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The Pettigrew Show

The Pettigrew Show


It was Halloween at Hogwarts and the day was fine. There were floating Jack-O-Lanterns and orange and black confetti glittered in the air. The suits of armor had been enchanted to sing ‘The Monster Mash,” and everybody got a good laugh when a suit of armor started singing on the seventh floor and Neville almost toppled over the banister of the staircase in his fright.


In Charms they learned how to make themselves sing part of a song, the magical way. All you had to do was raise your wand and say a certain phrase that had to do with the artist or album. You could even alter the lyrics of some songs.


“This spell will be good for those of you who do not have opera voices, so to speak.” Flitwick said. “This spell makes you sing the song in the artist’s voice.”


“Neville,” somebody mumbled.


Everyone laughed.


“Settle down.” Flitwick said. “The spell is ‘Cantere,’ then whatever word or phrase that has to do with the song you want to sing. And here’s a fun fact: some Muggles, they did what you would call ‘ripped off’ songs from wizards. They might have heard a witch or wizard playing it and wrote down the lyrics. There is one I know of, called M and M that has done that.”


They went to the Halloween feast and ate pumpkin pie, ham, chicken, and pumpkin juice. Harry was in the middle of his turkey when the door to the Great Hall burst open. Everyone stopped what they were doing at once.


In walked a man in a black hooded cloak with the hood down. Harry recognized him at once. The man raised a metallic looking hand, and in it was his wand.


The man whispered, just loudly enough for Harry to hear, “Cantere: The Pettigrew Show.” 


Then, a slightly low-pitched voice came from Peter. “Guess who’s back? Back again? Peter’s back. Tell a friend. Guess who’s back; Guess who’s back; Guess who’s back; Guess who’s back; Guess who’s back; Guess who’s back; Guess who’s back.”


Then Voldemort walked in and jumped in front of Peter. He started break dancing as he sang. “Now, this looks like a job for me, so everybody just follow me; ‘Cause we need a little controversy, ‘cause it feels so empty without me.”


Harry stood up, accepting the challenge. He raised his wand and said, “One More Time.”


Nooo, not Britney Spears!” Peter and Voldemort screamed at the same time. They ran out of the Great Hall as the music started playing.


Harry cut off the music after they left and looked around at the Great Hall.


Everyone else just stared at him.


Okaaay,” said Ernie Macmillan from the Hufflepuff table. Everyone started eating and talking again. 


Author’s Note: Thanks to Moey, who let me use her singing spell name because I couldn’t think of one at all.



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