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The Sugar Quill's Purpose of Existence on the Web (S.P.E.W.)

We are a group of young professionals that are passionate about literature and writing - and have happened to become obsessed with the Harry Potter stories. We will therefore be discussing whatever topics come to mind, in a way that suits us. We couldn't find any group on the net that was equal to our particular interests and opinions, so we decided to set up a small forum for ourselves, where like-minded Potterites are welcome to join us as we continue to obsess.

The Sugar Quill ~*~ est. January 5, 2001

Being children at heart we do not wish to pick apart the books, but to examine them - to problem-solve and enjoy their many twists and turns. These rich and detailed stories are a continuous delight to us, and we can discuss the finer points of Potterdom for hours, days, weeks... (However, being adults in actuality, we may very often take the Professor's point of view, as opposed to Hermione's, on everything from storyline to story marketing to fanfiction.)

As adventurers, we wish to predict! To suppose! To imagine, to discuss, to wonder... but we do not wish to host discussion that cannot be justified by the books. We're not interested in hearing that Ron is going to the Dark Side unless you have a pretty damn good reason why you think so. And even then, we're not so sure.

As romantics we wish to promote our own opinions on the matter of Harry Potter character pairings! We will state outright that we are in favor of Ron with Hermione, and Harry with Ginny (though he is allowed to date Cho, in our opinion.) We disapprove of Hermione and Draco. We will not tolerate such smut. Also, know that we love Harry and we love Hermione, but we do not love them together. In addition, especially since some of us are pushing thirty, we may also freely fantasize about Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, two of the sexiest wizards of their marauding generation. We are very prone to mushing and giggling, though we will do our best to back up these Lavenderesque tendencies with solid evidence from the books (if you read them the way we read them, you'd agree that our pairings are correct... let us convince you....) In any case, much of what happens on this site may be very crushy. If you don't like it, find another site.

As writers, our interest is to archive our own humble Harry Potter fanfiction, and to provide grown-up editing and suggestions to those who are trying to do the same thing. We've found fanfic to be a great boon to our learning processes as we grow into our own skills - it gives us a ready-made world and characters on which to cut our teeth. We want this to be a place where fanfiction can be read and enjoyed, but where writers who want more than just raves can come for actual (gentle - think Lupin, not McGonagall) constructive criticism and technical editing. We've found this to be essential for our own stories, and would be pleased to help with the stories of others. Our hope is that this experience will give people the courage and confidence to branch out and start writing original stories.

That said: have fun and obsess freely. We do.

The Sugar Quill's Daily Affirmations

[These Daily Affirmations were created in jest. Please enjoy them with a sense of humor]
  • "Harry and Hermione" is a ridiculous impossibility. Harry is allowed to date Cho, but will end up with Ginny. July 16, 2005: We're more psychic than Trelawney.
  • The Weasley family RULES (especially Ron, whom it will be okay to lust after outward in the seventh year- for us older gals)
  • Hermione is NOT whiny. She is a bit bossy, but she is so smart that she deserves to be
  • Ron is a boy. A teenage boy. He's insecure and jealous sometimes, but he is not a bad person. Not a double-agent, or a potential Death Eater of any kind. He had a fight with his best friend. It happens, it's normal. It's a part of character development. He will grow up. Chill!
  • Hermione and Ron also do not fight to the point of tears EVERY DAY. Sometimes, they are nice.
  • Ginny is a girl, a young girl. Yes, she giggles on occasion. Yes, she has a crush on Harry, and yes, she got into trouble with Riddle's Diary. That does not mean she's useless, shallow, stupid or otherwise unworthy of Harry's attention. It means she's young, and that she needs more development. This is already scheduled to begin in Book 5. JKR has the matter well in hand. Thank you for your concern. Added June 28, 2003 - OotP has confirmed that we interpreted wisely. Added July 16, 2005 - HBP shows even more how well we interpret the books here at the Sugar Quill.
  • Draco and Hermione - WHAT is with that? Draco and Ginny? Hmmm... See the first affirmation.
  • Ron will not betray Harry.
  • Dumbledore is no more likely to be evil than Snape is to adopt Harry
  • Smart girls choose Ron. Added July 16, 2005: Apparently not-so-smart ones do as well...
  • We're not sure who Sirius looks like anymore but Zsenya still feels that Remus Lupin's hair is longish.
  • Hermione shall have sleek straight hair, or wonderfully wavy hair ONLY when it is expressly mentioned that she worked extra-hard on it, as in canon. Under no circumstances is it to simply morph over the years
  • Added July 16, 2005: Zsenya apologizes for what she said earlier about Remus and Tonx. Zsenya was WRONG. Tonx Rox. Remus Rox. Zsenya is happy that Remus has found some happiness.

The Sugar Quill, A History

Although not as large a volume as Hogwarts, A History, this page does feature some highlights from the Sugar Quill's birth on January 5, 2001...

[Pining for the original gold background? Take a walk down memory lane...]

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The Sugar Quill was created by Zsenya and Arabella. For questions, please send us an Owl!

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