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The Story of Sir Nicholas De Mimsy-Porpington
by Dana Medea

Nicholas was a young wizard, 17, and had just graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He knew exactly what he wanted to do. He had taken Muggle studies and the knights of his time fascinated him. It was very rare that a wizard ever fought for the Muggles, for the two societies rarely interacted. But Nicholas was different and he was determined to fight for the king, who then happened to be King Henry VII. He trained himself for two years after graduating and finally was ready to ask to be accepted into the king’s army.

He knew the ways of chivalry and knew how to wield every weapon at hand. He was quite good at battle magic also, which seemed to save him often in small skirmishes. He could use his wand whenever he pleased because there was no Ministry of Magic to limit its use, though he preferred not to. One day, Nicholas was called to the King. Nicholas thought over and over about what he could have done wrong, but he could only guess that the King or his commander had found out that he was a wizard.

He approached the King cautiously, bowed respectfully and waited. The King looked at him.

"Nicholas, you are one of my best fighters, and I will grant you a large amount of land. You see, there is a territory, and the Duke has died. You are now knighted Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington."

Nicholas was relieved that they had not yet found out his secret. He received his orders and set off west, where his new "miniature kingdom", as he enjoyed calling it, lay. The trip was taken by horseback, for riding his broomstick would have been risky. He would have arrived sooner than expected, and he did not know where all the watchtowers lay in the region.

Three weeks later he was called to war by an old friend. He rode out to the meeting ground, where he and a few other men, many of whom he recognized, had gathered. His friend, Sir Calligun, was planning an insurrection. Sir Calligun thought that the nobility was losing its power and he did not want that to happen.

Reluctantly, Nicholas followed Sir Calligun on a march through the castle walls. They were allowed in, and just past the gates, Sir Calligun pulled out a bow and arrow and shot the guard. Many of the King’s men soon apprehended them, Nicholas’s wand was the only thing that kept him from getting hit by a bow and arrow, though eventually a swordsman charged at him. The swordsman flung his own sword to the other end of the hall. He barely had time to watch it be picked up and stabbed into a fellow fighter, Edward Harrison. His armor was pierced, but the force of the sword was not great, and it was but a minor wound. But knocked to the floor, and being without a weapon weakened him. He knew that his wand could not help him escape and resisted little to being taken to the King.

Nicholas, Sir Calligun, and a handful of other soldiers were brought before the King. They were all sentenced to beheadment and were all to die on the same day also, October 31, All Hallows Eve. Nicholas saw that his name was last on the list. He knew he would watch those men die, and then have his own head chopped off. He was imprisoned in the tower for ten long, but all too short days.

First to be beheaded was Sir Calligun. Nicholas watched the heads roll before they finally got to his own. He knelt down nobly and put his head on the stump. He had considered using a charm to protect himself, but he knew that there were too many Muggles around. The sword fell, about one forth of the way down his neck, and again, and again. The blade was dull, and they had not sharpened it. He counted to thirteen until he passed out, and a while later he knew he was dead. His spirit left his body, and went in search of a place to stay. He noticed, in both his spirit and his body, that his head was not completely severed.

He would have been content haunting the old Tower along with some other traitors, but they soon kicked him out. He went to the property he had gained from being loyal to the king, but the owner before him was intent on that castle being his and his alone. He thought back to his school days, to the days of Hogwarts, and longed to go back there. He made his decision and left, he was accepted as the new Gryffindor ghost. The previous ghost, the Black Knight, had decided to retire, and wished to travel and haunt, so for a year he was trained, and the soon he was ready to be the official Gryffindor ghost.

Nicholas became known as Nearly Headless Nick. A young Gryffindor, a second-year by the name Thomas Potter, asked him how he died. Nicholas had planned a wonderful way to share the story of his ‘not-quite beheadment’, and promptly yanked open the part of his neck that wasn’t attached. His friend, Nathan Longbottom, called the ghost Nick for short, although nicknames were not commonplace.

So Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington became just Nearly Headless Nick. In honor of the day of his death, he invited most of the second-year Gryffindors to his deathday party, for some reason he favored them, and it became a tradition to invite at least two or three Gryffindors, always second-years, to a deathday party down in a dungeon on All Hallows Eve, or as it later became known, Halloween.

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