeze. It was also at that moment that Fawkes flew into the Great Hall great hall and perched on Harry's head, as Moaning Myrtle came from her bathroom and professed her profound love for Draco. It seemed, that once indoors a Benjaminnit could wreak reak havoc, which the air prevented, when he or she was outside.

The Benjaminnit benjaminnit then ran up to the Divination Tower, followed closely by Professor Trewlawny, scared about what Mutty – though she had no idea this was his "name"-might do. When she arrived, he had nestled in her chair, by her fire, and had some how got rid of the perfume.

"Stupid Mutt!" she thought. The Benjaminnit turned on her, growling and snapping, and turned onto her furniture which led to Trewlawny lifting the ladder and kicking him out of the trap door, before closing it and permenantly locking it.

At the Gryffindor Table, a hope was gathering. The Benjaminnit would do anything in it's powers to a person who was not "light" that is their magic had been tainted by the use of illegal Dark spells. It could tell if they were used on people, or hadn't been used in more than ten years. The other time it could tell if somebody had been talked, or cursed into doing anything Dark.

As it wandered around the hall, in amongst a variety of creatures, Centuars, Unicorns, Phoenixes, Ghosts, witches and wizards it suddenly stopped, clawed Draco Malfoy, who to the delight of students in the three other Houses, seceral houses namely Gryffindor Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, turned into a ferret and started bouncing, from the ground to the ceiling around the Great Hall. Around and around he went. Until Mutty decided he had bounced around enough.

Another crash of thunder, another lightening bolt ran across the ceiling. The Benjaminnit hid beneath the Gryffindor Table .

It was at that moment, five minutes later, when the rain had stopped pounding the windows that the Benjaminnit ran outside, followed by Mairi the Giant Squid, the Unicorns, and the Centuars. Fawkes flew up to Dumbledore's office. And Myrtle tried to float back to her bathroom holding Draco but failed because he could not go through solid things.

Which left Draco limping back to his table bruised and down trodden, because he. After his encounter with the Benjaminnit decided that he liked Moaning Myrtle a lot.

It was then that the feast got back on track, with a display from the ghosts and a tasty feast, and several large pupkin lanterns and large bats.

It was a month later before everyone realised that Hallowe’en hallowe'en that year was charged with an extra magical force, one stronger than there had ever been and that strength was beyond anyone’s power. To try and use magic would have been silly, more like deadly. And those who did ended up very ill, or dead. Luckily the only people who thought it below them died. It was also that power that drove in many of the creatures cretaures to the Hogwarts Great Hall and that caused the Benjaminnit an outdoor type of creature really, to come indoors along with the Forbidden Forest's Light Creatures

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