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Into the Dark

Into the Dark

By Daniel J. Lyons

Forbidden Forest Exploration Mission 2003 Contest Submission

5 August 2003


Overview: Ginny Weasley’s final confrontation with the influence of Tom Riddle


“NO!” Ginny Weasley shouted into the empty classroom, one hand clasped to her temple and the other clasping a small, thin, black book.


The voice filled her thoughts, Ginny, relax, you can trust me.


 “No! You want to hurt Harry!”


You said it yourself, Harry doesn’t care about you, the voice cooed, your just ‘Ron’s Little Sister’ to him. He hurt you - admit it!  You don’t owe him anything!


“He didn’t mean it. He doesn’t know,” Ginny trembled.


I’m not going to hurt Harry.


 “Yes you are! You’re lying!”


With that proclamation Ginny bolted from the classroom. She ran blindly through the empty corridors of the castle.  Soon Hogwarts was behind her and she was still running.


Her first year at Hogwarts was supposed to have been wonderful. In truth, it had been the worst time of her life.  She felt constantly alone and confused.  Today Ginny felt more confused than ever; people were hurt, she seemed to remember something about people getting hurt, seemed to remember that someone else was going to be hurt too.


HARRY! That was it, someone was going to try and hurt Harry!


Gasping for breath she finally fell to her hands and knees.


“You should not be here,” a voice chastised her.


Still gasping for breath, Ginny looked up and saw the most beautiful centaur she could imagine.  His pure white coat glimmered brightly in the sun.


“The light remains in the castle. You must return there.  You cannot be allowed any deeper into the forest.”


Ginny gaped up at the towering centaur confusion clouding her mind.




“You must return to the castle.”


Listen to him Ginny; we’re safe in the castle.




The centaur did not react to her outburst. “Return the darkness to the castle,” he said.


The half-breed is obviously demented, but he’s right about the castle.  Let’s get back to the castle were it’s safe, were there are no freaks like him.


Although she couldn’t tell why, the centaur suddenly seemed more menacing to her.  Suddenly seemed like more of a threat.


“You should not be here,” the centaur repeated evenly.


Ginny started to back away from the awful creature in front of her.


Yes Ginny we must return to the castle. I don’t want to hurt Harry - I was just upset at how he hurt you.  I really need to talk to him - I need his help. The voice was pleading now.


“Harry’s help?” Ginny couldn’t understand, wasn’t someone trying to hurt Harry?


Yes Ginny, Tom continued reassuringly, Harry’s the only one who can help us but we’ve got to convince him. You’ve seen him and Ron together, they’ll always think of you as a Little Girl.


“He’d listen to me,” Ginny said. “He was going to listen to me when…” The thought escaped her. When what?


He might listen, Tom agreed, but he would never believe “Ron’s Little Sister” could tell him anything important. We can’t approach Harry directly.


“Then How?” Ginny asked, the forest was getting brighter as she approached the edge.  For some reason she couldn’t remember how she had ended up in the forest.


We’ll bring him to us! Tom exclaimed, I’ll bring him to us!




Let me free and I’ll bring him.


A thought floated up in Ginny’s mind, “But what if someone else gets hurt?”


I admit that there were accidents, terrible accidents; I’ve got that under control now.  Tom paused. I promise that no one else will get hurt.  All we’re going to do is set up a meeting with Harry and when he gets there we’ll work everything out.


“I’m so tired.”


I know, let me help, let your friend Tom help.  You can use my strength, just let me free and it’s yours.  Just let me free and I’ll make sure everything gets better, make sure that they all pay for what they did to you!  We’ll make them care!


“But you won’t hurt Harry?”


Of course not, Harry’s our friend, he just hasn’t realized it yet.  Let me help Ginny, I’ll make Harry realize exactly what you’re worth!  Harry will help us both and then we can help him!  Do it for Harry, Ginny. He’s so confused; he doesn’t know what you mean to him or what he means to you.  We’re the only ones that can help him and we can only help him if you set me free!


“Help Harry?“


Yes Ginny, we need to help Harry!


Ginny stepped from the forest and looked up at the castle, “No one else will be hurt?”


No Ginny, I’ll make sure of it if you let me free!


Ginny’s resolve weakened and the world around her began to grow hazy.


Yes, that’s it Ginny, just let go. Just let your good friend Tom free so he can help Harry and make everything better.


Ginny’s world dissolved - Tom Riddle’s became clear.

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