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Author: Rugi and Gwena (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Tough Guide to Harry Potter  Chapter: Chapter One: Introduction
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Tough Guide Disclaimer: We do not own Harry Potter OR the Tough Guide to Fantasy which we have shamelessly used as a template. We naturally highly recommend Diana Wynne Jones’s fine and hilarious book to any fantasy reader

Disclaimer to our readers and beloved fanfic writers: We tease because we love. We could hardly be aware of the new fanon if we had not spent countless hours enjoying it! While we admit to irritation with some of these rules in general we have taken great pleasure in the many plot devices and descriptions mentioned below (Rugi is particularly fond of Snape’s silky voice) (Gwena makes no comment on his voice but admits a weakness for his spicy smell).

And of course: All reviews (Yes even Flames) are welcome and encouraged.

What all of this means

Welcome to the Harry Potter Fanfic Hogwarts (from now on known as HPFH)! As a wise tourist you have utilized this handy guidebook to take you through the many rules, requirements, and regulations of this most fascinating locale. Though we are certain that many if not all of our readers are well-versed in the nature of JKR’s creation, this Guide is dedicated to the variations that many minor authors have made on her work. It would be pathetically naive for the tourist to believe that knowledge of JKR’s most excellent books would adequately prepare them for HPFH. Thank you again for your attention.

Some Guidelines

1. OFT – Official Fanfiction Term signifies a word that, while not necessarily considered so in our world, bears a more specific or useful meaning in HPFH. Examples being Voices that are always silky or Sleep which has the OFT of restless or talking in it.

2. While the authors (Rugi and Gwena) are seasoned travelers in the lands of Het relationships we are novices in the area of slash and thus this guide can generally only be recommended to the tourist interested in these regions. We will certainly accept advice from experienced slash travelers and add their information as it comes.

3. While the lands which we have traversed have often exceeded the PG-13 rating, we will endeavor to keep this guidebook at that level and save our own blushes.

4. The entries in this guide are listed in alphabetical order. Relationships are listed under the name of the male involved. Characters are listed under the name they are most generally known by in canon and everything is cross indexed.

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